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This article is about the metal. For the armour and weapons made from it, see Dragon equipment.

Orikalkum is a strong, red metal from which dragon equipment was made[1]. While it is not currently an ore that is minable or smeltable by the player, it is still considered the next level up from Rune, with the weapons and armour made from it requiring level 60 Attack, Ranged, Magic or Defence to wield and equip. Although it cannot be smithed via conventional methods, at level 92 Smithing, a player can repair the dragon platebody at the Dragon forge.

The only known users of the metal are the Dragonkin, who brought the ore with them from their homeworld in the Old Revision[2]. The equipment made from Orikalkum is named "Dragon" after them.

Dragon arrows and darts are the only pieces of dragon equipment not made from Orikalkum; they are simply fletched from the talons of a dragon.


Dragon plate armour set (lg) equipped

A male player wearing full dragon armour


The dragon forge, the only known place where Dragon equipment can be smithed.

According to the Dactyl Dragonkin Forcae, Orikalkum ore originates from the Dragonkin's homeworld in the previous revision of the universe. The Dragonkin seem to have brought limited quantities of the Dragon equipment made from the ore and perhaps even the ore itself to Gielinor with them after they were enslaved by Jas.

At some point, it is likely to have been smithed and smelted at the Dragon Forge in the Ancient Cavern, as it was created by the Dragonkin and is the only known place hot enough to melt down and smith the metal. While attempts have been made to melt it down through other methods, so far, none have been successful. A faction of Dragonkin known as the Necrosyrtes are believed to have either created or at least possess a large number of dragon armour and weapons.

Fairy Aeryka suggests that the Dragonkin gave the dragon equipment they smithed to people they liked, explaining why it can be found all over Gielinor. Jukat, the fairy in Zanaris selling dragon longswords and daggers, advertises that they come "straight from Frenaskrae[sic]". This would suggest that the Dragonkin may have left some dragon equipment on Freneskae. Additionally, the Tormented demons have had their flesh fused with pieces of Dragon armour by Lucien, and as such the ruined pieces of their body they drop can be smithed at the Dragon Forge to create the Dragon platebody.


  • Orikalkum is based on the mythical metal Orichalcum, a metal associated with Atlantis and found in Plato's writings, and also used to forge Roman coins. It is currently believed to be a form of brass created by the Greeks.
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