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Dragon plate armour set (lg) equipped

A player wearing full Dragon armour

Dragon armour update

Graphically updated Dragon armour and claws

Dragon equipment are items made from Orikalkum. They are middle tiered pieces of armour and weapons in Gielinor. All dragon equipment is dark red in appearance (with the exception of dragon darts and dragon arrows, but since they are created by dragon talons instead of the metal, this is to be expected, although they still have dark red feathers). They were created by the Necrosyrtes, a faction of an ancient race known as the Dragonkin, and distributed to shops by the Consortium of Extra-Planar Merchandise Transferral Specialists.

Dragon weapons in the RuneScape EconomyEdit

Since their initial release, dragon weapons have profoundly affected the economy of the game. They have affected the economy for weapons in many ways - specifically runite weapons. At one point, runite items were the best in the game, but the introduction of dragon items encouraged players to save for and obtain them instead of runite, reducing demand and causing the prices of those items to fall.

Weapons Edit

Dragon weapons are middle tiered weapons. Like dragon armour, (except the dragon platebody and dragon square shield) they are not smithable. Most dragon weapons are Pay-to-play only, with the exception of Corrupt dragon equipment, and require level 60 Attack (or Ranged in the case of dragon darts and dragon arrow) to wield. Each weapon has its own abilities and functions except for Dragon battlestaff, Dragon darts and Dragon knives. Most dragon weapons require the completion of a specific quest to be wielded. They were created by the Dragonkin, as revealed by Mr. Mordaut in a Postbag from the Hedge. Dragon weapons are very popular with new members with level 60+ Attack, as Lost City is very easy to complete and is the only other requirement besides level 60+ Attack to wielding the Dragon longsword and Dragon dagger.

Current dragon weaponsEdit

In order of release:

Item Requires Exchange price Release date
Dragon longsword Dragon longsword

Level 60 Attack
Lost City

56,957 coins (update) 27 February 2002
Dragon battleaxe Dragon battleaxe

Level 60 Attack
Heroes Quest

126,389 coins (update) 27 February 2002
Dragon spear Dragon spear Level 60 Attack 36,022 coins (update) 14 April 2003
Dragon dagger Dragon dagger

Level 60 Attack
Lost City

17,359 coins (update) 25 February 2004
Dragon mace Dragon mace

Level 60 Attack
Heroes Quest

27,732 coins (update) 25 February 2004
Dragon halberd Dragon halberd

Level 60 Attack
Level 40 Strength

194,815 coins (update) 20 September 2004
Dragon scimitar Dragon scimitar

Level 60 Attack
Monkey Madness

58,325 coins (update) 29 March 2005
Dragon hatchet Dragon hatchet

(To use) Level 61 Woodcutting
(To equip) Level 60 Attack

404,723 coins (update) 7 November 2005
Dragon 2h sword Dragon 2h sword Level 60 Attack 136,509 coins (update) 20 February 2006
Dragon arrow* Dragon arrow 5 Level 60 Ranged 235 coins (update) 11 June 2007
Dragon dart* Dragon dart Level 60 Ranged 148 coins (update) 11 June 2007
Dragon claw Dragon claw Level 60 Attack 113,701 coins (update) 26 November 2008
Dragon pickaxe Dragon pickaxe

(To use) Level 61 Mining
(To equip) Level 60 Attack

15,621,431 coins (update) 9 September 2009
Dragon crossbow Dragon crossbow Level 60 Ranged 10,362,579 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Dragon 2h crossbow Dragon 2h crossbow Level 60 Ranged 7,060,491 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Dragon warhammer Dragon warhammer

Level 60 Attack
Birthright of the Dwarves

193,333 coins (update) 2 October 2013
Dragon throwing axe Dragon throwing axe

Level 60 Ranged
Birthright of the Dwarves

943 coins (update) 2 October 2013
Dragon battlestaff Dragon battlestaff

Level 60 Magic
Birthright of the Dwarves

186,914 coins (update) 2 October 2013
Dragon hasta Dragon hasta Level 60 Attack 29,241 coins (update) 19 May 2014
Dragon knife Dragon knife Level 60 Ranged 1,575 coins (update) 19 May 2014
Dragon javelin Dragon javelin Level 60 Ranged 860 coins (update) 29 June 2015

Off-hand weaponsEdit

Item Requires Exchange price Release date
Off-hand dragon battleaxe Off-hand dragon battleaxe 60 Attack
Heroes' Quest
141,835 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Off-hand dragon crossbow Off-hand dragon crossbow 60 Ranged 9,116,390 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Off-hand dragon dagger Off-hand dragon dagger 60 Attack
Lost City
29,841 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Off-hand dragon dart Off-hand dragon dart 60 Ranged 396 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Off-hand dragon longsword Off-hand dragon longsword 60 Attack
Lost City
106,400 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Off-hand dragon claw Off-hand dragon claw 60 Attack 85,791 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Off-hand dragon mace Off-hand dragon mace 60 Attack
Heroes' Quest
37,265 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Off-hand dragon scimitar Off-hand dragon scimitar 60 Attack
Monkey Madness
98,139 coins (update) 20 November 2012
Off-hand dragon warhammer Off-hand dragon warhammer 60 Attack
Birthright of the Dwarves
55,212 coins (update) 2 October 2013
Off-hand dragon throwing axe Off-hand dragon throwing axe 60 Ranged
Birthright of the Dwarves
1,017 coins (update) 2 October 2013
Off-hand dragon knife Off-hand dragon knife 60 Ranged 1,515 coins (update) 19 May 2014
Off-hand dragon javelin Off-hand dragon javelin 60 Ranged 861 coins (update) 29 June 2015
  • Dragon arrow and dragon dart tips are actually made from a dragon's talons and not from dragon metal, which may explain why they are not red in colour. Prior to the Evolution of Combat, dragon arrows could only be fired from a Dark bow, which had two special attacks that depend on whether dragon or other arrows are equipped.


Dragon armour is the next step up from Rune armour, although Granite armour is sometimes considered the real step up from Rune armour despite the fact there are much fewer pieces in the granite set. All dragon armour requires level 60 Defence to wear and is members-only. They are a distinctive dark red in colour, usually have details that make them look different from previous armours besides colour (like the dragon helm containing spikes) and are generally sold at fairly high prices, or are dropped by high-levelled monsters at a low drop rate.

The Dragon square shield is created by combining a Shield left half with a Shield right half on an anvil, which requires level 60 Smithing. Note that the Legends' Quest has to be completed to be able to wield or make this shield. To repair the Dragon platebody, level 92 Smithing is required, along with a Blast fusion hammer. There are 3 parts needed to smith the Dragon platebody: the Ruined dragon armour slice, the Ruined dragon armour lump and the Ruined dragon armour shard. Players can only smith this in the Ancient Caverns, and 2,000 Smithing experience is gained for this. The Assist System may be used to repair the Dragon platebody.

Dragon equipment (or) equipped

Dragon plate armour set with gold ornament kits after the 6 March 2012 graphical update.

Current dragon armourEdit

In order of release:

Item Requires Exchange price Release date
Dragon helm Dragon helm

Level 60 Defence

58,794 coins (update) 27 February 2002
Dragon sq shield Dragon sq shield Level 60 Defence and Legends' Quest 300,839 coins (update) 20 August 2003
Dragon chainbody Dragon chainbody Level 60 Defence 239,416 coins (update) 7 September 2004
Dragon platelegs Dragon platelegs Level 60 Defence 159,622 coins (update) 17 January 2005
Dragon plateskirt Dragon plateskirt Level 60 Defence 160,143 coins (update) 29 March 2005
Culinaromancer's gloves 9 Culinaromancer's gloves 9 (dragon-coloured gloves)

9/10 mini quests of Recipe for Disaster

100,000 coins
(from Culinaromancer's Chest)
15 March 2006
Dragon full helm Dragon full helm Level 60 Defence 7,911,515 coins (update) 3 July 2007
Dragon boots Dragon boots Level 60 Defence 11,020 coins (update) 28 August 2007
Dragon gauntlets Dragon gauntlets Buying it from Fist of Guthix (for 300 tokens) and level 60 Defence 206,703 coins (update) for uncharged gauntlets (costs 50 tokens to charge) 9 April 2008
Dragon platebody Dragon platebody Level 60 Defence (While Guthix Sleeps required to make one) 2,010,321 coins (update) 26 November 2008
Dragon defender Dragon defender

60 Attack, 60 Defence

Warriors' Guild requirements

Not sold 7 December 2010
Dragon kiteshield Dragon kiteshield Level 60 Defence 328,447 coins (update) 29 May 2012
Dragon ward Dragon ward Level 60 Defence 29,019 coins (update) 19 May 2014

Nonexistent dragon itemsEdit

Main article: Upcoming updates

Nonexistent dragon items are often the subject of Jagex's April Fools jokes. Dragon kites, released on April Fool's Day, are toys that players can buy from Diango in the Draynor Village before the actual release of the dragon kiteshield.

There are several dragon items that have yet to be released. These items include:


Dragon Weapons

All dragon weapons confirmed.

  • Oddly, the dragon platebody requires only 92 Smithing to repair, whereas the rune platebody requires 99 Smithing to make. This is because historically, rune smithing was added long before the dragon platebody was released. However, a valid explanation of this is that, when repairing a dragon platebody, the player is simply reconnecting the pieces of dragon armour using a powerful forge whereas, when making a rune platebody, the player is creating the shape of the armour from scratch, using an ordinary anvil.
    • Stronger armour such as Tetsu equipment require only 90 smithing to make from scratch however.
  • On 6 March 2012, dragon armour, along with many other armours, received a graphical rework.
  • Dragon equipment is the only standard metal to incorporate weapons of all three Ranged, Melee and Magic attack styles.

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