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Classic Runestone
"Dragonbone" redirects here. For the armour kit, see Dragonbone upgrade kit.
Dragon bones
Dragon bones
Release date 23 October 2002 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Value Cash out:
200 coins
High Alch 0 coins
Low Alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price 2,685 coins (info)
Buy limit 10,000
Examine These would feed a dog for months.
Weight 1.5 kg
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Dragon bones detail

Dragon bones are associated with the Prayer skill, and are dropped by all adult dragons, excluding wyverns and frost dragons. Dragon bones give 72 Prayer experience when buried (60 experience on RuneScape Classic), 288 Prayer experience when offered at the Ectofuntus, or 252 Prayer experience when offered at a gilded altar with 2 burners lit. The relative ease of collecting dragon bones, combined with the amount of experience earned from them, makes them widely viewed as a fast, cost-effective way to train Prayer. Free players can only obtain and use dragon bones by killing green dragons and iron dragons in the Daemonheim dungeons. They cannot buy, sell, or obtain any of these bones outside the dungeons of Daemonheim.

Members can also get dragon bones as a reward from the Soul Wars minigame by selecting the 'Gamble' option when choosing rewards. If a player gets dragon bones, they will likely be noted in quantities of 11 or 22.

Dropping monsters Edit

Levels 1 to 99 Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Green dragon 63 1 1; Always
Blue dragon 74 1 1; Always
Red dragon 84 1 1; Always
Bronze dragon 86 1 1; Always
Iron dragon 98 1 1; Always
Dragon impling N/A (hunter) 52–95 (noted) 3; Uncommon
Zombie impling N/A (hunter) 3 2; Common

Levels 100 and above Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black dragon 100 1 1; Always
Brutal green dragon 105 1 1; Always
Green dragon (Daemonheim) 120; 153 1 1; Always
King Black Dragon 276 1 1; Always
Mithril dragon 112 1 1; Always
Steel dragon 100 1 1; Always
Chaos Elemental 305 1 3; Uncommon
Queen Black Dragon 900 8 1; Always
Celestial dragon 127 1 1; Always

Cost and XP analysisEdit

This table can be used to compare and decide on how to train with the bones for the most desired cost versus experience gained. Notice how the cost in coins per XP point varies greatly depending on how the bones are used — but also remember that the different methods have different training speeds.

Bury Gilded altar Ectofuntus Cremation
Experience 72 252 288 324 (Total) 180 (Pray) + 144 (FM)
Cost per XP Coins 25 -37.3 Coins 5 -10.7 Coins 5 -9.3 Coins 5 -8.3 (Total) Coins 5 -14.9 (Pray) or Coins 5 -18.6 (FM)


  • Almost all dragons, with the exception of baby dragons, frost dragons and skeletal wyverns, drop dragon bones. Most dragons are strong opponents. However, green and blue dragons are the weakest types of dragons, and dragon bones are mostly accumulated by killing them.
  • Green dragons are the lowest level dragons in the game. They can be found in various places in the Wilderness, as well as in two locations in the Chaos Tunnels. Green dragons in the Chaos Tunnels are grouped together with baby black dragons, while players may be attacked by Player Killers while fighting green dragons in the Wilderness locations.
  • The high value of dragons' drops (bones plus hides every kill for chromatic dragons) makes dragon-hunting a highly profitable combat activity. Players can make 120K to over 1M coins per hour fighting green dragons, depending on how fast they can kill the dragons and bank the loot. About 35K to 100K can be made per run on dragons (depending on inventory space /B.O.Bs), and more if more valuable items are brought back as well.
  • Baby dragons do not drop dragon bones. Instead, they drop babydragon bones.
  • Burying dragon bones is not recommended; usually they are best used on a gilded altar.
  • Airut bones, Dagannoth bones, ourg bones and frost dragon bones are faster ways to train Prayer than Dragon bones, but cost much more per Prayer experience point.
  • While gilded altars give the fastest experience, some prefer to use the Ectofuntus due to the fact that gilded altars give 36 less XP per bone. Although it's slower, the Ectofuntus gives more experience per bone, decreasing costs, and eliminates the need to obtain marrentill and/or find a house party offering an altar.


  • A player choosing to use dragon bones all the way from 1-99 Prayer, using a gilded altar with lit burners and no other experience boosts, would, if all the bones were bought at the current medium price on the Grand Exchange, spend Coins 1000 138,878,758.87.
    • Additionally the first two bones would take them straight to level 6 Prayer.
    • Using the ectofuntus would cost Coins 1000 121,518,914.01, but would take far longer to do. Simply burying the bones would cost Coins 1000 486,075,656.04.

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