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This quest has a quick guide, found here, which briefly summarises the steps needed to complete the quest.
For the original incarnation of this quest, see Druidic Ritual (historical).
Druidic Ritual (#18-22)
Druidic Ritual
Release date 31 January 2012 (Update)
Members only? No
Voice acted? Yes
Official difficulty Novice
Official length Short
Quest series No
Developer(s) Anthony W
Age Fifth Age
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Druidic Ritual is a free-to-play quest that introduces the skill of Herblore. The player must aid the druids in gathering supplies for a ritual in exchange for knowledge in Herblore.

Walkthrough Edit

Start point Quest map icon
Druidic Ritual icon
Speak to Kaqemeex in the stone circle South of the Heroes' Guild
Member requirement F2P icon
Official difficulty Novice Novice
Length Short
Requirements None
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • One coin
  • A vial for the living water (obtainable during quest)
Enemies to defeat None
Kaqemeex closeup

Guthix's attentionEdit

To get started talk to Kaqemeex who is located in the stone circle South of the Heroes' Guild and he will tell the player that he needs help dealing with the trolls by getting Guthix's attention by making an ointment of imbalance. Hopefully, this will help defeat the trolls. Offer to help him with his task and he will tell the player to talk to Sanfew.

Potion ingredientsEdit

Sanfew can be located in the house south-west of Pikkupstix and north of Alain's tree patch, across the river, directly north of the slayer master. Talk to him about making an ointment of imbalance for Kaqemeex and he will ask to get untainted living water, wandering wyrmwood, and some stone fish scales. He will give you a vial if you haven't got any.

Taverley Slayer Dungeon

The strange dungeon...

Untainted living waterEdit

The untainted living water must be obtained from a cave to the south inhabited by gelatinous abominations. To get to the cave, head south from Sanfew until you reach a small peninsula on Lake Crystalmere. Enter the cave and go as far south as possible. Find the spring at the far end of the cave and take the water from there.

Stone fish scalesEdit

Head out of the cave and with at least one coin (it does not matter if it's in your money pouch), talk to Sanfew to be able to fish at the sparkling spot, then follow the lake south-west until a fishing spot is seen, near a field of grain. Fish at the sparkling fishing spot and when the stone fish is caught, use a chisel on it to receive some stone scales.

If the player does not have a fishing rod, one can be bought from Nicholas Angle for coins. Nicholas is north-west of Sanfew along the river and marked by a fishing icon on the minimap.

Wandering wyrmwoodEdit

After obtaining the stone scales, head South until the wyrmwoods are seen, north of Nora T. Hagg's house and next to Sylas. The wyrmwood will be in the ground, looking like a plant. Wait until it starts to walk around and then quickly pick it to get wandering wyrmwood. This may take a few tries, as they tend to delve themselves back in quickly.

The RitualEdit

Druidic Ritual ceremony

The power of Guthix is summoned!

Once the ingredients are all acquired, return to Sanfew and give them to him. He will use the ingredients to make an ointment of imbalance that needs to be delivered to Kaqemeex. Give it to Kaqemeex and he will commence the ritual.

After some unnecessary "mad babbling", which Sanfew disapproves, Kaqemeex will pour the potion over the altar and momentarily a cloud with lightning and sunshine will appear and the circle will start growing flowers and ivy on the dead stones, announcing that the ritual is complete and Guthix will intervene. Somehow. In about a year.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Druidic Ritual reward


Required for CompletingEdit


  • When you fish for the stone fish and have coins both in your inventory and in your money pouch, one coin will be taken from inventory, but the chatbox will say 'One coin has been removed from your money pouch'.
  • If members had completed the quest prior to the Troll Warzone update, they are able to redo it for the full reward. The old quest was also a requirement for training Herblore, but this is no longer the case.

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