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Dragon arrowheads detail

Dragon arrowheads are arrowheads which are possible loot from dragon implings and kingly implings and are used to create dragon arrows at level 90 Fletching.

Dragon arrows are currently the third most powerful arrows in the game behind the dark arrows, and are only usable with elder bows and the dark bow. The dark bow and dragon arrowheads were released on 11 June 2007, and the dark bow was level 60 (same as dragon arrows), until the release of elder trees and their respective level 60 elder bows on 8 October 2013, and was consequently increased to level 70. Their creation process is mentioned in the Impetuous Impulses Development Diaries. Unlike other dragon equipment, with the exception of the dragon dart, dragon arrowheads are made from the claws of a dragon, not out of dragon metal.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Acheron mammoth13530–50Rare
Bladed muspah15010Uncommon
Dragon implingN/A100–500Common
Force muspah15010Uncommon
Kingly implingN/A64–148Uncommon
Legio Primus30430–60Common
Legio Quartus30430–60Common
Legio Quintus30430–60Common
Legio Secundus30430–60Common
Legio Sextus30430–60Common
Legio Tertius30430–60Common
Telos, the Warden20001,137–2,820Varies
Throwing muspah15010Uncommon


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