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This article is about the item dropped by chromatic dragons. For complete item, see Dragonhide armour.

Dragonhide, often shortened "D'hide", is a general name for green dragonhide, blue dragonhide, red dragonhide, black dragonhide, royal dragonhide or anything made from them.

Dragonhides are a 100% drop of a non-metal dragon along with dragon bones. They can also be obtained from looting impling jars. Adult dragons drop dragonhide of their respective colour, meaning green dragons drop green dragonhide, while black dragons drop black dragonhide. However, baby dragons do not drop dragonhide of any colour.

Dragonhides can be tanned by speaking to tanners, or trading with them. This process costs 20 coins per hide, or 45 if tanning in Canifis. Doing this turns them into dragonhide leather which can be used for Crafting. They can be made into vambraces, bodies and chaps of the corresponding dragon leather type. Each dragonhide requires a certain Crafting level in order to convert into certain Ranging equipment. This is very effective, especially when crafted in large amounts. It is recommended to train to 99 from 57 using dragonhide, as cost per experience point is not much.

Tanned dragonhides Edit

Item Crafting-icon Used in Crafting levels Coins 1000 G.E. Price
Green dragonhide Green dragonhide 57-66 1,811
Blue dragonhide Blue dragonhide 66-73 2,390
Red dragonhide Red dragonhide 73-79 2,990
Black dragonhide Black dragonhide 79-87 4,250
Royal dragonhide Royal dragonhide 87-99 5,405

Used for making Edit

Item Defence-icon Alchemy Crafting-icon Hides used XP Counter icon
Green d'hide coif
Green d'hide coif 40 1,200 Cannot be crafted, see below
Green d'hide vambraces
Green d'hide vambraces 1,500 57 1 62
Green d'hide chaps
Green d'hide chaps 2,340 60 2 124
Green d'hide body
Green d'hide body 4,680 63 3 186
Green d'hide shield
Green d'hide shield 6,240 64 4 248
Blue d'hide coif
Blue d'hide coif 50 3,000 Cannot be crafted, see below
Blue d'hide vambraces
Blue d'hide vambraces 1,800 66 1 70
Blue d'hide chaps
Blue d'hide chaps 2,592 68 2 140
Blue d'hide body
Blue d'hide body 5,616 71 3 210
Blue d'hide shield
Blue d'hide shield 7488 72 4 280
Red d'hide coif
Red d'hide coif 55 2,100 Cannot be crafted, see below
Red d'hide vambraces
Red d'hide vambraces 2,160 73 1 78
Red d'hide chaps
Red d'hide chaps 3,108 75 2 156
Red d'hide body
Red d'hide body 6,738 77 3 234
Red d'hide shield
Red d'hide shield 8,983 78 4 312
Black d'hide coif
Black d'hide coif 60 3,300 Cannot be crafted, see below
Black d'hide vambraces
Black d'hide vambraces 2,592 86 1 86
Black d'hide chaps
Black d'hide chaps 3,732 82 2 172
Black d'hide body
Black d'hide body 8,088 84 3 258
Black d'hide shield
Black d'hide shield 10,784 85 4 344
Royal d'hide coif
Royal d'hide coif 65 5,100 Cannot be crafted, see below
Royal d'hide vambraces
Royal d'hide vambraces 2,592 86 1 86
Royal d'hide chaps
Royal d'hide chaps 3,732 89 2 172
Royal d'hide body
Royal d'hide body 11,520 93 3 282
  • No Ranged levels are required to wear the armours, only Defence.
  • Coifs cannot be crafted, but are, instead, bought from the Fist of Guthix minigame reward shop. Also note that these degrade when 'taking hits'. They cannot be repaired by NPCs or in a player-owned house, but must be recharged in the same shop.


  • The Royal dragonhide set is the only dragonhide set that does not have a shield.

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