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Classic Runestone
Release date 6 April 2001 (Update)
Race Dwarf
Members only? No
Quest NPC? What's Mine is Yours, Devious Minds
Location North of Falador
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Examine A dwarf smith, quite handy with a hammer.
Doric location
Doric chathead

Doric is a dwarf that lives in a small hut north of Falador and directly east of the Taverley gate. He plays a central part in What's Mine is Yours, which revolves around players obtaining several ores for him and helping his struggling business. He also plays a minor role in the Devious Minds quest. His hut contains an anvil, furnace and a whetstone on the ground level, and an underground area with another furnace and anvils which can only be used after completing What's Mine is Yours.

Around 140, Doric moved from the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim to his current residence north of Falador. In the winter of 164, a H.A.M. Speaker convinced a number of local farmers to burn Doric's home, as seen in the novel Betrayal at Falador.[1] He went on to become a key figure in the War of 164, and fought in the Battle of the Monastery, the Siege of Falador, and the Battle of the Glacier.

Doric's anvils are the closest to the Dwarven Mine and furnace at Falador. He has a steel pickaxe on his back. He is the self-proclaimed best maker of pickaxes in Gielinor, but he has a running order with Nurmof and will not sell the player any.

Doric maintains a small wheat garden north of his hut. Occasionally, the Puro-Puro portal will open there, resulting in a crop circle.

Early life and relocationEdit

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Doric recalls his adventures (link)

Doric's early history and exact age remain unknown. In year 164, he is known to have claimed himself to be more than 100 years old, meaning that he was born in Year 63 of the Fifth Age at the latest. Doric was evidently born in the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim some time prior to its existence being made common knowledge to humans. Doric, like most dwarves, was raised a follower of Guthix, although by the modern day his actual practice of the Guthixian religion has become fairly loose.

Doric, during his time in Keldagrim, visited the city's vast mining network on a number of occasions, suggesting he may have been involved in the city's mining or military activities. In Keldagrim he was trained to become exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat, his preferred weapon being a battleaxe. In the mines, Doric is known to have fought a number of dangerous foes, which would later harden his nerves and improve his effectiveness in combat.

In approximately 140, Doric left Keldagrim for unknown reasons, opting to take up permanent residence in the wooded region north of Falador, on the fringe of Asgarnia. Although this placed him near the Ice Mountain Dwarven Colony and the Dwarven Mine, Doric usually avoided most contact with his nearby kinsmen. Doric constructed a cabin of logs south of the Goblin Village, and largely became self-sufficient. To keep himself supplied, Doric raised a number of mountain goats, although he was occasionally forced to trade with nearby settlements and farmers.

By all accounts, Doric was fairly friendly with most of his neighbors, and maintained healthy relationships with most of them. Kinshra raids, such as those led by Commander Sulla in 155, tended to focus on more easterly settlements, and the threat of the Kinshra never was a cause for extreme worry on Doric's part. As the years progressed, however, small settlements and farms tended to move further west, crowding Doric and causing him to become slightly more hostile to some of his neighbors. Although most were willing to tolerate this change, a handful did bear Doric some resentment.

Doric was married at one point, until his wife left him and Boric. Doric was then forced to raised Boric on his own.

Doric's hut

Doric's hut

The War of 164Edit

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In 164, when humans were being attacked by the werewolf Jerrod, a group of men suspected Doric and robbed his house of gems and his livestock and burned his hut down. Theodore found Doric getting his secret stash of adamantite bars from the ruins of his hut. Doric accompanied Theodore to get justice from the Falador White Knights. There, Doric identified Kara-Meir's sword as one made of adamant. While staying in Falador, he found one of his stolen gems being sold on the market and tried to take it back, but stopped after the guard threatened to arrest him. Following the Siege of Falador, Doric successfully petitioned for the return of his stolen property which once again made him rich. Ebenezer also offered to make him one of his heirs, but Doric refused, given how he was older than Ebenezer and already had a fortune.

Embassy to Morytania Edit

During the Midsummers Eve, he travelled with Ebenezer to Varrock to meet up with Theodore, but had to wait for him to return from an outing. After Gar'rth was arrested and forced to lead an embassy to Morytania, Doric volunteered to go alongside Theodore, Castimir, Kara-Meir, Arisha, Gideon Gleeman and Albertus Black, who replaced the comatose Ebenezer. Prior to leaving for Paterdomus, Doric spoke with Horvik and turned his adamant bars into adamant arrows and obtained a wolfbane dagger. He arrived in Canifis and took a room at the Hair of the Dog, preferring to stay there with Albertus and Gideon while the others went exploring. After the myreque attacked the town he fled with them, and overcame Imre in single battle claiming he wanted a wolfskin rug while Imre wanted to eat dwarf meat. In exchange for his life, Doric made Imre promise to help them if need be. He joined the myreque at Hope Rock and joined them on the hot air balloon Hope Soars, grumbling about being in the air. After the balloon was downed he joined the survivors in running for the river, calling upon Imre to mislead the werewolves hunting them. He managed to make it back across the river with the straggling remains of the myreque.


Main article: Doric and Boric tasks

After the quest What's Mine is Yours has been completed, the player may complete a number of members only tasks for Doric.


  • Doric is a dialect spoken in the northeast of Scotland. He himself has a Scottish accent as well, being a dwarf.
  • The word Doric is a classification of ornate ancient Greek architechtural styles.
  • A wolfbane can be found on Doric's workbench. This is likely related to the RuneScape novel "Return to Canifis."
  • His favourite colour is blue.

References Edit

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