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Dust of Armadyl detail

The Dust of Armadyl is used in the making of Armadyl runes. Eight dust are made by grinding Shards of armadyl, awarding the player with 1 Herblore experience. To make the runes, take the dust along with pure essence to the air altar. The number of runes received per essence is the same as for crafting air runes.

Value AnalysisEdit

Note: All prices are based on the current Grand Exchange market prices of Armadyl runes. The Grand Exchange price for an Armadyl rune is currently 344 coins.

The value per dust depends on how many runes the player is able to craft per dust based on their Runecrafting level. The minimum level to craft these is 72, so minimum runes possible per dust is 7, and the maximum at 99 Runecrafting is 10. The Grand Exchange market values per shard if made into runes are as follows:

Runecrafting Level Runes made per
Dust of Armadyl
Value of Armadyl runes Profit
72 - 76 7 2,408 -555
77 - 87 8 2,752 -211
88 - 98 9 3,096 133
99 10 3,440 477


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