Dwarf (Death to the Dorgeshuun) chathead

An otherwise-unnamed dwarf is a non-player character encountered during the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. The dwarf is a worker from Keldagrim, hired by H.A.M. to help build a drill beneath the River Lum near Seth Groats's farm in northeast Lumbridge. Based on the colour of his clothing, he may be a member of or supporter of The Brown Engine, a company within the Consortium.

During the quest, players must wear full H.A.M. robes so that the dwarf will permit them to enter the Water Mill Cellar, where they fight Sigmund in an effort to destroy the drill that will ultimately flood Dorgesh-Kaan. The dwarf is unaware of H.A.M.'s exact plans for the drill, but ultimately doesn't care so long as he is paid.

Following the destruction of the drill and the quest's completion, the dwarf disappears, presumably returning to Keldagrim.

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