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This article is about the ability. For the attack unique to dragons, see Dragonfire.
Dragon Breath
Dragon Breath
Members? Yes
Skill [[Magic]]
Level 7
Type Basic
Adrenaline +10%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 10 seconds
Breathe a mighty cloud of fire in a frontal cone, hitting all targets for damage up to 188% of active spell damage.
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Dragon Breath is a basic Magic ability. When activated the player hits all targets within a frontal cone for up to 188% of active spell damage. The damage is not affected by a target's use of a dragonfire protection.

Cleave is the Strength equivalent of Dragon Breath. However, Cleave hits for 125% weapon damage instead.

Dragon Breath
A player using the Dragon Breath ability.


  • Strangely, in PvP Dragonbreath can be used at a distance and generates adrenaline but does no damage. Against NPCs, Dragonbreath can only be used adjacent to the target.
  • Dragon Breath used to hit 300% active spell damage before a hidden update that severely weakened most abilities.
  • Dragon Breath has many glitches and bugs, including:
    • Although the it has a low Magic requirement, if having high level magic weaponry and use on a weaker target, the spell will rarely hit them although other spells hit more often even if it is the correct spell.
    • The Vorago update severely reduced the damage output of the spell on most monsters, making it one of the few abilities to have the lowest hit, the other being Snap Shot.
    • Although it is the equivalent of Cleave, the spell does damage to other targets only if the other enemies are behind your current target.

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