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For the item from New Varrock, see Doogle leaves (New Varrock).
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Doogle leaves detail

Doogle leaves are herbs that players can use on a raw sardine to make a doogle sardine, which they must then feed to Fluffs, a cat in the Gertrude's Cat quest. After the quest, players may still season sardines with the leaves, but the doogle sardines can not be used to feed player-owned kittens. It may also be needed for the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest as a possible seasoning for Fycie, Bugs or Rantz.

They are found on Doogle Bushes on the ground south of Gertrude's house (just west of Varrock), in Feldip Hills (directly west of the swamp where you can fill your ogre-bellows and catch the toads during the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest), and east of Rellekka (near the Golden Apple Tree). As of the 20 November 2007 updates, this item is untradeable.[1]

Doogle leaves are also used as a writing surface by the gnomes, particularly for mapping. These "Doogle Maps" are likely a reference to Google Maps.

Doogle leaves were at one time able to be collected by free-to-play players.


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  • The inventory icon for Doogle Leaves is nearly identical to that of clean guam .


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