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This article is about the items that monsters drop when they die. For the function that allows players to remove items from their inventories, see Drop.
"Loot" redirects here. For the friends chat feature, see LootShare.
Dragon remains

Remains (drops) of an Iron dragon

Drops, also known as Loot, are the items that monsters leave behind for the player that killed them when they die, or when they are defeated. These items may then be picked up by players. Drops often include bones, coins or other items. Most monsters have "100%-chance drops", which is an item or items that are always dropped by that monster upon defeat or death. 100%-chance drops are most commonly bones or demonic ashes. Certain monsters may have more than one type of 100%-chance drops, however; a common example of this are metal dragons, who drop dragon bones as well as metal bars corresponding to their composite metal (see the image to the right).

Typically, the player who attacks the monster first will see the drop before other players, and the attacked NPC is marked with an asterisk (*) to denote such "ownership". This does not apply to specific monsters, however, such as bosses.

Large monsters (those that take up more than one square) will always drop their drops in the south-westernmost square. This also applies to any Ranged ammunition that falls to the ground when ranging those monsters.

Drops tablesEdit

When a monster dies, it will roll most of its drops tables to see if a player should obtain an item, and then which item they should obtain.

100% dropEdit

These are the items that a monster is guaranteed to drop when it dies. Items on this table are usually remains such as bones and ashes, but there is no strict limitation to what can appear on this drop table. While all items on this table have a drop chance of "Always", not every item with an "Always" drop chance is a 100% drop; i.e., some items, such as the First dragonkin journal, are guaranteed as a drop on the first kill, but are not obtainable afterwards. This distinction keeps one-off items from being classed here; such items are usually tertiary drops.


Charms are dropped by a large selection of monsters. Charms are dropped alongside the other drops.

Main dropEdit

The main drops table, if a monster has one, is guaranteed to be rolled when a monster dies. It contains a selection of items, with one randomly chosen. For a small handful of monsters, this table can be rolled multiple times in one kill.

Tertiary dropsEdit

Tertiary drops are a separate table that is rolled for alongside the main drop. Unlike the main drop, multiple tertiary drops can be obtained in a single kill; however, similarly classed items cannot be obtained at the same time; e.g., if a spirit sapphire is obtained as a tertiary drop, it is impossible to also obtain a spirit ruby, but this roll will have no effect on obtaining a clue scroll.

Rare drop tableEdit

The rare drop table is an extra table of drops that can be rolled if a drop slot indicating it is rolled on the main drop. As such, the rare drop table drop will count as the main drop. The items available on the rare drop table are the same across every monster.

Universal dropsEdit

Universal drops are a class of items that can be obtained by nearly every monster. Usually, this drops table only includes the Key token; however, promotional items can be added during Treasure Hunter promotions. Drops on this table usually follow a time release mechanic; e.g. if a key token was obtained as a drop, it will not be possible to obtain another key token for several minutes. This time gate is universal as well, being closed by, for example, skilling and obtaining a key token. Drops on this table may or may not be added directly to a player's inventory/bank.

Drop rateEdit

All items have a chance of being dropped that is expressible as a number, their drop rate. Drop rates are not necessarily a guarantee; an item with a drop rate of "1 in 5" does not equate to "This item will be dropped after 5 kills." While each kill does nothing to increase the drop rate itself, it is trivial to state that more kills gives rise to more chance overall.

Binomial modelEdit

Given a known value of \frac{1}{x}, the chance of receiving such an item k times in n kills can be calculated using binomial distribution.

The probability of receiving an item k times in n kills with a drop rate of \frac{1}{x} = p follows:

 \binom n k  p^k(1-p)^{n-k}   where   \binom n k =\frac{n!}{k!(n-k)!}

For finding the probability of obtaining an item at least once, rather than a specified number of times, we can drop the binomial coefficient and simply the equation to:

1 - (1 - p)^x

Where (1-p)^x is calculating the probability of not receiving the item, and we use that to calculate the inverse.

For example, it is known that the drop rate of the abyssal whip is \frac{1}{1024} \approx 0.000977. If we want to know the probability of receiving at least one abyssal whip in a task of 234 demons, we would plug into the equation:

& 1 - (1 - 0.000977)^{234} \\
= & \ 1 - 0.999023^{234} \\
\approx & \ 1 - 0.795543 \\
\approx & \ 0.204457

Giving us the answer, we have approximately a 20.45% chance of receiving an abyssal whip during this task.


There are two basic types of monsters: taggable and untaggable. Taggable monsters will give their drops to the first player who attacked it. Most untaggable monsters will give their drops to the player who dealt the most damage. Some monsters, such as Vorago, have unique mechanics that distribute the drops with a more complex algorithm, yet others, such as Araxxi and the Raids bosses, are looted with a coffer system, giving drops to all players who participated independently. For Ironman and Hardcore ironman mode, players must deal the most damage on the monster to receive the drop, even if they tagged it first.

Loot interfaceEdit

The loot tab is a way to quickly pickup a stack of items in one go. Items that are dropped by the player, or appears for the player will appear in this interface. Certain items however, such as Pet droppings can also appear on the interface despite not being dropped by the player. The most valuable items based on Grand Exchange price will appear at the top of the interface followed by lesser valued items. Untradeables follow their own assigned value that can be found using the Wealth evaluator.

Area lootEdit

This picks up all items around the player in a 9x9 grid. Since this has the chance of exceeding the space for the loot tab, players wishing to pick up drops in areas filled with junk should either customize what to pickup or disable area looting/loot tab.

Loot tab

The loot tab for quick pickups.

Loot options

Options for customized pickups

Disabled areasEdit

There are certain areas where the loot tab will not open even if enabled. The following areas have the loot interface disabled:

Keyboard shortcutsEdit

While the loot interface is active:

  • ESC: dismiss loot interface
  • Spacebar: Loot All
  • Shift + Spacebar: Loot custom

Loot beamsEdit

Drop aura

The golden beam shining over a clue scroll

Sandcastle loot beam

Since an update on 19 November 2013, valuable and various other rare drops will be highlighted by a beam of light when they're dropped. These beams will only shine for a short amount of time, however. If multiple items drop with each other to set off a loot beam, the displayed loot beam size will correspond to the highest-valued item within the dropped item stack.

Drops with a Grand Exchange value (total value of given drops, not counting 100%-chance drops) of 50,000–1,000,000 coins or more may be given a loot beam. A player may select the minimum Grand Exchange value of an item at which a loot beam is deployed, within the aforementioned threshold, by going into the Settings under Gameplay under Loot Settings. If the player does not select a minimum value, it will default to 1,000,000 until changed. Altering loot beams is a members-only feature.

By default, every player is granted a golden loot beam; a simple beam of golden light that radiates vertically from the received drop (see the image located to the right). When this loot beam is triggered, the player receives a chatbox message.

Through Soul Reaper, players can purchase both a rainbow and a gravestone for 75 Reaper points or 750 Slayer points each to replace the regular loot beam.

On 1 December 2014 a Christmas-themed loot beam was added as a possible reward from opening Christmas presents and Big Christmas presents. If it was received as a reward during this event, the loot beam may be toggled with Death in his office, along with the rainbow and golden loot beams. Before an update, the beam looked like a red and green version of the golden loot beam, but was later changed to look like a Christmas present opening with a green beam, ensconced in snowfall.

In the 19 January 2015 patch notes, the option to rotate loot beams was added. This option will display each of your unlocked loot beams in order.

On 25 June 2015 a sandcastle loot beam was added as a choice of reward from a Prize token, obtained through opening a Mystery box (Treasure Hunter).

On 15 August 2016 the water loot beam was added as a reward for claiming 20 items from the Treasure map (Summer Beach Party) (making it was first claimable on 4 September).

When a loot beam is triggered the magnitude and visual complexity of the loot beam is adjusted based on the Grand Exchange value (or rarity) of the item received by the player; beginning at Tier 1 (a small - but noticeable - beam) and extending to Tier 4 (a grandiose and substantially-sized beam). Below is a list of example items that you may expect each tier of loot beam to be triggered at:

Tier 1Edit

Tier 2Edit

Tier 3Edit

Tier 4Edit

  • Items valued over 100,000,000
  • Dungeoneering keys


Beam Message
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Default: A golden beam shines over one of your items.
Drop aura
Elite drop aura
Tier 4 normal loot beam
Rainbow: A rainbow shines over one of your items.
Rainbow beam 1
Rainbow beam 2
Rainbow beam 3
Tier 4 rainbow loot beam
Christmas: A festive beam shines over one of your items.
Christmas loot beam 1
Green beam with a green box Red box with green beam Tier 4 christmas loot beam
Beach: A sandcastle scene shines over one of your items.
Beach loot beam 1
2-layer sandcastle with white flags Tier 4 sandcastle loot beam
Water: A water spout sprays over one of your items.
Water loot beam 1
Water loot beam 2
Water loot beam 3
Tier 4 water loot beam
Gravestone: A gravestone falls over one of your items.
Memorial plaque Small gravestone Angel of Death
Loved-up Loot Beam: Hearts twirl over one of your items.
Loved-Up Loot Beam

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