This is a list of all the bosses that can be encountered during Dungeoneering. All bosses can drop a section of the Dungeoneering journal in addition to their listed reward. Each boss dropping one-handed weapons (except for Icy Bones and the Bulwark beast) also drops the respective off-hand weapon, which can be of a different material to the main-hand drop.

Floor Type Boss Name Dungeoneering Level Required Floors Optimal floors[1] Drops


(Floors 1-11)

Gluttonous behemoth 1 1-11 1-2 Boots
Astea Frostweb Shoes and Wands
Icy Bones Vambraces and Throwing knives
Luminescent icefiend 5 3-11 3-5 Daggers
Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz 11 6-11 6-8 Gauntlets
To'Kash the Bloodchiller 17 9-11 9-11 Mage gloves

Abandoned 1 Also found in Abandoned 2

(Floors 12-17)

Skeletal Horde/Divine skinweaver 23 12-17, 30-35 12-14 Helmets
Hobgoblin Geomancer Leather boots
Bulwark beast Pickaxes and Hatchets
Unholy cursebearer 29 15-17, 30-35 15-17 Staves


(Floors 18-29)

Rammernaut 35 18-29 18-19 Mauls
Stomp Coifs and Ranged shields
Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter Rapiers
Lexicus Runewright 39 20-29 20-22 Hoods and Orbs
Sagittare 45 23-29 23-26 Longbows and Arrows
Night-gazer Khighorahk 51 26-29 26-29 Plateskirts

Abandoned 2

(Floors 30-35)

Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan 59 30-35 33-35 Kiteshields
Bal'lak the Pummeller 65 33-35 Warhammers


(Floors 36-47)

Skeletal trio 71 36-47 36-38 Shortbows and Arrows
Runebound behemoth Robe bottoms and Magic shields
Gravecreeper Chainbodies
Necrolord 77 39-47 39-41 Chaps and Off-hand throwing knives
Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk 83 42-47 42-44 Platelegs
Yk'Lagor the Thunderous 89 45-47 45-47 Battleaxes


(Floors 48-60)

Blink 95 48-60 48-50 Longswords
Warped Gulega Robe tops
Dreadnaut Platebodies
Hope devourer 101 51-60 51-53 Leather bodies
World-gorger Shukarhazh 107 54-60 54-56 Spears
Kal'Ger the Warmonger 113 57-60 57-60 2h swords


Gluttonous behemothEdit

Gluttonous behemoth

Required level: 1

Recommended Protection Prayer: Protect from Magic

Floors: Frozen

Reward: Melee boots

This boss will constantly heal itself by devouring bovimastyx corpses off to its side when it has lost more than half of its life points. It is vital to block the body or bodies to prevent it from healing; it is still possible to attack while doing this. When soloing, there will be only one carcass; in a group, there will always be two, but the behemoth will only heal itself once in the dungeon. It is advised to wear the strongest melee armour available and use the Protect from Magic prayer. One strategy consists of two melee players blocking the behemoth that can take its attacks handily; meanwhile, the rest of the group can attack unscathed. If you or your entire group die when it reaches less than half of its life points, it will heal itself to full health as soon as you re-enter into room. It can be countered by reducing it to almost half of its life points and then teleporting using a personal gatestone . Restock on food and reenter the room again to finish it off. In a group, it is strongly recommended that all players enter the boss room all at the same time for a faster kill.

Bulwark beastEdit

Bulwark beast

Required level: 23

Recommended Protection Prayer: Protect from Magic

Floors: Abandoned

Reward: Pickaxe or hatchet

This boss has thick rock armour which prevents all melee and ranged attacks from doing damage unless broken down; however, Magic attacks are capable of piercing it. Wield a pickaxe and attack it until you break through it all, then switch to your normal weapon and attack as normal, or have a pickaxe on your tool belt and it will be used automatically alongside melee attacks you perform. If you enter without a pickaxe in your possession, and you have none on your tool belt, one will be in the corner. There is a bar on the top of the screen showing the progress of the armour. It is important to remember that, in groups, there will only be one pickaxe spawn and the rest of the party must obtain their own. Breaking the armour does not give you Combat or Mining experience. The Bulwark beast attacks at all times with all three forms of attack. Although in any other case it would be more helpful to use the prayer to protect from the combat style you are weakest to, the beast drains the prayer points of all players who it isn't attacking unless they are using Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic. As such, activate this prayer whenever it turns away from you.



Required level: 35

Recommended Protection Prayer: Protect from Ranged

Floors: Furnished

Reward: Ranged helm and ranged shields

Stomp is something of an oddity; you only fight its head. When fighting this boss, ranged is recommended, followed by melee. If you use melee it will follow suit, which renders prayer besides Protect from Melee not useful. The boss is immobile, using all three types of combat and has three divisions of life points. Stomp uses four kinds of attacks. When within melee range, it will smack a player with one of its arm-like mandibles. Its ranged attack is to throw a rock at you. Its magic attack is to shoot a ball of energy at a single player; it will only use this attack once it is in its second phase. Its special attack, which is only used in its final stage, is to throw a large rock at a player's location; any player that is within one square of where the rock lands will take massive damage, equal to 25% of their life points. The special attack can be half-negated with the Protect from ranged prayer. Whenever the boss drops to 66%, 33% or 1% life points, it will perform a special feat. There are two lodestones next to the portal that Stomp appears to be protruding from. After a third of the boss' health bar has been depleted, it will cause a small-scale earthquake, causing rocks and two smaller crystals to fall. Take the crystals that fall quickly, as the rocks will stop you from moving and can block them off. If you have a pickaxe on your tool belt, you can clear a path by mining the rocks. Activate each of the lodestones using the small crystals. Once both of them are placed, Stomp will enter the next stage. If you fail to charge the lodestones within a set period of time, Stomp will heal 1/3 of its life points and you must repeat that stage. Once the third stage is complete, the portal will close and Stomp will die. The rocks will be cleared from the room shortly after the start of a stage, and when the boss is finally killed. Ironically, Stomp is the only behemoth-type boss that can't stomp on a player standing underneath it.

For soloing players, at 100% to 67% life points, fighting at a distance with protect from ranged will block most of the damage. At 66-34% life points, melee armour and protect from magic will defend most of the damage. At lower than 33% life points, protect from ranged is recommended for all players, especially melee fighters, as they might have difficulties evading the special attack and the prayer blocks half of the damage even if hit. For team players, it is worthwhile to notice only the ranged attack hits all players at once. A good set of melee armour and using ranged should be enough to keep health high. Favouring protect from range over protect from magic is advised.

Runebound behemoth (m)Edit

Runebound Behemoth

Required level: 71

Recommended Protection Prayer: The attack style to which you are weakest.

Floors: Occult

Reward: Magic robe bottom

This boss can use all three protection prayers SIMULTANEOUSLY. When all of them are active, it is immune to ALL ATTACKS. There are three crystals in the room, each representing a combat style. Deactivating one will deactivate the corresponding protection prayer, but this only lasts for a short amount of time. After it reactivates, the particular prayer you have disabled will be turned back on and the crystal cannot be deactivated for the next few seconds. Therefore, it is recommended to bring at least two attack styles to kill this boss. This boss uses all three attack styles, but if you activate a protection prayer while fighting, it will not use the mode of attack you are defending against. It also has a special magic attack. It will roar and then scatter orbs of acid around the room. It can potentially kill the player in one hit and cannot be blocked by prayer. It can be avoided by running away from it or teleporting out of the room with a gatestone. This special attack will only be used if all three crystals are active, so it is recommended to keep at least of them disabled. If the behemoth uses this attack, the crystals will not become active again if the deactivation period had just ended.

Hope devourer (m)Edit

Hope devourer

Required level: 101

Recommended Protection Prayer: Melee

Floors: Warped

Reward: Ranged body

During the entire fight, this behemoth creates an aura in the room that damages you every few seconds and lowers your combat stats. It only uses melee to attack you directly. It also has a variation of the Rammernaut's "Charge" attack, which stuns and often hits for high damage. Its true special attack, however, is signified by a very long roar. This will do damage and disable any active prayers. It regains health when it disables your prayers, so be careful when using them. This effect can be easily counteracted by turning off prayers before it finishes the special attack, then turning them back on afterwards. Due to the fact that its attacks are all close-range and it can be snared or otherwise stopped from moving, well-prepared mages will have the upper hand in this fight.


Plane-freezer LakhrahnazEdit

Plane freezer

Required level: 11

Recommended Protection Prayer: Protect from Range/Magic

Floors: Frozen

Reward: Gauntlets

This boss' territory is covered in ice that causes the player to slip around. The boss frequently moves around the room and can "push" a player across the ice, making it difficult to keep up with. A very helpful strategy is to place a gatestone outside of the boss room. Whenever Lakhrahnaz starts moving away, teleport out to your gatestone and the boss will come back to the entrance and wait for you, and when you re-enter it will be unable to push you and will stay there for a short period of time.

Night-gazer KhighorahkEdit

Night-gazer Khighorahk

Required level: 51

Recommended Protective Prayer: Magic

Floors: Furnished

Reward: Plateskirts

This boss is impossible to hit unless you have at least one of the four burners in the corner of the room lit. Every burner that is lit determines how much damage you will deal. With one burner you inflict 25% damage, at 2 - 50%, at 3 - 75%, and with all burners lit you will inflict maximum (normal) damage. It is not recommended to try to light all 4 burners in a solo fight, as you will only get a couple of hits in before they start going out. The burners do not last very long so you will have to keep lighting them. Khighorahk uses a magic and ranged attack, and it can also drain run energy, making it more difficult to light the burners and deal damage. Note that it uses a special attack which can deal high damage to players within melee distance of the boss; the animation for this attack involves a blue sphere encircling the boss as it jumps into the air and smashes back down onto the ground. This attack can be easily avoided by simply running at least one square away during the animation and returning after it has hit the ground.

Once it is nearly dead, it will rejuvenate itself back to full life points. However, this time all the burners stay lit, and its combat level is slightly lower than before. Khighorahk gains a stun attack after rejuvenating itself.

Shadow-forger IhlakhizanEdit


Required level: 59

Recommended Protective Prayer: Melee

Floors: Abandoned 2

Reward: Kiteshield

Ihlakhizan has a variety of special attacks; the most dangerous involves the shadow-forger beginning to glow and rise into the air (there will be a note in your chat box when this happens). It is capable of hitting over 800 and lowers combat stats heavily (around half of the remaining stat). If you are in direct view of this attack, you will be hit. Therefore, once you get the warning in your chat box, it is advised to avoid the attack by hiding behind any of the pillars or running to a corner of the room. While it is not using its stat-draining attack, should you stay behind the pillars for too long a shadow will rise up from the ground and deal unblockable damage. The shadow forger can also use an unblockable orange targeting attack which does a fair amount of damage. Another attack involves the throwing of small green pools which targets all players, and the damage can be partially reduced with the Protect from Ranged prayer. It will also use a standard melee attack on players standing next to it.

Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk (m)Edit

Flesh spoiler 1st form

Weaknesses: Stab

Required Level: 83

Recommeneded Protection Prayer: Magic

Floors: Occult

Reward: Platelegs

The Flesh-Spoiler is similar to the Kalphite Queen in terms of transformation. When its first form is killed, its outer body explodes and spawns Flesh-Spoiler spawns to help it. In its first form, this boss can blast players with its eyeball, then place it back in its head for another attack. This is an extremely slow attack (around the speed of a 2h sword).

World-gorger Shukarhazh (m)Edit

World-gorger Shukarhazh

Weaknesses: Stab

Required Level: 107

Recommeneded Protection Prayer: Range

Floors: Warped

Reward: Spear

Little is known about this final stalker. Fighting it requires a Dungeoneering level of 107 and it can be found beyond floor 54. When you enter the boss room, you'll find 3 "eye walls" that serve as an extension of its body. Damage to the boss is reduced depending on how many of the eyes are open. Defeating the eyes will temporarily close them, allowing more damage to be dealt. Each eye wall is named after a combat style, and their weakness depends on the combat triangle (for example, the ranger eye is weak to melee attacks). When an eye is defeated and closed, however, the boss becomes more resistant to the combat style that the eye was named after. The boss uses melee and magic attacks, while the surrounding eyes use a ranged attack which targets the area you are standing in, which can be avoided by moving.

Kal'Gerion demonsEdit

To'Kash the BloodchillerEdit

To'Kash the Bloodchiller

Weaknesses: Crush/Ranged/Magic

Required level: 17

Recommended Protection Prayer: Magic

Floors: Frozen

Reward: Gloves

Besides melee and magic attacks, this boss has a special attack where it shouts "DEEP FREEZE!", causing a player to become frozen. This player must be quickly rescued by one of their teammates, or they will take a large amount of damage a few seconds later. For solo players, the Deep Freeze attack is less of a threat, since the player will be freed immediately, although they will still take damage from it.

Har'Lakk the RiftsplitterEdit


Weaknesses: Stab/Ranged/Magic

Required level: 35

Recommended Protection Prayer: Magic (optional)

Floors: Furnished

Reward: Rapiers

His main attacks are magic and melee. He will only use magic if protection prayers or deflection curses are being used, and his magic attack drains prayer if the target is using Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic, although it will deal reduced damage. He can open portals to other dimensions to damage his enemies. The three types of portals he can open are fire, miasma, and stat draining. Fire portals do increased damage over time, miasma portals poison (which can easily stack to over 300 damage), and stat draining portals drain all stats, not just combat. As soon as he opens one of the portals, run anywhere away from the 3x3 portal to avoid the portal's effects. Upon death, any poison will be removed. He is weak against stab, ranged and magic attacks. His poison can be nullified by using any cure potion.

Bal'lak the PummellerEdit

Bal'lak the Pummeller

Required level: 65

Prayer: Melee

Floors: Abandoned 2

Reward: Warhammers

This Boss has a defence bar at the top of your screen which goes up as time progresses. To lower this you must make him stand on one of the three green portals that he summons occasionally. If this is not possible you can create a gatestone outside the room to teleport to if the defence bar is full. This boss attacks extremely fast with melee and magic, and has a special attack which can disable your protection prayers. It is recommended to avoid standing on or around the green portals at all costs since they will drain your defence and prayer and do damage to you.

Yk'Lagor the Thunderous (m)Edit

Yk'Lagor the Thunderous

Prayer: Melee

Required Level: 89

Floors: Occult

Reward: Battleaxes

You must kill or distract at least 4 of the mages who are trying to absorb Yk'Lagor's power, after which he will shout "My turn!" and break open the barrier surrounding him. He will then say "You dare steal my power!" and kill any of the remaining mysterious mages in the room. He has two special attacks, his first special attack is when he says "Come closer!", after which he will drag a player across the room, healing 15% of his total health and stunning them for a few seconds. His second special attack is indicated when he says "This is..." and proceeds to jump into the air. After a few seconds, he will slam down, shouting "TRUE POWER!" and causing the ground to crack. This attack deals heavy damage, and in most cases, will kill any players caught in it instantly. It is important to avoid these attacks at all costs. To evade these two special attacks, you must hide behind one of the pillars in the room, as you are unable to teleport while inside the boss room, other than behind a pillar. Full attention is required while fighting this boss, as you have very little time to hide behind the pillars during either of the special attacks.

Kal'Ger the Warmonger (m)Edit


Required Level: 113

Floors: Warped

Reward: 2h Swords

When players enter the boss room, a Kal'Gerion General will teleport in and either tell Kal'Ger that "the floor has been infiltrated", causing the general to be killed in one shot by Kal'Ger, or they will inform him that the floor is safe and be dismissed back to their floor. Then the fight commences. First, he hops over to your side and starts attacking you. After some damage, he will start attacking with a primal longsword. Reducing his health further will cause him to hop onto the other side of the room (there is a lava pit in the centre of the room) and start attacking you with his Celestial catalytic staff. It is HIGHLY recommended to range or mage him, despite the fact that there is a teleport orb players can use to get to his side and back, because if he hops onto the other side of the room again once you damage him some more, if anyone is on his maging side of the room when he does, he will launch everyone in the room into the lava pit, causing extensive damage. On his second attack on his meleeing side of the room, he will fight with a Primal 2h sword. Then he hops back onto the other side and fights with a Sagittarian bow. For the last part of the fight, he will hop onto the meleeing side and fight with his Primal maul.


Astea FrostwebEdit

Astea Frostweb

Required level: 1

Recommended Protection Prayer: Protect from Magic, Protect from Summoning (m)

Floors: Frozen

Reward: Magic shoes and wands

Astea's regular attack is a magic attack that is similar to ice barrage to freeze the player while fighting, except the player is frozen for only 5 seconds rather than the usual 20. She also uses protection prayers that change randomly every 30 to 60 seconds; like all bosses, the prayers are much stronger than a player's version and absorb all attacks of that type. To counter the protective prayers, it is advised to bring more than 1 type of attack. It is much easier to do this in a group. During the fight, she will also summon Ice spiders to fight you, whose level is determined by the group and the floor. The limit is 6 spiders at a time for a single player, or 2 spiders a player when in a group. The spiders hit low but are very accurate; good melee armour is advised if you decide to ignore them. Protect from Summoning can help null the spider attacks. Upon Astea's death, all of her spiders will die instantly as well.

Hobgoblin GeomancerEdit

Hobgoblin Geomancer

Required level: 23

Recommended Protection Prayer: None

Floors: Abandoned 1

Reward: Ranged boots

The Hobgoblin Geomancer is a magic-based monster who is able to cast several spells including snare, earth spells, weakening spells, and is able to teleport around the room.

Wearing ranged armour will help protect you from his magic attacks, although he can attack with melee by hitting you with his staff. His special attack disables your prayer, reduces your prayer points if prayer is in use, and heals him if you have prayer on, so it is recommended to fight him without prayers. A good strategy is to use ranged while entangled, and then quickly switch to melee when he teleports to your position. Freedom and Anticipation are useful abilities for this fight.

Lexicus RunewrightEdit

Lexicus Runewright

Required level: 39

Recommended protection prayer: Protect from Magic

Floors: Furnished

Reward: Magic hoods and orbs

Lexicus is found in a library. He can teleport and has two spells: Book Barrage and Almanac Army. When he shouts "Book Barrage", explosive books are summoned. 3 seconds later the books home in and explode on your location, dealing very high amounts of damage. Avoiding them is easily achieved by running away or teleporting out as the explosive books are quite slow, but make sure to have run on. Almanac Army summons books with 10 life points each, that deal considerable damage for their level. When you attack him with melee, 1/3 of damage dealt is reflected back to the player.

It is advised to protect from magic and range this boss since he rebounds a third of all melee damage inflicted upon him. It is recommended to have a significant amount of food, as these small amounts of damage can add up. Some players believe having protect from summoning on will help because Lexicus "summons" the books. The books he summons can hit 10-65 damage in ranged/melee/magic. When in a group, it may be helpful to have the lowest level use a fast weapon such as a shortbow to kill the books.

Necrolord (m)Edit


Required level: 77

Prayer: Magic

Floors: Occult

Reward: Ranged chaps and off-hand throwing knives

This boss stands behind a wall of zombie-hands, thus ranged or magic is required for this boss. He frequently summons skeletons to fight with him. Put on Protect from Magic as you enter the room, and when skeletons are summoned, immediately switch to Protect from Melee. Setting a gatestone outside of the boss door while in larger teams can be helpful for teleporting out when too many skeletons have blocked up the area surrounding the Necrolord, as these skeletons cannot be walked through. It may also be helpful to bring a powerful melee weapon in the room, to kill the skeletons he summons quickly because they have a very low Defence.

Blink (m)Edit

Required level: 95

Prayer: Ranged/Magic

Floors: Warped

Reward: Longsword

When you enter the room, Blink starts running in straight lines from one portal to another. He cannot be attacked while he is doing this, and he deals heavy ranged and magic damage if he runs too close to the player. In order to fight this boss, one must stop him from running into the portals by raising a pillar in his path, but this can be difficult due to his erratic movement pattern. After he has been stopped, he will fight using all three combat styles. He also has a special attack, indicated when he shouts "H...Here it comes...". After a few seconds, he shouts "Kapow!" and deals heavy damage to the player. This can be avoided by raising a pillar and running behind it. After some damage, he will teleport and begin running from the portals again. Repeat the process until he is finally defeated.


Skeletal HordeEdit

Skeletal mage

Level: 23

Prayer: Magic

Floors: Abandoned

Reward: Full helm

You'll find Divine skinweaver alone in the boss room, but soon skeletons will start to pour out of tunnels in the wall. Divine skinweaver will heal you when you stand on the platform around her. Kill skeletons, and wait for Divine skinweaver to tell you to block a hole. Block one, and then kill more skeletons until she tells you to block the next hole. Once you've blocked up all the holes, kill the remaining skeletons and talk to Divine skinweaver to reveal the exit ladder. Handy to remember: a tunnel must be blocked every three skeletons you kill. If you block a hole when Divine skinweaver is not telling you to, you will take a large amount of damage.

This is often a preferred boss over others in the Abandoned floors due to the Divine skinweaver's aid, rendering food almost completely unnecessary. However, it is recommended to still have at least a small supply of food in case the Divine skinweaver can't heal you fast enough or you cannot get back to her in time. Protection prayers help when fighting the mages and rangers as they do not follow the player to the Divine skinweaver's platform.

Unholy cursebearerEdit

Unholy cursebearer

Required level: 29

Prayer: Protect from Melee/Magic

Floors: Abandoned

Reward: Mage staves

The Unholy cursebearer uses melee and occasionally casts spells. Use Protect from Melee and switch to Protect from Magic when he casts spells. Your stats will be drained slowly within his room regardless of Protection prayers, keep in mind that this will lower your defence so it will hit higher and more accurately. You can restore your stats at the Unholy Font at the back of the room, but doing this will heal the cursebearer up to 1/4 of his life points and damage yourself as well. The Unholy Font can only be used once you get a message in your chat-box telling you that you can do so. If your magic is lowered below 32, you will be unable to teleport back out to your gatestone without using the Unholy Font first.

Skeletal trio (m)Edit

Required level: 71

Prayer: Protect from Magic

Floors: Occult

Reward: Ranged shortbows

Three skeletons who use one individual attack style. It is recommended to use Protect from Magic and kill the skeletal archer first, then the skeletal sorcerer, and lastly the skeletal warrior. Using the entangle spell to hold the warrior is extremely useful and highly recommended. Alternatively, the warrior may be trapped behind the archer or the sorcerer. Each of the skeletons will use random protection prayers which change periodically.

Gravecreeper (m)Edit

Gravecreeper boss

Required Level: 71

Recommended Protection Prayer: Protect from Missiles

Floors: Occult

Reward: Chainbodies

The Gravecreeper fights with ranged when you are farther away, but when you get closer, it will use a combination of ranged and melee attacks. When you are fighting him, he will occasionally shout out "Buuurrnnnn!" Following this, a 3x3 puddle of purple liquid will spill out around him. Touching this will result in damage for as long as you stand on it; every time you take damage, you will lose 20 prayer points. This is only a sample of his true special attack, however. After a certain amount of damage, the Gravecreeper buries himself at a plinth. After this, a few of the plinths in the room begin to glow a purple colour, followed by the appearance of purple clouds. After this, all of the plinths will spew out the liquid, which has the same effect stated above. The clouds will spit out this liquid as well. You can cleanse the plinths before the special attack is finished if you want to; it will cost prayer points, but it will rid the plinth of the liquid and bring the Gravecreeper out of hiding. Be careful the moment he comes out, as the hazardous substance will still be covering most of the room. He will use this special attack three times throughout the fight.


Icy BonesEdit

Icy Bones

Required level: 1

Recommended Protection Prayer: Protect from Melee

Floors: Frozen

Reward: Vambraces and mainhand throwing knives

This boss has two special attacks. The first is creating ice spikes out of the ground that do damage if stood on and prevent movement, but they never appear in melee distance. The other is to freeze players, but this only works from a distance. When using ranged or magic, it is often worthwhile to stand next to him with Protect from Melee on to avoid the spikes and freeze spells. It should be noted that his melee attacks hit very hard, often, and even through prayer and good armour, so his ranged and magic attacks aren't as much of a threat in comparison. A good set-up is to use Protect from Melee and wear high magic defence armour. He is considered one of the hardest bosses to kill in a group, as he is usually a very high level and hits extremely high on all players at once, and he may do more damage than the players can replenish with food.

Luminescent icefiendEdit

Luminescent Icefiend

Required level: 5

Recommended Protection Prayer: Protect from Missiles

Floors: Frozen

Reward: Daggers

This boss uses magic and ranged to attack. His standard attacks usually involve throwing balls of ice, but it is easily countered by using Protect from Missiles. Every time a fifth of his health has been depleted, he will become invincible and icicles will begin to fall from the ceiling. To avoid them, the player must run across the room, preferably from corner to corner (Please NOTE that you CANNOT TELEPORT out of his room). Once the ice has melted, you can continue attacking the icefiend. If you are in a group, make sure your paths don't cross. If you get hit, it is difficult but not impossible to dodge the remaining icicles. The icicles will never kill you, so you should only heal after the bombardment is over. His icicle attack is the only thing that should cause any trouble in this battle.

Warped Gulega (m)Edit

Warped gulega

Required level: 95

Recommended Protection Prayer: Whatever you are weakest against

Floors: Warped

Reward: Magic tops

The Warped Gulega uses all three styles of attack efficiently, with a very powerful special attack. If you are hit by it, you will be left with one life point left. This attack is aimed at the floor beneath the player, and is indicated when the Gulega sticks its tentacle arms into the ground. After a few seconds, the tentacles will raise from the ground a small distance away, and slowly get closer until they reach the spot where the player is standing. This can be avoided by simply moving away from this spot before the attack hits.

The Warped Gulega naturally halves damage done by the player but, due to their history of fighting them, the Gorajo familiars are considerably more accurate and damaging than normal when fighting the Gulega. Coupled with the Bloodrager's scroll special, which lowers the opponent's defence considerably, this boss can be dealt with swiftly and with few problems.

Dreadnaut (m)Edit

Required level: 95

Recommended Protection Prayer: Melee

Floors: Warped

Reward: Platebodies

Dreadnaut is a warped version of a Rammernaut. The only difference is that Dreadnaut does not "charge" at you as Rammernaut does. He uses a special attack similar to the Dragon Scimitar's special that disables prayer for 5 seconds. He can also lower your Magic level by 10% of whatever he hits if you continually avoid him, as well as spawning orange globs similar to Grave Creeper's special attack that will damage you if stood on.

Army commandersEdit


Required level: 35

Recommended Protection Prayer: Melee

Floors: Furnished

Reward: Mauls

This boss only fights with melee and is capable of hitting hard, even with good armour. If you are praying, Rammernaut will act more aggressively towards you. When he yells "CHARGE!!!",, he will run towards a player or group of players. He will stop upon hitting his target, who will be flung back a few squares and stunned, in addition to massive damage. If you can avoid him and get him to charge into a wall, he will stun himself momentarily, or if you have high enough magic, you can use a teleport to either a group gatestone or your own gatestone. Simply leave it outside the boss door and when he says "CHARGE!!!", teleport out and then re-enter when he is done charging. He also reduces your defence after using his charge attack, but only by 1 level. One of the best ways to defeat him is to mage him from the edges of the room, dodging him should he charge, and using Protect from Melee. If you don't move, you can trap him in a corner until he charges again. Making good use of this method can allow you to defeat him using magic or ranged without taking damage. If you are attacking him with melee with fractite armour or higher, if you find it too difficult to avoid the charge attack when he does it, try turning off your prayer and attacking him without it. If you have food you should last the entire fight without dying and your armour should protect you enough to avoid more then taking a chance with avoiding the charge attack. This also allows the player more time to damage the boss and less time running around.



Required Level: 45

Recommended Protection Prayer: Magic

Floors: Furnished

Reward: Longbows, Arrows

The Sagittare will be in a large room, with a spiral floor layout. He will have Protect from Missiles up during the whole fight, so you cannot range him. Each time a fifth of his health is lost or when he has only one Life Point remaining (similar to the Luminescent icefiend), he will teleport away and do an "Arrow Rain" special attack, which can be dodged. As soon as he says "Back off!", run several squares away from the space you are standing on to avoid the attack. His main attacks are split equally among ranged and magic. He has a normal, single-target Ranged attack and a Magic attack that targets all players. His other ranged-based attack targets multiple people and forces you to walk instead of run, while his secondary magic-based attack can freeze you in place momentarily. He can teleport away from you randomly as well. Protect from Magic is recommended against this boss because being able to move slowly is better than not moving at all. Magic will not hit very high or often and should only be used when you are frozen, although you will not need to move.

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