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Dragon bitter detail

Dragon bitter is an ale that can be brewed with the Cooking skill at level 39, granting 347 experience. Dragon bitter may also be purchased at the Dragon Inn in Yanille.

The full recipe for dragon bitter is as follows (ingredients used in the order given):

  1. 2 Buckets of water
  2. 2 Barley malt.
  3. (optional) 1 "The stuff," to increase chance of maturity.
  4. 4 Krandorian hops
  5. 1 Ale Yeast
  6. Wait two to five days
  7. Collect the completed ale using eight Beer Glasses or two Calquat Kegs*.

*Calquat kegs are highly recommended, especially if the ale has matured. This creates Dragon bitter (keg). Simply by collecting the ale in a keg, the value of the batch will increase by several thousand coins. This ale is considerably more useful in a keg, as it stacks 4 doses into one inventory slot.

Store locationsEdit

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Dragon Inn1Coins 1Coins Yes


Dragons bitter heals 390 Life Points, as well as boosting Strength by 2 (non-stackable) while lowering Attack by 4, per dose consumed which can bring a players attack level all the way down to 0 if used repeatedly.

Players can also use glasses of dragons bitter to construct Dragons bitter barrels in their house requiring level 36 Construction. It awards 224 construction experience per barrel, and can be made into a flatpack. The barrel provides unlimited dragon bitter, but as with all ales produced in players houses, the drinks drawn from it cannot be taken from the house or used in further construction. Demand for flat-pack barrels is significantly high, as is the price, making these barrels one of very few methods to earn construction experience while possibly making a profit.


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  • Dragon bitter is made from Krandorian hops, which grow on the island of Crandor. The famous dragon Elvarg lives on Crandor, hence the name Dragon bitter.
  • Dragon bitter is a fast, but tedious way to earn money. With 56 coins in a members inventory, it takes less than 5 minutes to run from the bank in Yanille, to the pub, buy 27 pints of Dragon Bitter at 2gp each and return to the bank. They must be bought as singles by talking to the bartender as there is no 'Trade' option. Based on the Grand Exchange price of 1,192 and assuming the player is able to get 336 Dragon bitter per hour, this method can enable a player to make 399,840 per hour.

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