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Members can fletch bows, arrows, and staves from branches obtained in Daemonheim.

However non-members can't and the only way of obtaining a bow, arrow, or staff is to buy one or find it yourself.


Bow Level
Experience gained
Experience gained
Experience gained
Tangle gum shortbow Tangle gum shortbow 1 Fletching-icon 5 5 10
Tangle gum longbow Tangle gum longbow 6 Fletching-icon 5.7 5.7 11.4
Seeping elm shortbow Seeping elm shortbow 11 Fletching-icon 9 9 18
Seeping elm longbow Seeping elm longbow 16 Fletching-icon 10.3 10.3 20.6
Blood spindle shortbow Blood spindle shortbow 21 Fletching-icon 15 15 30
Blood spindle longbow Blood spindle longbow 26 Fletching-icon 17.2 17.2 34.4
Utuku shortbow Utuku shortbow 31 Fletching-icon 23 23 46
Utuku longbow Utuku longbow 36 Fletching-icon 26.4 26.4 52.8
Spinebeam shortbow Spinebeam shortbow 41 Fletching-icon 33 33 66
Spinebeam longbow Spinebeam longbow 46 Fletching-icon 37.9 37.9 75.8
Bovistrangler shortbow Bovistrangler shortbow 51 Fletching-icon 45 45 90
Bovistrangler longbow Bovistrangler longbow 56 Fletching-icon 51.7 51.7 103.4
Thigat shortbow Thigat shortbow 61 Fletching-icon 59 59 118
Thigat longbow Thigat longbow 66 Fletching-icon 67.8 67.8 135.6
Corpsethorn shortbow Corpsethorn shortbow 71 Fletching-icon 75 75 150
Corpsethorn longbow Corpsethorn longbow 76 Fletching-icon 86.2 86.2 172.4
Entgallow shortbow Entgallow shortbow 81 Fletching-icon 93 93 186
Entgallow longbow Entgallow longbow 86 Fletching-icon 106.9 106.9 213.8
Grave creeper shortbow Grave creeper shortbow 91 Fletching-icon 113 113 226
Grave creeper longbow Grave creeper longbow 96 Fletching-icon 129.9 129.9 259.8


When fletching arrows in dungeoneering, you will always get regular arrow shafts no matter what branch they are fletch from. What differs is the number of shafts that are received. You gain 0.3 experience per shaft, no matter from which branch they are made.

Branch type Level
Number of
shafts made
per shaft
Tangle gum branches Tangle gum branches 1 Fletching-icon 4.5 15 15
Seeping elm branches Seeping elm branches 10 Fletching-icon 6.3 21 28.6
Blood spindle branches Blood spindle branches 20 Fletching-icon 7.8 26 63.5
Utuku branches Utuku branches 30 Fletching-icon 9.6 32 117.2
Spinebeam branches Spinebeam branches 40 Fletching-icon 11.1 37 212.8
Bovistrangler branches Bovistrangler branches 50 Fletching-icon 12.9 43 290.7
Thigat branches Thigat branches 60 Fletching-icon 14.4 48 468.8
Corpsethorn branches Corpsethorn branches 70 Fletching-icon 16.2 54 648.1
Entgallow branches Entgallow branches 80 Fletching-icon 17.7 59 1016.9
Grave creeper branches Grave creeper branches 90 Fletching-icon 19.5 65 1807.7
Arrow type Level
gained (15 tips)
Cost per XP
(15 tips & feathers)
Novite arrows 1 Fletching-icon 19.5 24.8
Bathus arrows 11 Fletching-icon 37.5 36.4
Marmaros arrows 22 Fletching-icon 75 41.2
Kratonite arrows 33 Fletching-icon 112.5 44.8
Fractite arrow 44 Fletching-icon 150 61.6
Zephyrium arrows 55 Fletching-icon 187.5 71.5
Argonite arrows 66 Fletching-icon 225 89.4
Katagon arrows 77 Fletching-icon 262.5 101.3
Gorgonite arrows 88 Fletching-icon 300 144.1
Promethium arrows 99 Fletching-icon 337.5 226.9


To fletch staves the player must use a knife to a set of branches, and choose a staff from the options interface. The branches can be bought from the smuggler, or cut from the trees found creeping up the walls in the dungeon, if the player has the required woodcutting level. The branches shown on the list can be made to any staff available from lower level branches.

To imbue the staff into a catalytic staff or empowered catalytic staff, the player must use the staff to the runecrafting altar. Unlike elemental staves, a catalytic staff does not provide runes, but offers a magic damage bonus.

Branches Staff Fletching level Runecrafting Product
Tangle gum branches Tangle gum branches Tangle gum staff Tangle gum staff 8 Fletching-icon None
Seeping elm branches Seeping elm branches Seeping elm staff Seeping elm staff 18 Fletching-icon None
Blood spindle branches Blood spindle branches Blood spindle staff Blood spindle staff 28 Fletching-icon None
Utuku branches Utuku branches Utuku staff Utuku staff 38 Fletching-icon None
Spinebeam branches Spinebeam branches Spinebeam staff Spinebeam staff 48 Fletching-icon Catalytic staff Catalytic staff
Bovistrangler branches Bovistrangler branches Bovistrangler staff Bovistrangler staff 58 Fletching-icon Catalytic staff Catalytic staff
Thigat branches Thigat branches Thigat staff Thigat staff 68 Fletching-icon Catalytic staff Catalytic staff
Corpsethorn branches Corpsethorn branches Corpsethorn staff Corpsethorn staff 78 Fletching-icon Catalytic staff Catalytic staff
Entgallow branches Entgallow branches Entgallow staff Entgallow staff 88 Fletching-icon Catalytic staff Catalytic staff
Grave creeper branches Grave creeper branches Grave creeper staff Grave creeper staff 98 Fletching-icon Empowered catalytic staff Empowered catalytic staff


To fletch traps in Daemonheim, you must be raiding a dungeon on complexity level 5 or 6.

To make ranged gear, you will need to skin a bovimastyx: a docile, cow-like creature that paces about Daemonheim. There are two methods of doing this: the first is by simply killing it, but this will only ever produce one usable hide; the second is by hunting it, using a fletched trap to snare the bovimastyx.
To make a trap, you will only need a branch and a knife (branches can be gained by woodcutting in Daemonheim, a knife can be bought from the smuggler). Having used the knife on the branches, you will be given the opportunity to fletch a trap, as long as you have the Fletching level required to make it.

Traps Level Experience
Tangle gum trap 3 Fletching-icon 12
Sleeping elm trap 13 Fletching-icon 21.6
Blood spindle trap 23 Fletching-icon 36
Utuku trap 33 Fletching-icon 55.2
Spinebeam trap 43 Fletching-icon 79.2
Bovistrangler trap 53 Fletching-icon 108
Thigat trap 63 Fletching-icon 141.6
Corpsethorn trap 73 Fletching-icon 180
Entgallow trap 83 Fletching-icon 223.2
Grave creeper trap 93 Fletching-icon 271.2

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