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Dungeoneering rewards are rewards you buy with tokens, which are rewarded from dungeon raids. The amount of tokens varies depending on the experience you earn from that raid, which is 1 token per 10 experience.

Every raid you gain experience. That experience is used for earning tokens. These tokens are smuggled outside of Daemonheim so that you can trade them with the rewards trader in the Daemonheim camp for items to be used outside of the dungeons.

Every 10 Experience (rounded down) you have gained from that raid will give you 1 token. Tokens a player should have in total is equal to about 9%~10% (algebraically increasing to 10% with higher levels) of the total experience, considering the rounding effects.

The rewards trader can be found cowering in the Fremennik camp to the south of Daemonheim. The tokens will have been transferred to him via the smuggler, so you only need to visit the reward trader to start cashing in your winnings.

Players who wish to recover traded rewards lost through alchemy, destruction or other means must pay Dungeoneering tokens in full - players cannot receive the same reward for free.

It is worth noting that just to purchase the cheapest item available (Gem Bag), you must have 2,000 tokens. Assuming optimistically that you lose no tokens to the round-downs and get no non-token giving experience, you must get 20,000 experience in Dungeoneering, or level 33 in order to purchase the cheapest reward. To get a Chaotic weapon, you must earn 200k tokens, or 2 million experience, which is level 80.

To purchase every Free-to-play item, one must have 363,500 tokens, or, assuming no loss of tokens whatsoever, 3,635,000 experience which is level 86.

To purchase every Pay-to-play item, one must have 2,614,000 tokens, or, again assuming no loss of tokens, 26,140,000 experience which is level 106.

To purchase every item Free-to-play and Pay-to-play, one must have 2,997,500 tokens, or, again assuming no loss of tokens, 29,775,000 experience which is level 107.

All of the rewards are untradeable.

On 21 April 2010, an update radically lowered the prices of all rewards. Previously, the prices were so high that a player could not earn enough tokens to buy the items by the time they achieved the level required. But, for most items, this still seems to be the case.

Rewards Table Edit

Due to the sheer size of the article with its full descriptions of rewards, it has been moved and only summaries are listed here. Please Visit Dungeoneering/Rewards/Full.

Jagex announced the minimum levels to obtain and use an item; however, even after a price decrease, many of the level requirements are still inaccurate (meaning a player needs more experience than listed in order to have received the tokens required to purchase an item.) The Jagex requirements and token requirements are both listed in the below list, but bear in mind a player must get the higher level of the two in order to have a chance of obtaining the reward. All token level requirements are calculated based on experience needed to get the item as a player's first reward. (The higher of two requirements is bolded for ease of reference) Obtaining something after using some tokens on something else will require an even higher dungeoneering level than the given token based level.

Item Item Token Cost Dungeoneering-icon Token Imposed Level Requirement Dungeoneering-icon Level Requirement Members Only? Other skill requirements Description
Gem bag Gem bag 2,000 34 25 No 25 Crafting-icon Holds up to 100 uncut gems (only F2P gems)
Coal bag Coal bag 4,000 40 35 No 35 Mining-icon Holds up to 27 pieces of coal.
Arcane pulse necklace Arcane pulse necklace 6,500 45 30 No 30 Magic-icon Provides a 2.9% boost to magic critical.
Arcane blast necklace Arcane blast necklace 15,500 54 55 No 50 Magic-icon Provides a 3.5% boost to magic critical.
Arcane stream necklace Arcane stream necklace 30,500 61 70 Yes 80 Magic-icon Provides a 4.9% boost to magic critical.
Twisted bird skull necklace Twisted bird skull necklace 8,500 48 30 No 30 Prayer-icon When equipped, this item restores 50 Prayer points for each bone buried, when burying regular bones, Burnt bones or Bat bones.

(Effect reduced as of 30 April 2013)

Split dragontooth necklace Split dragontooth necklace 17,000 55 60 Yes 60 Prayer-icon When equipped, this item has features equivalent to Twisted bird skull necklace, and restores 100 prayer points for each Big bone, Baby dragon bone or Wyvern bone buried.

(Effect reduced as of 30 April 2013)

Demon horn necklace Demon horn necklace 35,000 68 90 Yes 90 Prayer-icon When equipped, this item has features equivalent to Split Dragontooth necklace, and restores 150 prayer points for burying dragon, ourg, and frost dragon bones.

(Effect reduced as of 30 April 2013)

Shieldbow sight Shieldbow sight 10,000 49 45 No 45 Ranged-icon Can be attached to maple, magic, and elder shieldbows to increase their accuracy drastically.
Scroll of life Scroll of life 10,000 49 25 Yes 25 Farming-icon Gives a permanent effect: When harvesting farming patches (including dead), there is a 10% chance your seeds will be returned to you. There is also a 5% chance of getting a tree seed back from a dead tree.
Law staff Law staff 10,000 49 45 No 45 Magic-icon Stores up to 1000 Law runes. When a spell requiring Law runes is used while the staff is wielded, there is a 1/10 chance of the necessary Law runes not being used.
Nature staff Nature staff 12,500 52 53 No 53 Magic-icon Stores up to 1000 Nature runes. When a spell requiring Nature runes is used while the staff is wielded, there is a 1/10 chance of the necessary Nature runes not being used.
Scroll of cleansing Scroll of cleansing 20,000 56 49 Yes 49 Herblore-icon Gives a permanent effect: Whenever the player creates a potion, they have a 1/8 chance of making that potion twice as fast, as well as a 1/10 chance of receiving a herb or a secondary ingredient back.
Scroll of efficiency Scroll of efficiency 20,000 56 55 No 55 Smithing-icon Gives a permanent effect: Whenever the player smiths an item that requires three or more bars to create, there is a chance that they will retain a bar. This chance is dependent on the bars that are being smithed.
Bonecrusher Bonecrusher 34,000 62 21 Yes 21 Prayer-icon When you have a Bonecrusher in your inventory, monsters that normally drop bones will no longer drop bones, instead you will receive the same amount of prayer experience you would have received for burying each bone yourself.
Herbicide Herbicide 34,000 62 21 Yes 21 Herblore-icon With the herbicide in your inventory, you can designate certain types of herbs to erode instead of receiving them as drops, destroying the chosen herbs and giving you twice the normal herblore experience you would have received cleaning them.
Amulet of zealots Amulet of zealots 40,000 63 48 No 48 Prayer-icon When equipped, adds +5% to the effect of certain stat-boosting prayers, but gives -8 Prayer bonus.
Gravite 2h sword Gravite weapons 40,000 (each) 63 45 No 55 Attack-icon
or 55 Magic-icon
or 55 Ranged-icon
Some of the strongest free-to-play degradable weapons.
Tome of frost Tome of frost 43,000 64 48 No 48 Magic-icon When wielded in the shield slot, it provides an infinite stock of water runes.
Anti-poison totem Anti-poison totem 44,000 64 60 Yes 60 Defence-icon
70 Herblore-icon
You cannot be poisoned while wielding it in your shield slot.
Spirit cape Spirit cape 45,000 64 50 Yes 50 Defence-icon
50 Summoning-icon
While worn, the special attack cost for combat summoning familiars is reduced by 20%.
Mercenary's gloves Mercenary's gloves 48,500 65 73 Yes 73 Ranged-icon Fourth best ranged gloves.
Ring of vigour Ring of vigour 50,000 66 62 Yes 62 Attack-icon When worn, the user will continue combat with 10% adrenaline after using an ultimate ability, instead of completely draining it.
Scroll of renewal Scroll of renewal 38,000 64 65 Yes 65 Prayer-icon Gives a permanent effect: teaches you the Rapid Renewal prayer which restores your life points at 5 times the normal restore rate.
Chaotic rapier Chaotic weapons (main hand) 200,000 (each) 80 80 Yes 80 Attack-icon
or 80 Magic-icon
or 80 Ranged-icon
Some of the strongest pay to play degradable weapons.
Off-hand chaotic rapier Chaotic weapons (off-hand) 100,000 (each) 80 80 Yes 80 Attack-icon
or 80 Magic-icon
or 80 Ranged-icon
Some of the strongest pay to play degradable weapons.
Farseer kiteshield Dungeoneering shields 200,000 (each) 80 80 Yes 80 Defence-icon Some of the strongest pay to play degradable shields.
Sneakerpeeper adult icon Sneakerpeeper spawn pet 85,000 71 80 Yes 80 Summoning-icon A juvenile pet that requires rearing to its adult form with Eye of newt.
Lamp Dungeoneering experience reward 1 1 1 No None Gives Dungeoneering experience at a 1:1 ratio (1 token = 1 xp).
Charming imp Charming imp 100,000 73 21 Yes 21 Summoning-icon As well as being good company, a charming imp will collect charms before they drop for you, putting them instantly in your inventory.


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