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This article is about the items that monsters drop when they die. For the function that allows players to remove items from their inventories, see Drop.
"Loot" redirects here. For the clan feature, see LootShare.
Dragon remains
Remains (drops) of an Iron dragon.

Drops, also known as Monster drops or Loot, are the items monsters leave for the killer when they die. Drops can be picked up by players. Drops often include bones, coins or other items. A lot of monsters have "100% drops", which is an item or items that are always dropped by that monster. 100% drops are most commonly bones or demonic ashes. Certain monsters have more than one type of 100% drops. A good example of monsters who have more than one type of 100% drops are metal dragons, who drop bones as well as metal bars of their corresponding metal composition.

Typically, the player who attacks the monster first will see the drop before other players, and the attacked NPC is marked with an asterisk (*) to denote such "ownership". This does not apply to boss monsters and some post-quest monsters such as Glacors and their glacytes.

Large monsters (that take up more than one square) will always drop their drops in the south-westernmost square. This also applies to any Ranged ammunition that falls to the ground when ranging those monsters.

In very rare occasions, when right clicked the exact same moment as the monster dies, a screen may appear with the 100% drop only (and arrows if ranged is used) and not with the other drops. Then if right clicked on the same spot again, the drops are present. This shows that RuneScape first lets the monster drop its 100% drop, and then quickly calculates the other drops and then they appear too.

Currently, when right-clicking to pick up drops, the member items are in a beige colour while non-member items are in a grey-blue colour.

Loot beamEdit

A golden beam shines over one of your items.
Drop aura
The golden beam shining over a clue scroll
Elite drop aura
The unique beam that shines over an elite clue scroll

Since an update on 19 November 2013, valuable and various other rare drops will be highlighted by a beam of light when they're dropped. These beams will only shine for a short while.

Elite clue scrolls, ancient effigies, ascension signets and drops valued over 10,000,000 coins have a different aura from other items. The bottom of the aura is a set of two rings with a smaller, secondary beam circling the item.

Items highlighted by a beam are:

  • Drops (total value of given drops not counting 100% drops) with a Grand Exchange value of over Coins 10000 50,000 - Coins 10000 1,000,000 (this threshold is customizable by the player by talking to Major Mary Rancour and defaults to Coins 10000 500,000)

Historical Edit

Prior to the Evolution of Combat, drops always awarded to the player who dealt the greatest amount of damage before the monster died. After the Evolution of Combat, drops will be given out depending on what type of monster it is. When against a non-boss common monster, like a Ganodermic beast, the player who hit first will receive the drop. When against a unique boss monster or minion, such as Nex (who is the boss) or Fumus (who is a bodyguard of Nex), the player who did the most damage on them will receive the drops, if any.

After the release of PvP worlds, a randomized drop was given to the winner of a PvP battle. These drops included axes, pickaxes, platebodies, platelegs, potions, food, Corrupt dragon equipment, corrupted Ancient Warriors' Equipment (m), and brawling gloves (m). Since the reintroduction of pre-2007 Wilderness on 1 February 2011, PvP worlds no longer exist.

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