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Dwarf cannon set detail

A dwarf cannon set may be obtained either through purchase on the Grand Exchange or by converting the individual components into a set by talking to a Grand Exchange clerk. The set contains cannon base, stand, barrels and furnace to assemble the Dwarf multicannon.

To unpack the set, talk to the Grand Exchange Clerk and select "Can you help me with item sets?". Then right click the set in your inventory and select "Exchange Dwarf cannon set".

Profit from packing up a setEdit

The individual items cost:

  • Cannon base: 193,203
  • Cannon stand: 187,466
  • Cannon barrels: 196,498
  • Cannon furnace: 185,356
    • (762,523 total)

The set costs: 784,095

The difference is your profit (loss): 21,572
This is also the convenience cost of purchasing a cannon set as opposed to buying the individual parts one by one.

Profit from 10 cannons (buy limit)Edit

  • Investment: 7,625,230
  • Return: 7,840,950
  • Profit: 215,720

Repeatable every 4 hours until the market stabilizes, runs out of cannons, runs out of customers or until it stops being profitable.

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