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Floor Abbreviations

Abbreviation Floor Type
Frozen/Fr/Frz/Frzn Frozen floors
Ab1/Abd1/Abdn1 Abandoned 1 Floors
Furn Furnished floors
Ab2/Abd2/Abdn2 Abandoned 2 Floors
O/Occ Occult Floors
Warp/W Warped Floors
High Warp/HW High Warped floors (usually floors 57+)
TF Thunderous floor, floors 45-47
FF Fleshy floor, floors 42-44
A/O Abandoned 2 or Occult Floor
Abbreviation Floor Class
C1/Rush Complexity 1 Dungeon
M/Med Medium sized dungeon
L/Lrg Large Floor (L can be also used for leech)
Large is assumed if no floor size is given
F1, f2, f3, etc. Refers to floor numbers.
Ab2/Occ/Warp +1/2/3/4

Refers to the amount of people still needed to start that floor. Example: Occ+2 means that 2 more people are needed for an occult floor. F44+3 means that 3 more people are needed for Floor 44.

Common Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
gd Guardian door
gt/ggs The group gatestone. (ggs is typically only used by lower level players)
gtgd/ggsgd (and other variants) Cast group gatestone teleport, clearance of a guardian room is required.
de Dead End
denk Dead end no key
dewk Dead end with key
gdm Guardian door marked
gtd X /g8 X/gs X/gated X Gatestone dropped at X location
fg/fgt Free gate (gatestone has not been placed anywhere else)
nfg No free gate (gatestone already placed at another door)
ht/base Cast Home teleport OR used to direct team to a location using the home/base as a reference point.

mgt [destination]
mgt [name]

Move Group gatestone to the target destination or player. Target player should drop a personal gate stone at his or her current location, teleport to the group gatestone, pick it up, and return to his or her personal gatestone.
hgt Hold the Group gatestone
mgtb Move group gatestone to outside the boss room (be careful some players put inside but most don't)
gt *skill* /ggs *skill* Teleport to the group gatestone and open the skill door mentioned. (usually level and skill are said e.g. gt 99 con)
Rehood Breaking the line of sight for your shadow silk hood to re-enable to conceal you
gte Teleport to the group gatestone and end the floor
bgt Buying Group gatestone (requesting to move the group gatestone)
sgt Selling Group gatestone (Group gatestone is free to move)
dgt/cgt Drag/Carry Group Gatestone (drag/carry the gatestone along with you)
gh x

got herb x type (such as got herb Winter's grip, Lycopus and etc.)

Usually use if a pot is needed for bonus rooms.

path x Means to eventually open the x door (e.g. Red Wedge) and 'path' (clear) everything behind that door.
crit/main path

Critical path (The path that leads you to boss)

Usually figured out by xp you get from a door (460 xp or higher)

bon/bo path

Bonus path (The path that gives you extra xp and will eventually leads to dead ends)

Usually less than 0 - 459 xp gain

Monster abbreviations

Abbreviation Monster
ns Night spider
sg Soulgazer
Eddi/eddy Edimmu
Necro Necrolord
Primal Refers to a primal (T11) Forgotten warrior
Trollgazer A common term uses to refer to seekers as they are often confused with a soulgazer at first glance.

Key Door Abbreviations

Within a dungeon the names of the different keys and doors are often abbreviated. To form a door abbreviation state the colour first then the shape e.g. Crimson Corner could be cco or crco.

Key door Colour Abbreviation
Crimson cr, c,crim
Gold go
Yellow y,yell
Purple p, pu
Silver s, si, sil
Green gr, grn
Orange o, or
Blue b, bl
Key door Type Abbreviation
Shield sh, s
Corner co, crn, corn
Crescent cr, cres
Wedge w, we
Diamond d, dia
Triangle t, tr, tri
Pentagon p, pent
Rectangle r, re, rec

Avoid saying "g" for colour or "c" for shape as they can be confused between the gold/green colours and corner/crescent shapes respectively.

Puzzle door abbreviations

Descriptions of how to solve the puzzles can be found here

Abbreviation Puzzle
cf Coloured Ferrets
Fish ferret Fishing ferret
Ramo Ramokee familiars
Merc Mercenary leader
Mono monolith
Maze Toxin Maze
Frem/fremmy/skills The Fremennik camp room
Flowers/ivy/vine Flower roots puzzle
Coloured blocks/blocks The coloured recesses puzzle
Ports/Portals Portal maze
Books Coloured Bookcases
Polt Poltergeist
Barrels The push barrel puzzle
Riddle room Enigmatic hoardstalker
Pillars Lodestone power
Construct Magical construct
Lodestones Crystal puzzle
Groves/spikes Suspicious grooves
Emotes Follow the leader
stats can refer to either the sliding statues, 10 statue weapon, or 3 statue weapon rooms.

Alternatively some puzzles such as the statue bridge/grapple tightrope are more commonly referred to only by skill levels required to complete (that the person calling lacks) e.g. gt 86 con. Some puzzles which use the same name within the dungeons have been omitted e.g. Pondskaters.

Boss abbreviations

Abbreviation Bosses name
Bulwark Bulwark beast
Rune/runebound Runebound behemoth
Hope Hope devourer
Night/Night gaze Night-gazer Khighorahk
Shadow/Shadow forg Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizan
Flesh/fleshy Flesh-Spoiler Haasghenahk
World/Gorger World-Gorger Shukarhazh
Ballak/pumm/pummeler Bal'lak the Pummeller
Thunder/Thundy Yk'Lagor the Thunderous
Kal/Kalger Kal'Ger the Warmonger
Astea Astea Frostweb
Hob Geo Hobgoblin Geomancer
Lex Lexicus Runewright
Necro Necrolord (note necro can also refer to the necromancers)
Curse Unholy Cursebearer
Trio Skeletal trio
Dread Dreadnaut
Ram/Ramma Rammernaut Hoskins
Saggy Sagittare Bolton
Warped gulg/Gulega Warped Gulega


While Dungeoneering, directional indicators can be used, such as "altar 2w1n of ht" which would indicate there is an altar 2 rooms West and 1 North of the Base/Home Teleport. You can use the compass near the minimap to navigate using these directions.

Abbreviation Direction
N North
S South
E East
W West
NE North-East
SE South-East
SW South-West
NW North-West


Abbreviation Meaning
Kata Katagon
Gorg Gorgonite (can also refer to a Gorgonite forgotten warrior)
Prom, Prome Promethium (can also refer to a Promethium forgotten warrior)
Saggy, Saggi Saggitare boss, Saggitarian Forgotten ranger, or Saggitarian equipment
Zeph, Zeppy Zephyrium, typically referred to as a material for making an altar
Bovi Most Typically refers to Bovistrangler branches, but can also refer to any items name using the branches.
ssh Shadow Silk Hood (can also be the silver shield key)
Hex The Hexhunter bow
T1, T2, etc. Referring to Class Rings or Resources, saying they are "Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, etc

Suicide/Leech. This means the host suicide keys and there is a leecher on the team. Some teams advertise 2s/2l, meaning there are two suicide keyers and two leechers on the team. Both of these teams are generally very fast, expect Large dungeons up to 20 minutes or less.

SNL Suicide No Leech. This means the host is suicide keying and leeching is not allowed.
J/L Join/Leave. This means exactly what it says, once the floor has started you can quit. Very useful for people wanting arrow hunt, etc ...

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