For the item used in Hero's Welcome, see Dragonkin key (Hero's Welcome).
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The Dragonkin key is created by using either the Strange key teeth or Strange key loop (both need to be in the inventory) on a Mithril dragon after you have initiated combat with it. The two Strange key parts can be found in Movario's base. The completed Dragonkin key can be used on the Mithril door near the Mithril dragons to unlock it. This makes the key disappear, and the door thereafter remains unlocked. Inside the room, players may activate the Dragon forge by activating each of the three dragon heads. In the Dragon forge, players are allowed to make the Dragon platebody if they have all 3 Ruined Dragon pieces and 92 Smithing. The Mithril dragon used to create the key will temporarily appear level 57. Fusing the key will cause the dragon used to become unaggressive and unattackable.

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