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"Draynor" redirects here. For the mansion north of the village, see Draynor Manor. For the vampyre, see Count Draynor.
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Draynor Manor
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Draynor Village is a small village between Falador and Lumbridge. For free players, Draynor Village offers a great willow woodcutting spot just south of the bank and good ranging targets in the south-east while members enjoy having several stalls as well as a master farmer to steal from. Draynor Village is under the administration of Varrock, due to the fact that it is part of the kingdom of Misthalin.


Count Draynor's Arrival

Sometime during the Misthalin - Morytania War of 1100 to 1200, the vampyre noble Count Draynor of House Drakan was banished from Morytania by his brother Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, the recently-established overlord of Morytania.[1] Draynor, greatly weakened by his separation from his people in Morytania, was forced to flee west to escape the rapidly-growing development of eastern Misthalin. He eventually managed to reach the area that is now Draynor Village, along with a vampyre servant known as Ruantun. Draynor took up residence in a large manor north of the modern village, which he aptly named Draynor Manor.

It is unclear at this point whether Draynor Village, albeit under a different name, existed at the time Count Draynor arrived in the area. Given that Count Draynor was regularly forced to feed on the blood of local humans to survive, but at the same time was very weak, it is unlikely that Draynor declared any type of control over the area upon arrival. At the same time, if a village already existed in the area, it is unlikely that it would have adopted Draynor's namesake. The most likely scenario is that later settlers were aware of Draynor Manor to the north, but were unaware of its inhabitant or nature. Because they settled so close to the Manor, they may have adopted its name without realising its meaning; confusion regarding Count Draynor's race, nature, and history have circulated even into the modern Fifth Age, so such a mistake would not have been overly difficult to believe.[2] A display in the Varrock Museum's second floor indicates that Draynor Village may not have been referred to as such until as recently as the last hundred years.

Regardless, in the years to come, the village was regularly terrorised by Count Draynor as he sated his constant need for blood. Because he lacked the authority or power to exact organised blood tithes like the vampyres of Morytania, these attacks had to be done covertly and sporatically. Although the Village lived in constant fear of Count Draynor, this fear was evidently not enough to dissuade the settlement's modest growth.


The entrance to Draynor Village.


As the late Fourth Age progressed towards the Fifth Age, Draynor Village became one of many successful agricultural communities in Misthalin. Although the nation was constantly invaded and attacked, the military strength of Varrock managed to repel most threats, although with difficulty. Draynor Village's fertile farming grounds allowed to it produce vast quantities of crops such as potatoes, wheat, and onions. These crops, like many grown in the region, were distributed throughout Misthalin and, by way of the Southern Sea and existing trading ports such as Port Lina and later Port Sarim, the civilised human world.

In the year 1937, the fort in what is now Lumbridge was granted to the Misthalanian noble Polonius by King Claudius. Polonius encouraged the rapid growth of the area, and bridged the River Lum, earning the settlement its name of Lumbridge. The bridging of the Lum encouraged the growth of trade in southern Misthalin, and settlements in areas such as Al Kharid, Karamja, and Entrana grew rapidly as a result. Draynor benefited from this and, along with Lumbridge and the rest of southern Misthalin, became part of a large agricultural region known as the Breadbasket of Misthalin. The more industrial northern Misthalin became dependent on the crops of the Breadbasket, as did the people of neighbouring regions.

Fifth Age Development

In the first year of the Fifth Age, runestones were discovered by a Fremennik seer in the northern Fremennik Province. Runestones rapidly fell into the hands of many humans and, with their aid, nations such as Misthalin, Asgarnia, Kandarin, and Crandor flourished. Draynor benefited hugely from this, both economically and in terms of safety from hostile forces.

As the development of runes via runecrafting became more commonplace due to the construction of runecrafting altars by the Moon Clan of the Lunar Sea, the study of magic as a whole became the intense focus of many humans. This ultimately culminated in the construction of the Wizards' Tower on a small islet south of Draynor Village. This development brought nominal growth to Draynor Village as wizards and other researchers travelled through it to reach the Tower. The Fremennik-led Runecrafting Crusades of 42 to 62, caused some economic distabilisation in the Breadbasket, but for the most part these effects were temporary.

In 70, Zamorakian mages working in the Wizards' Tower attempted to claim the Tower for themselves in an effort to end Saradominist supremecy in Misthalin. The Tower was burned to the ground in the process, and massive anti-Zamorakian sentiment shook the civilised world. The secret of runecrafting was lost with the Tower, and as a result the human nations began to gradually decline due to their inability to defend themselves with magic. Although the Wizards' Tower was rebuilt, its significance and ability had been crippled imeasurably. Draynor was effected greatly by this, and the crippling agricultural decline following the harsh Winter of 114 only served to worsen the area's situation. An increase in secular thought and scientific development following the Winter of 114 allowed the human nations to rebound to a degree, and Draynor Village largely managed to recover from its economic decline. As the modern day approached, Draynor Village remained a stable and important settlement within the Breadbasket.

As the art of runecrafting was rediscovered in 169, the Tower became a supreme place for wizards to study once more. A Runecrafting Guild was erected and research to mysteries such as the Abyss and the Stone of Jas continued. With one of the portals in the Magic Guild leading to the Tower as well, it has once again become the ultimate place for magicians to do research, with both Saradominists and Zamorakians studying, albeit with noticeable rivalry, as can be observed today. With the "return" of magic to humans, powerful mages started to travel the world, one of which, called Dionysius, has settled down in the Village.

Draynor Market

Diango's Toy Store

Main article: Diango's Toy Store

Diango runs Diango's Toy Store selling toy horses, spinning plates, confetti, a flower bouquet, firecrackers, fireworks, a bubble maker, and Toy Kites here. He also returns most holiday items if you lose them.

Fortunato's Fine Wine

Main article: Fortunato's Fine Wine
File:Draynor market stall.png

Fortunato runs Fortunato's Fine Wine, a stall dealing in wine. Members can steal a variety of items including grapes, jug, jug of water, jug of wine, and bottle of wine. Cooking level of 35 is required to add grapes to jug of water, which gives 200 Cooking experience points. This allows for Cooking experience whilst thieving, as well as providing healing. Members can also buy jugs of vinegar from Fortunato, which are used in the Rag and Bone man quest and wishlist.

Draynor Seed Market

Main article: Draynor Seed Market
File:Draynor Seed Market stall.png
Olivia runs the Draynor Seed Market, the only place in RuneScape where seeds can be bought. The wine stall and seed stalls can be stolen from with the thieving skill.
File:Draynor onion feild.png


Martin the Master Gardener has a pig pen north of the market and sells farming skill capes, launches quests such as Fairytale I - Growing Pains and can be pick-pocketed for seeds.

There is also a master farmer around the market place. He is one of the four master farmers in RuneScape, the other three being in Hemenster, North of East Ardougne and south of Varrock. Master farmers are a popular way of getting thieving xp and money, and Draynor Village is the most popular hotspot for this, due to the presence of Fortunato's Fine Wine where healing wine may be stolen to replenish life points. There is also a bank there, so food may be withdrawn and seeds may be deposited with ease. At any given time on a populated world 10-15 players may be seen stalking the farmer.

There are many Thieving oportunities in which a player can gain thieving experience. Between stalls and master farmers, the Draynor Seed Market has many thieving opportunities.

Buildings of Interest

Draynor Village is small, but its central south position on the free-to-play map area and its bank make it an important area. Also, the willows and fishing spots make it a very popular place to train.

Draynor Bank

The Draynor Village bank entrance. Note the corner of the right wall, held up by boards.

Diango's Workshop

Main article: Diango's Workshop

Diango's Workshop is where much of the 2005 Christmas event took place, replacement marionettes may be attained here. The workshop is currently inaccessible. Players who have lost any holiday event items since 2002 can talk to Diango to have them returned. The 2006 Halloween event also took place in Diango's Workshop, when players were rewarded with the Skeleton Costume and Jack lantern masks.

Draynor Sewers

Main article: Draynor Sewers
Draynor Sewers

The sewers under Draynor

The north-western entrance to the Draynor Sewers is located slightly north-west of Aggie the Witch's house, while the south-east entrance is located within Lady Keli's jail compound. Zombies and Skeletons inhabit this dungeon, with a few rather unreliable cover spots to fire Crumble Undead spells from. There is an anvil and a permanent fire in a chamber within the dungeon. The dungeon is also visited during Desert Treasure, for one must seek the aid of the vampyre Ruantun, who has taken his residence there.

Morgan's house

Main article: Morgan

Players can talk to Morgan in his house to start the Vampyre Slayer quest. They can also pick up the required clove of garlic by searching the cupboard upstairs.


Just west of Morgan's house is a small warehouse which contains 2 log spawns.

Aggie the Witch

Main article: Aggie

Aggie the Witch lives in her house, next to the pigs in Draynor Village. Players can bring her ingredients to get dyes and some other quest related items made. She plays an important role in the quests Swept Away and Prince Ali's Rescue. There is also a free respawn of cheese and tomato on the second floor, useful for cooking pizza.

Ned's house

Main article: Ned

Ned is an old sailor who is good with ropes, maps, and boats. Players can trade him three balls of wool or pay him 15 coins for a coil of rope. He is also involved in the Dragon Slayer and Prince Ali Rescue quests. Players also speak to him for the Explorer's Ring 3 for the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks. There is also a fireplace here quite near the bank, useful for cooking lobsters from Karamja and training Cooking.

Bed kick

A player kicking the Wise Old Man's bed.

Potter's house

Located in the northern part of Draynor. It includes a potter's wheel for crafting various clay items and a kiln for firing them. It's extremely useful for training crafting at low level because of how close it is to the Draynor bank. It has replaced Barbarian Village in the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks.

The Wise Old Man's house

Main article: Wise Old Man

This is now the home of the Wise Old Man, who can check the player's bank for leftover free-to-play quest junk. He may buy some items, like Silverlight, but steals up to 5 of any runes players show him. There are strange books on the shelves, as well as a large quantity of tinderboxes, and rumours of some most untoward goings on, including a bank robbery. A goblin[1] seems to be living under the man's bed, as two small green feet are visible. A player can kick the bed causing it to shake. Just as strange, his telescope upstairs is pointing directly towards the Wizards' Tower. (before the bank robbery, his telescope was pointing at the bank, causing suspicion that he would rob the Wizard's Tower next.) Members can run errands for the Old Man by asking him if "there's anything I can do for you" and he will either ask for either a random amount of resources, or something which the player can make or buy (never very expensive), or he will ask if the player can deliver a message for him. Resources include things such as: silk, swamp tar, copper ore, eggs, etc. Rewards vary from a few inexpensive seeds, to a stack of useful herbs, some runes, and sometimes some prayer experience. Sometimes he notes his rewards, contrary to the fact he is the alleged bank robber of Draynor Bank.


Draynor bank logo

There is evidence of increased security at the bank, with one guard standing by the fixed wall and another up a tree, this is due to the Bank robbery that happened in Draynor Village. The guard up the tree has a taste for stew and will give you 30 coins and later drop the bowl down should you give him some. With the potato field to the east, and the chicken farm to the west, this is on a par with doing banana picking as a source of a little handy cash.

The bank also is one of the most popular locations for people to buy and sell willow logs, as there are several willow trees nearby. It is also a very popular place for players to burn logs, which gives experience in Firemaking.

If you try to cut the tree closest to the bank, the guard will make comments regarding hitting him with the axe.


Lady Keli's jail guards are a rabble who set upon travellers on the paths by the compound. Approaching from the east normally allows a quicker entry to the jail, with less exposure to the guards. The jail plays an important part in Prince Ali Rescue.

Because of the jail guards and the area being a multi-combat zone, the jail and its compound are a very dangerous area for low-level players if they accidentally attack a jail guard. New players are especially known to get killed in this area because the jail is just adjacent to roads where these players travel.

There are also some nettles nearby.

Draynor Manor

Main article: Draynor Manor

To the north of the village is a large mansion, which is home to three quests. It also houses the inter-dimensional portal that takes players to the Killerwatt plane once they complete the quest Ernest the Chicken. In the back of the mansion, there are gallows. The Draynor ghost Guy appears here. The Manor is the home of Count Draynor and mostly abandoned, apart from a Witch and the scientists Ava and doctor Oddenstein.

Mini Obelisk

Draynor obelisk

Draynor Village's Mini Obelisk

There is a small obelisk just south of the bank where players may recharge their Summoning points. It is useful to be there, because you can have a bank nearby, as well as an obelisk. Also, a lone black knight wanders the area. It is unknown why he is there. However, according to Betrayal at Falador, the Black Knight may be spying on the Wizard's Tower.



Grain field

Grain Field

Grain Field, east of Draynor.

This field here contains wheat (which becomes grain when picked), used to make flour. South of this field players will find Leela, one of the major characters in the Prince Ali Rescue quest.

Onion Patch

There is an onion patch located just south of the Draynor Bank. This patch can be useful for making yellow dye and cooking.


Music Appreciator

One of the many Musicians around Gielinor.

A musician is located east of Draynor Village and north of Leela. This feature can be used to rest and restore run energy.

Heroes' Camp

Found south-east of Draynor on the north-western side of the Lumbridge Swamp is the Heroes' Camp. It has 4 adventurers searching for the "Lost City" of Zanaris. You can speak to any of them to start the Lost City quest. The 4 adventurers consist of a Warrior, Wizard, Ranger, and Monk.

Fishing spots

Shrimps and anchovies may be fished with a small net, while sardines and herring may be fished with a rod and bait. Watch out for a combat level 33 Black Knight roaming the area. However, it's not as aggressive as the Black Knights in the Black Knights' Fortress.

Willow trees


Players training on the Draynor Willow trees.

This spot is famous for having many willows and being near a bank. Many people will chop trees there so there are many people to talk to, and since there is a bank, it's easy money/time on an unpopulated world. There are willow trees close by, with oak trees and normal trees not too far away. It is the proximity of these willow trees from Draynor's bank that made Draynor village very popular for players cutting willow logs as well as buying, selling, and burning willow logs. There used to be Dark Wizards wandering near the trees, but has now been removed.

Guard in the tree

There is a bank guard hiding in the tree beside the patched bank wall, with his legs hanging down. He says he's observing a suspect (Wise Old Man). If a player asks to help him, he will ask for a bowl of stew; he'll give the player 30 coins if he gets the stew and drops the empty bowl after awhile.


Draynor dock

The dock near Draynor. Not used yet.

There is a dock with a boat in it that is located close to the fishing spots near the coast. It was added with the Draynor Village graphical update and currently has no use.





  • Snowy Draynor Village

    Draynor Village during Christmas

    For the two weeks of Hallowe'en 2008, Draynor Village was updated with a Hallowe'en theme. During this time, it was constantly night in Draynor with skeleton banners and giant pumpkin decorations everywhere.
  • Draynor Village has hosted a total of four holiday events: the 2005 Christmas event, the 2006 Hallowe'en event, the 2007 Christmas event, and the 2008 Hallowe'en event.
  • When Update:Behind the Scenes - January (2009) was released, several pillars were added to the north of Draynor.
  • If you have rescued Prince Ali already you can close the jail door, talk to Lady Keli and the guards will not chase you. They will merely walk in front of the door.
  • For the longest time, people presumed that Morgan was the mayor. It was confirmed it wasn't him on the 2009 Christmas event released. It was also revealed he is married to Maris, a former level 2 woman.
  • If a player stands near the willow trees near the bank in Draynor, they can see the front of a large ship from Port Sarim.
  • In the FunOrb game "Armies of Gielinor," one level of the Saradomin Strikes campaign takes place in the rough area of Draynor and is referred to as "Draynor Hill." Because the game is set during the God Wars and thus prior to Count Draynor's arrival in the region, this is possibly an error. However the Count may have taken the name in order to insert his authority when he moved there or it may have belonged to some relative of his.
  • Due to the update of Draynor Village and the deposit box being added, a player that stood in the spot with the deposit box got stuck in it.
  • Another player got stuck in the most western barrel between Aggie's house and the house with the logs within it. The spot where the player was trapped was a corner between the two houses before the update, but the houses got moved and a few barrels, crates and a cart got added. If the player followed someone, the walking animation would play and the player would turn directions, but the player would not move.
  • There is a glitch where you run just along the outside of the fence of the jail. You screen zooms into the top left quardrent of the display, making your person appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This has only worked on low graphics.
  • Fortunato, the wine vendor of Draynor, could be alluded to Edgar Allen Poe's short story "The Cask of Amontillado," where the character Fortunato, a wine connoisseur, is murdered because of his pride.
  • The ruins around Draynor's mini obelisk look very much like the top of watchtower Amon Sûl from Lord Of The Rings.
  • None of the men and women in Draynor are attackable.

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