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Dr. Darius Gnomalus is a character featured in Gnomic Negotiations, a story found on the official RuneScape website. He does not appear in the game itself.

According to Gnomic Negotiations, Gnomalus was (and may still be) Head of Psychology at the Gnome Institute of Knowledge, a scientific research organisation based in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. In the book, Gnomalus holds a brief interview with a human negotiator concerning the psychological behaviour of gnomes and humans.

During the interview, Gnomalus points out that, while gnomes possess a natural sense of humour, they also can be serious. Shortly after he makes this comment, it is revealed that the Gnomalus being interviewed was in fact a synthetic replica made by Gnomalus himself. Its head explodes before Gnomalus comes out from hiding, laughing at the practical joke. The interview ends afterwards.

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