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Release date 17 July 2007 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC No
Location Lumbridge
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Cheerful, helpful and optimistic, I'll bet.
Doomsayer location
Doomsayer chathead

The Doomsayer stands on a box prophesising doom to everyone who speaks to him. He can be found in Lumbridge to the east of the bridge over the River Lum. He warns new players about the potential risks in the game and allows players to toggle on or off warnings about dangerous content that they visit.

The Doomsayer has a natural skill for sensing danger and he feels it is his duty to warn others of the potential hazards that await unsuspecting travellers. He does this by putting up warning signs in dangerous places, accompanied with a warning message. Whilst he calls himself the Doomsayer, he feels that his proper title should be Danger Tutor.

Danger signsEdit

The areas/events where the Doomsayer has placed warning signs are as follows:

Dagannoth Kings' Ladder Lumbridge Swamp Rope (going without a light source) Stronghold of Security (going down ladders) Sinkhole Warning Player-Owned Houses (drop an item and turn on building mode)
Contact Dungeon (going down the ladder) Icy Path Area (ice gate to Ice Path) H.A.M. Tunnel from Mill (east of Lumbridge; take no light source) Fairy Ring:Dorgesh-Kaan (AJQ) Lumbridge Castle Cellar
Mort Myre Observatory Stairs Elid Genie Cave (west of Nardah; take a rope but no light source) Shantay Pass Shaman Cave (Gu'Tanoth)
Trollheim Wilderness Wilderness Wall Dorgesh-Kaan City exit Dorgesh-Kaan Kalphites Ranging Guild tower
Death Plateau Godwars Wildy[sic] Route Duel Arena Living Rock Caverns Chaos Tunnels (any entrance)
The WildyWyrm Clan Wars - (Safe) Clan Wars - (Dangerous) Morytania Crucible
KBD Shortcut (Edgeville entrance) Goblin Raid Warning Demon Raid Warning Wilderness Warbands World Event Messages
Guthixian Cache Adamant Dragons Ripper Demons Shortcut to Ripper Demons Nex Entrance

These warning signs may be toggled on/off after the player has seen them roughly 6-8 times. A good way to be able to toggle them faster is to click the entrance to where the warning is given, and click "No" 6-8 times. After that period, they may switch them on or off as they like.



  • A Doomsayer is a person who predicts disaster.
  • Formerly the Doomsayer would wander in a small wander radius; after an update he became stationary on to the west of the bridge over the Lum. Later he was moved to the east side.
  • His staff appears to have the form of an eye on the top, which is probably referring to how he can see the dangers in hazardous places. This staff is not available to players.
  • His staff resembles the Staff of Ra from The Raiders of the Lost Ark. His action is similar to the action Indiana Jones does when he sets the Staff of Ra into the ground.
  • He says "All around us! I can feel it in the air, hear it on the wind, smell it...also in the air." This may be a reference to Galadriel from the motion picture The Lord of the Rings saying "I amar prestar aen. Han mathon ne nen. Han mathon ne chae, a han noston ned'willith", meaning, "The world has changed. I can feel it in the water. I can feel it in the earth, I can smell it in the air."
  • The Doomsayer has apparently requested a sword to be made by the Artisan Workshop.

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