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The Dragon Wolf is a pet available from the Solomon's General Store. It was introduced on 5 February, 2013 along with the Dragon Wolf outfit. It can be purchased for either 1300 (free to play) or 1170 (members) Runecoins.

It has three stages of growth - baby, adolescent, and adult.

It will take approximately 15 hours to reach the adolescent stage and an additional 25 hours to reach the adult stage. This time can be halved by "playing" with your pet by making it do one of its two emotes. It appears that while the pet is with you, it generates its own pet points up to a cap of 30 points. When this cap is reached, simply making the pet do an emote will allow you to retrieve the generated points, making it possible to raise the pet in half the time.

Stages can be skipped by using a Growth Surge on it, i.e. baby to adolescent or adolescent to adult.

A Dragon Wolf does not need to be fed like a normal pet. Although feeding it Tasty Treat will increase the rate at which it grows by 50%, and feeding it Jelly Treat will increase it by 100%. The pet will sometimes dissapear to look for treats. This is only temporary, and it will return in a short time.

Like all pets and summoning familiars, it cannot enter or use its abilities in some areas of RuneScape.

There are several recolour options that you can choose in order to customise your pet. Though the colour of most of the Dragon Wolf's skin is a constant black, specific areas of the Dragon Wolf can be recoloured during each growth stage.


The Dragon Wolf has unique abilities, similar to Summoning familiars, which increase as it ages. The pet retains abilities from earlier growth stages when it learns a new ability.


The Dragon Wolf can forage from the moment it is obtained. Some of the things that a Dragon Wolf is confirmed to be able to forage are as follows:

From time to time, the Dragon Wolf will forage without being given the forage order.


The pet is able to take an item to your bank when it reaches the adolescent stage, it can take one item every 10 minutes. The pet's ability to bank does not work in Wilderness Level 1 and beyond (further north). If one just crosses the Wilderness Wall (and the Wilderness level display does not actually appear; thus can be considered "Wilderness Level Zero") and does not walk north, then the pet's banking ability still can be used.


The Dragon Wolf is able to 'Scavenge' when it reaches adult stage. When scavenging is turned on, your pet will automatically run and retrieve a single item from a slain enemy, though when killing multiple monsters at high speeds, this effect doesn't seem to work for every kill. To access the scavenge feature, 'Interact' with the Dragon Wolf and select 'Convenience', then select 'Scavenge'. When scavenge is selected, a menu interface will appear. The pet can scavenge, gold, runes, talismans, herbs, seeds, weapons, armour, metal bars, ore, bones, ashes, raw food, cooked food and other items. Items such as various hides and summoning charms are categorized as miscellaneous.

To deactivate scavenge, 'interact' with your pet, select 'convenience' and select 'Heel'.


The two playing emotes for the Dragon Wolf also change as it grows from a baby to an adolescent to an adult.

Dragon Wolf baby emotes:

  • Chase Tail -The Dragon Wolf Baby chases its tail faster and faster, until it finally falls over too dizzy to stand.
  • Fetch Trick -The player pretends to throw an object, tricking the Dragon Wolf Baby into chasing after it only to reveal the trick moments later.

Dragon Wolf adolescent emotes:

  • Headbutt - The player will hold his hand in front of the wolf's nose, and the wolf will jump forward with its head trying to bite.
  • Roll over - The wolf will form a ball and make a circle on the ground very fast.

Dragon Wolf adult emotes:

  • Goblin Wrecking Ball - The wolf will jump in the air and form a fast rotating ball dropping down on a goblin.
  • Well Done - The player will hold piece of meat on a stick, which the wolf will roast with its fiery breath.


These are the possible names that can be given to the pets:

Available pet names
Abaddon Ahriman Arc Arezzo
Ash Azazel Bakeneko Ballista
Barney Bernard Bernie Blemp
Bombarde Boneshi Boo Bop
Boxy Breach Brimstone Broadside
Bulwark Casey Casketteer Cerberus
Charlie Chernobog Claude Cocoa
Combustio Crispy Crush Cyclops
Darklight Deathbreath Diabolos Dino
Dirge Draconis Dracul Drago
Drake Drifter Dusty Ember
Fangs Fido Fifi Firebelly
Firestarter Fling Fluffy Forge
Forrest Grimalkin Igneous Immy
Jet Kirin Kitsune Kitty
Leandros Led Legs Lei
Leonard Leonidas Linus Lionel
Liono Loup Lycia Magma
Magnus Moley Mr Punchy Mr Stampy
Ms Punchy Ms Stampy Nemea Nibbles
Nova Pandora Patch Pearl
Pepper Phantom Phox Pinyin
Pixiu Polyphemus Pookie Puffy
Red Fang Reynard Rex Riddle
Roasty Rocky Sanguis Sawbones
Shatter Shinetails Sifu Silverlight
Simurgh Skelesaur Sleepy Snowy
Sparky Speedy Spot Sunder
Tiankong Thirsty Tiny Toasty
Trample Treasure Holder Trebuchet Xiongmao
Zhe Zhu

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