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Hunter in Daemonheim is only accessible to Pay-to-play.

To place traps, you must be raiding a dungeon with complexity level 4+.


A mastyx trap is made using the Fletching skill, by using a knife on a branch. A trap can then be placed on the floor in a room with a mastyx - a large, dinosaur-like creature - to trap it, ready for skinning. The higher the tier of the trap, the more likely you are to catch the mastyx. Although any tier trap can be used to trap any tier mastyx (Only if you have the Hunter level for the tier of the mastyx), it is definitely worth using a trap of a tier that is equal to or higher than the mastyx's tier.

Trap Image Levels
Tangle gum trap Tangle gum trap 1 Hunter-icon / 3 Fletching-icon
Seeping elm trap Seeping elm trap 10 Hunter-icon / 13 Fletching-icon
Blood spindle trap Blood spindle trap 20 Hunter-icon / 23 Fletching-icon
Utuku trap Utuku trap 30 Hunter-icon / 33 Fletching-icon
Spinebeam trap Spinebeam trap 40 Hunter-icon / 43 Fletching-icon
Bovistrangler trap Bovistrangler trap 50 Hunter-icon / 53 Fletching-icon
Thigat trap Thigat trap 60 Hunter-icon / 63 Fletching-icon
Corpsethorn trap Corpsethorn trap 70 Hunter-icon / 73 Fletching-icon
Entgallow trap Entgallow trap 80 Hunter-icon / 83 Fletching-icon
Grave creeper trap Grave creeper trap 90 Hunter-icon / 93 Fletching-icon


Once a bovimastyx has been caught using a trap, it is possible to use a knife on the carcass and gain a number of usable hides. You must have a suitable Hunter level to skin a carcass, and this Hunter requirement is not necessary if you simply kill the creature rather than trap it. These hides can then be used to make ranged equipment.

Creature Image Level XP Loot
Protomastyx Protomastryx 1 Hunter-icon 55 Big bones, Protomastyx hide
Submastyx Submastyx 10 Hunter-icon 94.5 Big bones, Submastyx hide
Paramastyx Paramastyx 20 Hunter-icon 164 Big bones, Paramastyx hide
Archaemastyx Archaemastyx 30 Hunter-icon 247 Big bones, Archaemastyx hide
Dromomastyx Dromomastyx 40 Hunter-icon 330 Big bones, Dromomastyx hide
Spinomastyx Spinomastyx 50 Hunter-icon 435.5 Big bones, Spinomastyx hide
Gallimastyx Gallimastyx 60 Hunter-icon 519 Big bones, Gallimastyx hide
Stegomastyx Stegomastyx 70 Hunter-icon 599.5 Big bones, Stegomastyx hide
Megamastyx Megamastyx 80 Hunter-icon 673 Big bones, Megamastyx hide
Tyrannomastyx Tyrannomastyx 90 Hunter-icon 745.5 Big bones, Tyrannomastyx hide

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