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Dual wielding is a feature released with the Evolution of Combat and is a members-only feature, with the exception of the Diamond sceptre.

The feature consists of wielding two weapons, a main-hand weapon in the weapon slot and an off-hand weapon in the shield slot. Some main-hand weapons have off-hand replicates (eg. dragon weapons), while others use equivalents (eg. Ahrim's wand and book).

Dual wielding and two-handed weapons both provide 150% the damage of a sole main-hand weapon, but they lack the defensive stats and abilities granted by a shield.

Dual wielding

A player dual wielding weapons in combat.

Players may interchange which weapons they dual wield, even if they are not the same class of weapon. For example, one may wield an abyssal whip with an off-hand rune crossbow in the off-hand slot.

There are specific abilities unlocked if dual-wielding two of the same weapon class (Ranged, Magic or Melee). If two different classes of weapon are being wielded, then the abilities available will be determined by the main hand weapon.

Non-members can only dual wield with one melee weapon and magic equipment, specifically the imphide wand, spider wand and batwing wand and their corresponding off-hand weapon. Dual wielding for ranged is only available to members as it is impossible for non-members to obtain off-hand weaponry of this combat types. Certain Exquisite off-hand weapons were once the only way free to play can dual wield with melee such as the Exquisite battleaxe, however dual wield abilities such as havoc cannot be used.

F2P players can wield the magic off-hand equipment with any other one-handed primary weapon. This allows players to create characters that could be described as 'Magic Knights' or, 'Rune Knights'. This can be done with crossbows as well, however, the best F2P crossbows have accuracy below 200.

After a hidden update on 4 June 2013, offhand exquisite weapons became non-wieldable to F2P players. Any offhand exquisite weapons equipped by F2P players before 4 June 2013 lost all their combat stats and no longer functioned. For example, a player with dual exquisite swords would now only stab with his or her main sword, with the offhand sword no longer attacking on F2P worlds.


  • Prior to the 4 March, 2013 update to dual wielding, off-hand weapons did damage with Havoc/Decimate based only on their damage rating, not taking into account a weapon's speed.

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