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Classic Runestone
For other uses, see dragon.

Dragon is a strong, red metal; while not being an ore that is minable or smeltable by the player, dragon is still considered as the next level up from Rune and thus is included in the metals category. This is supported by the fact that with 92 Smithing, a player can repair the dragon platebody from its components at the Dragon forge. Dragon items require level 60 Attack and/or Defence to wield/wear.

Dragon items are members-only and often require completion of a quest to be usable. Dragon metal items are a distinctive dark red in colour, and their shapes differ from similar items of different metals. Prior to the Evolution of Combat update, all Dragon items had a special attack. Their stats have been marginally improved to compensate for the lack of a special attack. Dragon items are generally sold at high prices in shops or dropped by high-levelled monsters.

Note that because of the Evolution of Combat update, the prices of most dragon items have equalized between 20,000 and 60,000. It is almost always more cost-efficient to buy it off the Grand Exchange, making the shops throughout Runescape a very expensive means of obtaining the items.

Note that dragon arrows and darts are not made from dragon metal at all; they are simply fletched from the talons of a dragon. Some weapons or armour are not currently existent in the form of Dragon - for example, there are currently no Dragon shortswordsjavelins, or bolts. However, Jagex has confirmed, on their Youtube channel, that every weapon will eventually have a Dragon metal equivalent.[1]

Dragon armour has been released in pieces, so the full armour set was only completed with the release of the dragon kiteshield. The set components are:


Dragon plate armour set (lg) equipped

A male player wearing full dragon armour.


The dragon forge, the only known place where Dragon equipment can be smithed.

The exact origins of the Dragon metal is unknown, but what is known is that the Necrosyrte Dragonkin were heavily involved in the creation of the Dragon armour and weaponry, which gave the metal its name. It is highly likely to have been smithed and smelted at the Dragon Forge in the Ancient Cavern, as it was created by the Dragonkin and is the only known place hot enough to melt down and smith the metal. While attempts have been made to melt it down through other methods, so far, none have been successful.

Fairy Aeryka suggests that the Dragonkin gave the dragon equipment they smithed to people they liked, explaining why it can be found all over Gielinor. Jukat, the fairy in Zanaris selling dragon longswords and daggers, advertises that they come "straight from Frenaskrae[sic]". This would suggest that the Dragonkin may have left some dragon equipment on Freneskae. Additionally, the Tormented Demons have had their flesh fused with pieces of Dragon armour by Lucien, and as such the ruined pieces of their body they drop can be smithed at the Dragon Forge to create the Dragon platebody.

Corrupt dragon equipmentEdit

Corrupt dragon equipment was introduced with the PvP worlds update. It has the same bonuses as regular Dragon equipment, but is available to free players. This equipment is very dark in colour, and dissolves after 30 minutes of being equipped. It acts similarly to the Barrows equipment, except it disintegrates completely after use and can't be repaired. It is the most expensive equipment in the free game for how fast it degrades. The price has also fallen significantly since its release.

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