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Dorgan is or was a member of the Dorgeshuun race of cave goblins living in an underground city to the east of Lumbridge. Dorgan was at a young age amongst those Dorgeshuun opposed to the idea of exploring the areas beyond Dorgesh-Kaan, insisting that anything unknown was not worth knowing.

Dorgan was a close friend of Zanik, a female cave goblin who would go on to play an integral role in modern Dorgeshuun history. The two attended the Dorgesh-Kaan nursery and were good friends into their adolescents, eventually even having a short-lived romance that ultimately turned to contempt, due to his cowardly nature.

Dorgan is a central character in The Chasm of Lights tale found in the Lores and Histories section of the official Jagex-run RuneScape Website. He does not appear in-game, although he does shed some small light on the backstory of the Dorgeshuun quest series.

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