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Changes and alterationsEdit

Dungeoneering Obelisk

A summoning obelisk found in Daemonheim.

To summon familiars, you must be raiding a dungeon with complexity level 5+.

In Dungeoneering, Summoning has some differences compared to the rest of RuneScape. One notable difference is that Summoning in Daemonheim always uses different levelled charms strictly according to the summoning level. Normal summoning includes low levelled blue charm familiars (e.g. spirit kalphite) and high levelled gold charm familiars (e.g. arctic bear). All lowest levelled Summoning familiars in Daemonheim uses gold charms and all highest levelled familiars uses blue charms, and so forth. All of the Familiars that can be summoned are different, and Summoning pouches are available in multiple Tier levels.

The 28 April 2010 update removed the need to purchase shards and pouches. Charms and components are all that are required to create Summoning pouches in Daemonheim.

The charm required for a particular pouch can be created from a higher tier charm by using that charm on an obelisk. For example: A blue charm may be used to create any familiar by downgrading to lower value charms. On the other hand, a green charm may only be used to create familiars that require green or gold charm. Gold charms CANNOT be downgraded.

They can be divided into the following categories:

There are 10 tiers of each type of familiar, they are:

  1. Cub
  2. Little
  3. Naive
  4. Keen
  5. Brave
  6. Brah
  7. Naabe
  8. Wise
  9. Adept
  10. Sachem


All of the familiars have different time limits depending on their tier and the summoning level of the player. All Tertiary ingredients for the familiars are closely connected to what the familiar does.

Bloodragers - MeleeEdit

  • Bloodragers are melee familiars.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Bloodragers are ores, the basis of melee equipment.
  • All Bloodragers grant a melee defence bonus equivalent to their tier level.
Tier/Combat level Familiar Summoning Level Charm Tertiary Make Exp Summon Exp Special Ability
1/4 Cub bloodrager 1 Gold charm Gold Novite ore Novite ore 5.0 0.5 Sundering Strike
2/11 Little bloodrager 11 Gold charm Gold Bathus ore Bathus ore 19.5 1 Sundering Strike
3/18 Naive bloodrager 21 Gold charm Gold Marmaros ore Marmaros ore 43 1.5 Sundering Strike
4/27 Keen bloodrager 31 Green charm Green Kratonium ore Kratonium ore 68.5 2 Sundering Strike
5/37 Brave bloodrager 41 Green charm Green Fractite ore Fractite ore 99.5 2.5 Sundering Strike
6/47 Brah bloodrager 51 Green charm Green Zephyrium ore Zephyrium ore 157 3 Sundering Strike
7/60 Naabe bloodrager 61 Crimson charm Crimson Argonite ore Argonite ore 220 3.5 Sundering Strike
8/70 Wise bloodrager 71 Crimson charm Crimson Katagon ore Katagon ore 325 4 Sundering Strike
9/80 Adept bloodrager 81 Blue charm Blue Gorgonite ore Gorgonite ore 517.5 4.5 Sundering Strike
10/90 Sachem bloodrager 91 Blue charm Blue Promethium ore Promethium ore 810 5 Sundering Strike

Deathslingers - Ranged Edit

  • Deathslingers are ranged familiars.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Deathslingers are branches, the basis of ranged weapons and ammunition.
  • Deathslingers grant a ranged defence boost equivalent to their tier level.
Tier/Combat level Familiar Summoning Level Charm Tertiary Make Exp Summon Exp Special Ability
1/14 Cub deathslinger 2 Gold charm Gold Tangle gum branches 2 Tangle gum branches 5.7 0.6 Poisonous Shot
2/22 Little deathslinger 12 Gold charm Gold Seeping elm branches 2 Seeping elm branches 20.5 1.1 Poisonous Shot
3/32 Naive deathslinger 22 Gold charm Gold Blood spindle branches 2 Blood spindle branches 44.4 1.6 Poisonous Shot
4/43 Keen deathslinger 32 Green charm Green Utuku branches 2 Utuku branches 70.4 2.1 Poisonous Shot
5/54 Brave deathslinger 42 Green charm Green Spinebeam branches 2 Spinebeam branches 102 2.6 Poisonous Shot
6/65 Brah deathslinger 52 Green charm Green Bovistrangler branches 2 Bovistrangler branches 160.5 3.1 Poisonous Shot
7/75 Naabe deathslinger 62 Crimson charm Crimson Thigat branches 2 Thigat branches 224.6 3.6 Poisonous Shot
8/86 Wise deathslinger 72 Crimson charm Crimson Corpsethorn branches 2 Corpsethorn branches 330.8 4.1 Poisonous Shot
9/96 Adept deathslinger 82 Blue charm Blue Entgallow branches 2 Entgallow branches 524.6 4.6 Poisonous Shot
10/96 Sachem deathslinger 92 Blue charm Blue Grave creeper branches 2 Gravecreeper branches 818.5 5.1 Poisonous Shot

Stormbringers - MagicEdit

  • Stormbringers are magic familiars.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Stormbringers are plants from which magic armour is crafted.
  • Stormbringers give a magic defence boost that is equivalent to their tier level.
Tier/Combat Level Familiar Summoning Level Charm Tertiary Make Exp Summon Exp Special Ability
1/12 Cub stormbringer 3 Gold charm Gold Salve nettles (item) Salve nettles 6.4 0.7 Snaring Wave
2/18 Little stormbringer 13 Gold charm Gold Wildercress (item) Wildercress 21.5 1.2 Snaring Wave
3/26 Naive stormbringer 23 Gold charm Gold Blightleaf (item) Blightleaf 45.8 1.7 Snaring Wave
4/37 Keen stormbringer 33 Green charm Green Roseblood (item) Roseblood 72.3 2.2 Snaring Wave
5/49 Brave stormbringer 43 Green charm Green Bryll (item) Bryll 104.5 2.7 Snaring Wave
6/61 Brah stormbringer 53 Green charm Green Duskweed (item) Duskweed 164 3.2 Snaring Wave
7/73 Naabe stormbringer 63 Crimson charm Crimson Soulbell (item) Soulbell 229.2 3.7 Snaring Wave
8/85 Wise stormbringer 73 Crimson charm Crimson Ectograss (item) Ectograss 336.6 4.2 Snaring Wave
9/97 Adept stormbringer 83 Blue charm Blue Runeleaf (item) Runeleaf 531.7 4.7 Snaring Wave
10/109 Sachem stormbringer 93 Blue charm Blue Spiritbloom (item) Spiritbloom 827 5.2 Snaring Wave

Hoardstalkers - Skill/ForagerEdit

  • Hoardstalkers are foragers. They forage materials for making items. The number of spots for storing foraged materials is equivalent to the Tier level of the familiar.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Hoardstalkers are hides, just the kinds of materials these familiars would forage.
Tier/Combat level Familiar Summoning Level Charm Tertiary Make Exp Summon Exp Special Ability
1/ Cub hoardstalker 5 Gold charm Gold Protomastyx hide Protomastyx hide 7.1 0.8 Aptitude
2/ Little hoardstalker 15 Gold charm Gold Submastyx hide Submastyx hide 22.5 1.3 Aptitude
3/ Naive hoardstalker 25 Gold charm Gold Paramastyx hide Paramastyx hide 47.2 1.8 Aptitude
4/ Keen hoardstalker 35 Green charm Green Archaemastyx hide Archaemastyx hide 74.2 2.3 Aptitude
5/ Brave hoardstalker 45 Green charm Green Dromomastyx hide Dromomastyx hide 107 2.8 Aptitude
6/ Brah hoardstalker 55 Green charm Green Spinomastyx hide Spinomastyx hide 167.5 3.3 Aptitude
7/ Naabe hoardstalker 65 Crimson charm Crimson Gallimastyx hide Gallimastyx hide 233.8 3.8 Aptitude
8/ Wise hoardstalker 75 Crimson charm Crimson Stegomastyx hide Stegomastyx hide 342.4 4.3 Aptitude
9/ Adept hoardstalker 85 Blue charm Blue Megamastyx hide Megamastyx hide 538.8 4.8 Aptitude
10/ Sachem hoardstalker 95 Blue charm Blue Tyrannomastyx hide Tyrannomastyx hide 835.5 5.3 Aptitude

Worldbearers - Beast of burdenEdit

  • All worldbearer familiars are Beasts of burden. Tier one familiars can carry 12 spaces worth of items, and each tier level above can carry two slots more capping at the Sachem level, which can carry 30 item slots.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Worldbearers are bags, which, like Beasts of burden, are made for holding various items.
  • Worldbearers last for 60 minutes before disappearing.
Tier/Combat level Familiar Summoning Level Charm Tertiary Make Exp Summon Exp Special Ability
1/ Cub worldbearer 7 Gold charm Gold Protoleather torn bag Protoleather torn bag 7.8 0.9 Second wind
2/ Little worldbearer 17 Gold charm Gold Subleather torn bag Subleather torn bag 23.5 1.4 Second wind
3/ Naive worldbearer 27 Gold charm Gold Paraleather torn bag Paraleather torn bag 48.6 1.9 Second wind
4/ Keen worldbearer 37 Green charm Green Archleather torn bag Archleather torn bag 76.1 2.4 Second wind
5/ Brave worldbearer 47 Green charm Green Dromoleather torn bag Dromoleather torn bag 109.5 2.9 Second wind
6/ Brah worldbearer 57 Green charm Green Spinoleather torn bag Spinoleather torn bag 171 3.4 Second wind
7/ Naabe worldbearer 67 Crimson charm Crimson Gallileather torn bag Gallileather torn bag 238.4 3.9 Second wind
8/ Wise worldbearer 77 Crimson charm Crimson Stegoleather torn bag Stegoleather torn bag 348.2 4.4 Second wind
9/ Adept worldbearer 87

Blue charm Blue

Megaleather torn bag Megaleather torn bag 545.9 4.9 Second wind
10/ Sachem worldbearer 97 Blue charm Blue Tyrannoleather torn bag Tyrannoleather torn bag 844 5.4 Second wind

Skinweavers - HealerEdit

  • Skinweavers are healer familiars.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Skinweavers are food items, which, like the familiars they effect, heal.
  • They will make food heal more. Cub, Little, Naïve and Keen skinweavers add 10 life points to each item of food. Brave, Brah, Naabe and Wise skinweavers add 20 life points to each item of food. Adept and Sachem skinweavers add 30 life points to each item of food.
  • It should be noted that these familiars do not restore life points over time like the Bunyip, but instead provide instantaneous healing by means of scrolls, much like the Unicorn stallion. These scrolls are now nearly useless due to their stats not being adjusted along with other healing methods in the evolution of combat.
Tier/Combat level Familiar Summoning Level Charm Tertiary Make Exp Summon Exp Special Ability
1/ Cub skinweaver 9 Gold charm Gold Heim crab 2 Cooked Heim crab 8.5 1 Glimmer of light
2/ Little skinweaver 19 Gold charm Gold Red-eye 2 Cooked Red eye 24.5 1.5 Glimmer of light
3/ Naive skinweaver 29 Gold charm Gold Dusk eel 2 Cooked Dusk eel 50 2 Glimmer of light
4/ Keen skinweaver 39 Green charm Green Giant flatfish 2 Cooked Giant flatfish 78 2.5 Glimmer of light
5/ Brave skinweaver 49 Green charm Green Short-finned eel 2 Cooked Short-finned eel 112 3 Glimmer of light
6/ Brah skinweaver 59 Green charm Green Web snipper 2 Cooked Web snipper 174.5 3.5 Glimmer of light
7/ Naabe skinweaver 69 Crimson charm Crimson Bouldabass 2 Cooked Bouldabass 243 4 Glimmer of light
8/ Wise skinweaver 79 Crimson charm Crimson Salve eel 2 Cooked Salve eel 354 4.5 Glimmer of light
9/ Adept skinweaver 89 Blue charm Blue Blue crab 2 Cooked Blue crab 553 5 Glimmer of light
10/ Sachem skinweaver 99 Blue charm Blue Cave moray 2 Cooked Cave moray 852.5 5.5 Glimmer of light
Summoning door

A Ramokee Exile guarding a doorway.

Opening doorsEdit

Sometimes a "rogue" familiar will be guarding a doorway called the Ramokee exile. He will need to be dismissed in order to move on to the next room. These may also be found in F2P dungeons.

The Enigmatic Hoardstalker requires a certain summoning level to be understood, although someone with a lower summoning level can still give him the correct item.

Free-to-play accessEdit

Despite all member skills being made available to free players up to level 5, all Daemonheim summoning familiars remain members only.

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