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Dragonbone platebody

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Dragonbone platebody
Dragonbone platebody
Release date 29 May 2012 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Value 3,941,755 coins
High Alch 1,056,000 coins
Low Alch 704,000 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Examine Provides excellent protection with a meaner, bonier look.
Weight 9 kg
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Dragonbone platebody detail

A Dragonbone platebody is created by using the dragonbone upgrade kit on a dragon platebody. The upgrade is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the stats. It changes the appearance by adding on a purplish colour and bones. The dragonbone upgrade kit is one of the drops received from the Queen Black Dragon.

Ornamental kits and the regular dragon platebody may be recovered from the assembled version by selecting the option to split the two from the assembled piece. The ornamental platebody may only be obtained by attaching this ornamental kit onto it.

Dragonbone platebody Grand Exchange cost 
Dragon platebody Dragon platebody Coins 10000 3,925,222 [view]
Dragonbone upgrade kit Dragonbone upgrade kit Coins 10000 16,533 [view]
Total Coins 10000 3,941,755 coins
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Combat Stats
Skill requirements
60 Defence-icon
Class Slot
Attack Melee Torso slot
Weapons Main Off
Damage - -
Accuracy - -
Style - -
Defence-icon Armour rating260
Constitution-icon Life bonus1440
Prayer-icon Prayer bonus0
Critical bonuses
Attack-icon0% Ranged-icon0% Magic-icon0%
Dragonbone armour equipped
A player wearing a dragonbone platebody

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