F1 c1 solo rush xp

Floors are completed quickly but experience is low when rushing.

In order to maximise prestige, and thus increase Dungeoneering experience gained, players must tick off every single floor before resetting their progress. Players with higher Dungeoneering levels will have a large number of floors to tick off, however the level modifier leads to base experience for the lowest floors being roughly half that received for a player's highest floors.

Doing a floor "properly" in large, complexity 6, 5:5 mode can take over an hour, and the rate at which experience is gained will be reduced if the player only receives half of their maximum base experience. To get around this many players rush through lower floors in quick succession as fast as possible, disregarding the amount of experience they receive on these floors in order to tick off all floors as quickly as possible.

Getting startedEdit

Party: A full team of five sharing tasks will progress fastest, as selecting the 5:1 option will mean the dungeon is still designed for one player; having more players also makes it easier to continue after some drop out. Following multiple drop outs, regrouping may be a good way to increase speed, but time spent recruiting a new party may offset this.

The party should be advertised as a C1 5:1 rush over many floors to avoid players misunderstanding the rush approach, holding up the raid, and then dropping out.

Solo: A single player can easily rush their lower floors on complexity 1, in only a little more time than a full party.

Floor: The leader should pick the lowest floor that they are yet to tick off, (gathering a group at level 1 is considerably easier), as the floor number will increase each round.

Complexity: Complexity one provides the fewest obstacles to overcome, aiding fast completion.

Other: A small dungeon on guide mode and 5:1, can be completed fastest.

If any players are unaware of how to skip the winterface to the next floor, their teammates should teach them as a 30 second delay between every floor will soon add up.


The whole approach should be geared completely to speed, not experience, as the aim is to tick the floor. Tactics include:

  • Avoid stocking up food/armour drops etc. as enemies will be lower level on rushes, and deaths reducing experience gained isn't an issue.
  • Disable auto retaliate, only kill enemies in guardian rooms, and run past all other enemies.
  • Party - Always split the party where possible to cover ground faster, communicating what doors are found between sub-teams.
  • Party - In guardian rooms, have one player run ahead to the locked door quickly while the remaining party finish off the last guardians.
  • Set quick prayers to your best offensive prayer (e.g. Turmoil/Piety) and use when doing guardian rooms.
  • Everybody can key now thanks to an update, so one person does not need to hold all keys.