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A Dungeoneering room may contain a fishing pond where respective fish can be caught by having a Fly fishing rod and feathers in the player's inventory. Both can be bought from the Smuggler. The Fishing rod can be added to the tool belt. If one has attained the ability to fish without bait from the Prawnbroker, feathers are no longer necessary.

Below shows a list of different species of fish that can be caught in these ponds. The (m) indicates that only members can catch this species of fish. The prices are also shown.

Note: On lower complexities, one of the fishing spots in each room will only give half of the normal experience, a move intended to reduce the overall XP gain from Fishing on Complexity 2.

Image Fish Level Normal XP Half XP Cost
Raw heim crab Raw heim crab 1 9 4.5 200 coins
Raw red-eye Raw red-eye 10 27 13.5 550 coins
Raw dusk eel Raw dusk eel 20 45 22.5 840 coins
Raw giant flatfish Raw giant flatfish 30 63 31.5 1400 coins
Raw short-finned eel Raw short-finned eel 40 81 40.5 1920 coins
Raw web snipper Raw web snipper (m) 50 99 49.5 2700 coins
Raw bouldabass Raw bouldabass (m) 60 117 58.5 3400 coins
Raw salve eel Raw salve eel (m) 70 135 67.5 4500 coins
Raw blue crab Raw blue crab (m) 80 153 76.5 5500 coins
Raw cave moray Raw cave moray (m) 90 171 85.5 9500 coins
Raw vile fish Raw vile fish Varies Varies N/A

Note: The vile fish (when cooked) is used to lure ferrets around on floor tile puzzles and takes a set Ranged level to throw, normally the ranged level of someone in your party.

Each fishing location will yield a maximum of 14 fish. Approximately every second your character will have a chance at catching a fish. After 14 chances the fishing spot will become depleted.

After these fish are caught, they will appear in your inventory. You may cook these fish the exact same way you cook normal fish, with a fire. To make fire you must have branches and a tinderbox. The higher the tier of the branches, the lower the chances of burning the fish. These branches may be bought from the Smuggler or received as a drop. You may also cut these branches from trees in Daemonheim. You can use a hatchet to cut down branches. Cutting down of branches is recommended as the branches sold by Smuggler are expensive.

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