The dwarf was a dwarven ambassador acting on behalf of Supreme Commander Bisi. He had been ordered to approach Lord Marshal Brogan and demanded to meet with him, no matter what. The chef, Mal, obliged, placing the dwarf in an uncooked meat pie and placing it raw onto the lord marshal's table. Brogan only had time to note that the pie was raw before the dwarf burst out. They made an agreement that A.R.M.S. would train Dwarven Black Guard recruits as mercenary gangs before returning to Keldagrim as battle-hardened warriors. They negotiated a deal, the recruits earning 20% of the cuts while the rest was split between A.R.M.S. and the Dwarven Black Guard. Afterwards, the dwarf was given a banquet in order to celebrate and punish the chef's chutzpah.

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