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Dune mender detail

A dune mender is an item won on Treasure Hunter, available throughout the duration of the Dune Fractures Treasure Hunter promotion. They can be used to teleport to an open Small or Large Dune and check on the reward progress. Each dune mender grants 25 reward points and 25 times the experience per action compared to closing one without a dune mender. Each interaction with a rift destroys a dune mender. Teleporting does not destroy them.

Players can receive two free dune menders by speaking to Cat Craft, who is located just north of the Lumbridge Crater.

If you tried to teleport as soon as the small dune disappears, you get the message: There doesn't appear to be anything to teleport to at the moment.

After the event ended, having dune menders prompted the message Your dune menders won't remain for long - they can be used on the large dune located just north of the Lumbridge crater.

All remaining menders were converted into 5 coins each at the start of 26 July 2017.

Treasure Hunter PrizesEdit

Throughout the duration of the promotion, dune menders can be won on Treasure Hunter in varying amounts - with four available as a common prize and up to 16 available to be won as a rare prize.

Dune mender
Dune mender
Dune mender
Dune mender