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Duskweed cloth detail

Duskweed cloth is an item made in Daemonheim. It is the product of spinning Duskweed on a spinning wheel in a dungeon. It requires 50 crafting to make it, and is the key item used in making Duskweed armour.

Image Item Crafting level Experience gained Cloths used
Duskweed gloves Duskweed gloves 50 55 1
Duskweed shoes Duskweed shoes 52 56.7 1
Duskweed hood Duskweed hood 54 116.8 2
Duskweed robe bottom Duskweed robe bottom 56 180.3 3
Duskweed shield Duskweed shield 56 180.3 3
Duskweed orb Duskweed orb 58 61.8 1
Duskweed robe top Duskweed robe top 58 309 5

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