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This article is about the battleaxe. For the hatchet, see Dragon hatchet.
For this item's off-hand variant, see off-hand dragon battleaxe.
For other variants of this item, see corrupt.
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Dragon battleaxe detail

The dragon battleaxe is the strongest battleaxe that can be used outside of Daemonheim. It can only be wielded by members who have at least 60 Attack and who have completed the Heroes' Quest. It can be bought from Happy Heroes' H'emporium in the Heroes' Guild for 200,000 coins, or as a reward from a Gold Chest in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. However, it is advised that players buy this weapon from the Grand Exchange in Varrock or another player as prices are normally lower.

For a long time this weapon had the highest damage rating for all one-handed weapons but has since been surpassed by Korasi's sword, Statius's warhammer, Vesta's longsword, chaotic longsword/rapier, and the Drygore longsword/Rapier. It's worth noting, however, that all these degrade (with the exception of Korasi's sword), making the dragon battleaxe a better choice for some scenarios.

Combat StatsDragon battleaxe equipped
Skill requirements
60 Attack-icon
Attack MeleeWeapon slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 3.6 seconds
Attack speed average

Special AttackEdit

The Dragon battleaxe has a special attack called Rampage. It requires 100% adrenaline and the player deals 20% more melee damage while their hit chance and defence are lowered by 10%. The player's strength level will be increased by 20% and attack, defense, magic, and ranged levels will be decreased by 10% in addition to the buff it provides. The berserk buff lasts for sixty seconds and the altered stats will take normal time to recover.

In Legacy Mode, when used in combination with a powerful two-handed weapon such as the noxious scythe, the player can deal immense amounts of damage such as over 10,000, making the special attack very potent in PvP situations.

Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gold keyN/A1Rare
Motherlode MawN/A1Rare
Shade Catacombs/RewardsN/A1Rare
Winter Weekends (2012)N/A1Rare

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Happy Heroes' H'emporium200,000Coins 100Coins 10Yes


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  • The player shouts "Raarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!" as the special attack is performed.
  • In the 2012 Winter Weekends during week 5, it was a possible drop from the snowmen raids.

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