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Dragonbane ore detail

Dragonbane ore is made by casting Tune Bane Ore on a dragon item with Bane ore in the inventory, requiring 87 Magic and giving 90 experience. Doing so brings up a Make-X menu, allowing all of the ores to be attuned in one click, immediately. With 77 Smithing, it can be smelted into a Dragonbane bar giving 50 experience.


The reagents are not consumed when bane ores are tuned to them.

Baby dragon bones Baby dragon bones
Dragon bones Dragon bones
Blue dragon scale Blue dragon scale
Green dragonhide Green dragonhide
Blue dragonhide Blue dragonhide
Red dragonhide Red dragonhide
Black dragonhide Black dragonhide
Royal dragonhide Royal dragonhide
King black dragon head King black dragon head
King black dragon head (stuffed) King black dragon head (stuffed)
King black dragon head (mounted) King black dragon head (mounted)


Dragonbane ore Dragonbane ore
Magic-Make-X GE icon
90 XP--
Magic Magic level87
Quests Completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat or Hero's Welcome
Cast Tune Bane Ore on a dragon item.
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Astral runeAstral rune2361722
Earth runeEarth rune42080
Bane oreBane ore1N/A-
Total price802


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