Drop cleaners are items that automatically collect or destroy items obtained by the player. Some can be configured to affect only specific items or categories of items; others affect all relevant items. Some are based on charges, where they can perform a specific number of actions before needing to be recharged; others are permanent. Most drop cleaners can be worn in the pocket slot.

Drop cleaners will never activate in LootShare.

Non-degradable drop cleanersEdit

Non-degradable drop cleaners are enabled for the player so long as the item is either in the player's inventory or on the player's tool belt. Apart from the Daemonheim aura, all non-degradable drop cleaners can be added to the player's tool belt after purchasing the appropriate reward with Slayer reward points.

Cleaner Requirements Cost Items affected Description
Seedicide Seedicide None Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza renown 2,200

Thaler 360

Guam seed 5 Seeds Destroys specified seeds when dropped for Farming experience - twice the normal planting experience for the seed.

Will also destroy seeds gained by pickpocketing Master Farmers or other NPCs, but this will not give any experience.

Herbicide Herbicide 21 Dungeoneering-icon Dungeoneering

21 Herblore-icon Herblore

Dungeoneering token 34,000 Grimy guam Herbs Automatically destroys specified grimy herb drops while it is carried, giving twice the normal cleaning experience for the herb.
Charming imp Charming imp 21 Dungeoneering-icon Dungeoneering

21 Summoning-icon Summoning

Dungeoneering token 100,000 Gold charm Charms Either collects charms (placing them in the inventory), or destroys them (giving some Summoning experience). Each of the 5 charms (gold, green, crimson, blue, elder) can be individually configured to be picked up or destroyed.
Bonecrusher Bonecrusher 21 Dungeoneering-icon Dungeoneering

21 Prayer-icon Prayer

Dungeoneering token 34,000 Bones Bones Automatically buries all standard bones dropped while it is carried, giving the normal Prayer experience associated.

Also triggers on bones gained from hunting.

Bonecrusher Upgraded Boncrusher Bonecrusher Bonecrusher

Quest map icon Impressing the Locals

Chimes 1000 25,000

Taijitu 25

Bones Bones Performs the same functions as Bonecrusher

Has an additional option to toggle picking-up bones that aren't marked for crushing (instead of leaving them on the floor), which are placed into the inventory unnoted.

Daemonheim aura 2 Daemonheim aura Medium Daemonheim tasks or higher None Bones Bones Starting from the medium task reward, all act as bonecrushers when worn inside Daemonheim, automatically burying bones dropped by monsters killed with Dungeoneering.

Degradable drop cleanersEdit

Degradable drop cleaners are enabled for the player so long as the item is in the player's inventory and has sufficient charges to function.

Cleaner Requirements Cost Items affected Description
Impious urn Impious urn 2 Crafting-icon Crafting 1 Impious urn (nr) Impious urn (nr)

1 Air rune Air rune

Impious ashes Impious ashes Collects up to 25 of impious ashes, and once full can be teleported away for 20% extra Prayer experience compared to scattering those ashes normally.
Accursed urn Accursed urn 26 Crafting-icon Crafting 1 Accursed urn (nr) Accursed urn (nr)

1 Air rune Air rune

Impious ashes Impious ashes

Accursed ashes Accursed ashes

Collects up to 25 of accursed ashes, and once full can be teleported away for 20% extra Prayer experience compared to scattering those ashes normally.
Infernal urn Infernal urn 62 Crafting-icon Crafting 1 Infernal urn (nr) Infernal urn (nr)

1 Air rune Air rune

Infernal ashes Demonic ashes Collects up to 25 of infernal ashes, and once full can be teleported away for 20% extra Prayer experience compared to scattering those ashes normally.
Attuned ectoplasmator Attuned ectoplasmator Ectoplasmator Ectoplasmator Ghostly essence 100 Infernal ashes Demonic ashes Destroys demonic ashes, giving the normal Prayer experience for scattering those.

Initially created with 1000 charges, uses one charge per ghost/ash absorbed and can be recharged to a maximum of 5009 charges.

Gold accumulator Gold accumulator 60 Dungeoneering-icon Dungeoneering Dungeoneering token 20,000 (initial price)

Dungeoneering token 60,000 (max price)

Coins 10000 Coins Automatically picks up coins dropped, adding them to the money pouch. The accumulator can collect a total of 1 million coins before it is destroyed. It cannot be recharged - once destroyed, another accumulator must be purchased.

Promotional rewardsEdit

Legendary petsEdit

Main article: Legendary pets
Prototype colossus mk III

Legendary pets are purchased from Solomon's General Store (with the exception of the bloodpouncer, a game-card redeem reward and the Prime colossus, a reward for Twitch Prime members). The third growth stage of legendary pets can 'scavenge', automatically picking up a variety of items (some of which are covered by the other drop modifiers) and delivering it to the inventory. However, unlike other drop cleaners, the pets will only scavenge one item drop per monster, and it has a five to six second cooldown - when many monsters are being killed very fast, sometimes applicable drops will not be scavenged.

The pets can be configured by interacting with it. It can collect gold, runes, talismans, herbs, seeds, weapons, armour, metal bars, ore, bones, ashes, raw food, cooked food, hides and charms. The pets are not charge based.

Scrimshaw of sacrifice and corruptionEdit

Scrimshaw of sacrifice

While this Scrimshaw is active no items can be obtained as a drop by monsters except for secondary drops, in return the player receives 50% extra combat and Slayer experience. These last for 1 hour.

Scrimshaw of corruption

This scrimshaw is the result of combining a Scrimshaw of sacrifice and aggression and has the effect of both these scrimshaws.

Spring cleanerEdit

Main article: Spring cleaner
Spring cleaner detail

The spring cleaner is a Treasure Hunter reward which automatically destroys specified craftable items, giving either relevant bonus experience (Research mode) or the materials used to create the item (Dismantle mode). The item categories can be chosen individually, but the specific items within that category cannot be chosen. Also, the Research/Dismantle mode choice is global - the mode cannot be toggled for each category.

Research mode will always give bonus experience, usually 75% of the main experience associated with that item; dismantle mode can completely or partially fail, but the resulting materials are often worth more - either in experience given when made into the item, compared to research mode; and/or in Grand Exchange value when sold, compared to the completed item's value. Dismantled materials are automatically sent to the bank.

The spring cleaner is received with 100 charges, uses one charge per item researched or dismantled (unless the dismantle completely fails), and can be recharged using springs (one charge per spring).

Uniquely, the spring cleaner can be upgraded through use (or by directly sacrificing springs) to provide it with more abilities, which are increasing research mode experience and dismantle mode success rate, and being able to work on noted items.