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Dron chathead

Dron is a Fremennik warrior residing in Rellekka, and is a crucial part of the Making History quest. He can be found near the musician. His brother, Blanin, sets you up to talk to Dron in order to piece together the history of Kandarin's Outpost. You must answer some questions about Dron himself, though Blanin will have told you all that you need to know - you just need to remember it. If you get a question wrong, Dron will dismiss you in anger, and you will have to start the quiz again. Upon completing Dron's inquisition, and correcting his maths, he will tell you the Tale of Two Friends.


  • He is wearing a helmet similar to the Honour guards on Neitiznot.
  • Unlike the other Fremennik warriors, Dron does not wear a cloak.
  • He is the only person to have horns in his helmet.
  • He was born in 133, is interested in Fourth and Fifth Age battles and has a pet cat named Fluffy.

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