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Big fish
Dragon (Learning the Ropes) was removed from RuneScape after an update.
Three Headed Dragon
Dragon (Learning the Ropes)
Release date 14 July 2008 (Update)
Combat level 243
Race Dragon
Members only No
Quest NPC Learning the Ropes
Location Lumbridge Mine
Sells items No
Gender Not mentioned
Examine A big, mean dragon. By the smell of its breath, it has just woken up.
A dragon with a pretty bad headache.
A dragon with a very bad headache.

This three-headed dragon was a level 243 enemy that was found in the Learning the Ropes tutorial, which is no longer accessible for new players. It had the highest combat level out of any green dragons and free-to-play dragons. However, it could not be fought by players through conventional means. Sir Vant claims he sent for help from Falador, and would not let you fight the dragon, however he would give you 3 exp lamps for asking. He attempts to slay this dragon, but it manages to escape while severely injured, with only its middle head remaining alive. Its escape caused the collapse of the Lumbridge Mine. It is said to still be lurking under Lumbridge, in the mine.

Dragon's lair

A picture of the lair, seen with Orb of Oculus.


  • After the fight with the knight, right before it retreated, the dragon's level would be shown as 1.
  • It was possible to watch the cutscene detailing the battle if the player chose the second option when talking with Sir Vant if your account was created before Unstable Foundations was released.
  • If you use the Orb of Oculus at certain places, you can see the dragon's lair.
  • This dragon looks like a green version of the old King Black Dragon.

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