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Magic is used in Dungeoneering to fight against monsters and to open skill doors found throughout the dungeons of Daemonheim. The Dungeoneering spellbook uses a combination of the standard spellbook, the Lunar spellbook and four new spells. As a result, Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor, along with the appropriate level, are required to access every spell available.

Opening doorsEdit

Magic door

Magic in Dungeoneering allows players to dispel the locks on certain doors that cannot be unlocked with the coloured shapes found throughout the dungeons. The greatest level required to open a door is level 109. All doors in the main path are unlockable by at least one player in the team. Failure to dispel locks on doors will cause the magic energy to rebound and deal large damage to player in attempt.


Dungeoneering spellbook

The dungeoneering spellbook.

The spellbook contains four spells exclusive to Daemonheim.

The experience for some spells (e.g. High Level Alchemy) are cut to 10% of the experience received for casting the equivalent spells outside of Daemonheim, while other spells (e.g. Bones To Bananas) are not affected.

Member-only spells are in italics.

Icon Name Level Exp Runes Note
Home Teleport icon Dungeon Home Teleport


1 None Teleport the caster to the start point of the current dungeon level, where the Smuggler is.
Air Strike icon Air Strike 1 1Air rune
Confuse icon Confuse 3 1Mind rune Reduce target's Attack by 5%
Water Strike icon Water Strike 5 1Water rune1Air rune
Earth Strike icon Earth Strike 9 1Earth rune1Air rune
Weaken icon Weaken 11 1Body rune Reduce target's Strength by 5%
Fire Strike icon Fire Strike 13 1Fire rune1Air rune
Bones to Bananas icon Bones To Bananas 15 1Nature rune2Earth rune2Water rune Convert all the bones in the inventory into bananas.
Air Bolt icon Air Bolt 17 2Air rune
Curse icon Curse 19 1Chaos rune Reduce target's Defence by 5%
Bind icon Bind 20 1Nature rune Freeze the target for 5 seconds
Low Level Alchemy icon Low Level Alchemy 21 1Nature rune3Fire rune Convert an item into some coins.
Water Bolt icon Water Bolt 23 2Water rune2Air rune
Earth Bolt icon Earth Bolt 29 2Earth rune2Air rune
Create Gatestone Create Gatestone


32 3Cosmic rune Create a one-use gatestone placed on the ground to provide the destination of Gatestone Teleport spell.
Gatestone Teleport Gatestone Teleport


32 None Teleport the caster to the location of the gatestone generated from Create Gatestone spell where placed.
Fire Bolt icon Fire Bolt 35 2Fire rune2Air rune
Air Blast icon Air Blast 41 3Air rune
Water Blast icon Water Blast 47 3Water rune3Air rune
Snare icon Snare 50 2Nature rune Freeze the target for 10 seconds
Earth Blast icon Earth Blast 53 3Earth rune3Air rune Deal a maximum damage of 150.
High Level Alchemy icon High Level Alchemy 55 1Nature rune5Fire rune Convert an item into more coins. See the high alchemy table.
Fire Blast icon Fire Blast 59 3Fire rune3Air rune
Air Wave icon Air Wave 62 4Air rune
Gatestone Teleport Group Gatestone Teleport


64 3Law rune Teleports to the party gatestone.
Water Wave icon Water Wave 65 4Water rune4Air rune
Vulnerability icon Vulnerability 66 1Soul rune1Chaos rune Reduce target's Defence by 10%
Monster Examine icon Monster Examine


66 1Cosmic rune1Astral rune1Mind rune Examine the stats of a target monster.
Cure Other icon Cure Other


68 1Astral rune10Earth rune Cure a target of poison.
Humidify icon Humidify


68 1Astral rune1Fire rune3Water rune Fill containers with water.
Earth Wave icon Earth Wave 70 4Earth rune4Air rune
Cure Me icon Cure Me


71 2Cosmic rune2Astral rune Cure the caster of poison.
Enfeeble icon Enfeeble 73 1Soul rune1Body rune Reduce target's Strength by 10%
Cure Group icon Cure Group


74 2Cosmic rune2Astral rune Cures everyone around the caster standing in a 3-by-3 square of poison.
Fire Wave icon Fire Wave 75 4Fire rune4Air rune
Entangle icon Entangle 79 3Nature rune Freeze the target for 15 seconds
Stagger icon Stagger 80 1Soul rune1Mind rune Reduce target's Attack by 10%
Air Surge icon Air Surge 81 5Air rune
Water Surge icon Water Surge 85 5Water rune5Air rune
Earth Surge icon Earth Surge 90 5Earth rune5Air rune
Vengeance Other icon Vengeance Other


93 2Death rune3Astral rune10Earth rune Allow the target to gain power of inflicting opponent a large percentage of damage dealt to the target.
Vengeance icon Vengeance


94 2Death rune4Astral rune10Earth rune

Rebounds 75% of the damage of the next hit back to the caster's opponent.

Vengeance Group icon Vengeance Group


95 3Death rune4Astral rune11Earth rune Allows everyone in the 7x7 square around the caster to rebound 75% of the next hit's damage.
Fire Surge icon Fire Surge 95 5Fire rune5Air rune
  1. ^ a b c d Dungeoneering-only spell
  2. ^ a b c d e f g Members who have not completed Lunar Diplomacy or Dream Mentor cannot cast the Lunar spells they unlock, although the spells are still visible to the player.
  3. ^ Vengeance Group must be bought at the Livid Farm before it can be cast. This also requires completion of Lunar Diplomacy.

Spell componentsEdit


Main article: Runes

All spells (except Dungeon Home Teleport and Gatestone Teleport) require the use of runes as a consumed resource. Runes are obtained by crafting runes on the Runecrafting altar using the Runecrafting skill or from monster drops.

Blast and surgeboxesEdit

Magical blastboxes and celestial surgeboxes can be found as drops from forgotten mages. The blastbox is dropped by mages wearing tier 1-6 robes, and the surgebox is dropped by mages that wear tier 7 or higher robes. The boxes may be bound in the ammunition slot. They provide infinite elemental runes.

Staves and wandsEdit

Elemental staves can appear in the main room on low complexity levels and can be dropped by monsters. They act in a similar fashion to the elemental staves outside of Daemonheim, offering an unlimited supply of runes of their designated element. As an example, wielding an air staff allows a player to cast Air Wave without any runes.

Unimbued staves and wands can be created by members or found as monster drops. They offer an unlimited supply of all the elemental runes at once. As a result, having one of these weapons leaves a mage free to use combat spells at will without expending any runes.



Various magical weapons are available in Daemonheim. Free players are limited to basic elemental staves, whereas members are capable of using more powerful staves. Staves can be obtained either by using the Fletching skill, Runecrafting skill, or through monster drops.

Robes and armourEdit

Various robes can be worn in Daemonheim that allow unhindered spellcasting. Robes can be obtained through the Crafting skill or through monster drops. Most robes require a minimum Defence level in order to be worn.


Once a player has obtained a certain number of Dungeoneering tokens various rewards can be purchased from the rewards trader provided the minimum Dungeoneering level and Magic level requirements have been met. Unlike other magical equipment found throughout Daemonheim, these rewards can be used throughout Runescape.

Temporary BoostsEdit

Players can improve their Magic levels, only while in Daemonheim, by using numerous potions that can be made using the Herblore skill.

Potion Image Level Herb

Second Ingredient

XP Effect
Weak magic potion Weak magic potion 3 Herblore-icon Clean sagewortSagewort Void dustVoid dust 21 Boosts Magic by 4 + 10% of Magic level
Magic potion Magic potion (Dungeoneering) 36 Herblore-icon Clean wormwood leafWormwood leaf Void dustVoid dust 79.5 Boosts Magic by 5 + 14% of Magic level
Strong magic potion Strong magic potion 69 Herblore-icon Clean winter&#039;s gripWinter's grip Void dustVoid dust 155.5 Boosts Magic by 6 + 20% of Magic level

These potions boost the Magic level much higher than other magic potions outside of Daemonheim. The weak magic potion boosts the same amount of levels as an extreme magic potion does with 30 Magic. With the strong magic potion, a player with 83 Magic can use Fire Surge for several minutes. This comes in particularly handy before boss fights, to activate Vengeance.

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