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This article is about combat training interactive scenery. For other dummies, see Dummy (disambiguation).
Genie The RuneScape feature in this page/section has limited appearances due to an update by Jagex.

Dummies are sandbags which players could use to train on before the release of the Evolution of Combat, which made them non-interactive. Players could hit them for experience without the risk of taking any damage. They can be found in the building opposite Varrock east bank and the Combat Training Camp

Using any style of combat on dummies would only give 5 attack experience per hit. Low level players could train on them until they reached an Attack level of 8. After this, if they attempted to hit the dummy again, they wouldn't be allowed to hit them and will receive the message "There is nothing more you can learn from hitting a dummy."

There are also dummies located in the Combat training camp northwest of East Ardougne, where players could also train. However, in order to enter the camp, players must have completed the Biohazard quest.


  • If a player attacked using a halberd on a dummy in the Combat Training Camp, it would yield the message: "You cannot use ranged attacks on the dummy", even though the halberd is a melee weapon.

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