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Dungeoneering tokens are a reward from the Dungeoneering skill and are used to purchase rewards from the Rewards trader. They can also be used to purchase Dungeoneering experience, on a 1:1 ratio. Tokens are received for completing a dungeon; no tokens are earned if the dungeon is left early. The amount of tokens a player receives is dependent on the amount of experience gained for completing a floor, in a 10:1 ratio of experience to tokens rounded down. An example being if a player received 459 experience, they would get 45 Dungeoneering tokens. Bonus experience does not affect token gain.

Tokens can also be obtained in ways other than completing dungeons. By participating in Sinkholes, a player will earn tokens relative to their level and their prize. They can also be obtained by playing Fremennik sagas or as a possible reward from Treasure Hunter. Tokens obtained from Dungeoneering token boxes from Treasure Hunter will always have a convert value of 5,000 coins. Kal'gerion demons, a monster type found outside of Daemonheim that can be accessed with 90 Dungeoneering, will rarely drop tokens 10,000 at a time. Tokens can also be earned in bags of 10 or 100 token by pickpocketing Meilyr workers.

Players can see how many tokens they have by talking to the Rewards Trader, typing a quick chat message or by attempting to upgrade their Ring of kinship within a dungeon. It is also in Currency pouch.

Players can buy many different types of equipment like weapons such as chaotic equipment or other useful items like scroll of life or the anti-poison totem. A lot of the rewards are very expensive to buy and repair, so players should choose their reward carefully. For a complete list of available rewards and their prices in Dungeoneering tokens, see Dungeoneering/Rewards.

Dungeoneering tokens are also used to upgrade the Ring of kinship to provide 12 different types of bonuses towards melee, ranged or magic combat, or skilling. For more information, see, Ring of kinship/Classes.


Item Skill Materials
Dungeoneering party simulator Dungeoneering party simulator70 Invention


  • Alongside the Slayer Challenges update, the prices of all Dungeoneering rewards were reduced by 50-95% to make them more affordable since Jagex deemed the prices to be too high.

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