Dominion markers are rewards from the Dominion Tower. They can be placed on the ground, and anyone who clicks on it can read the owner's achievements within the Dominion Tower. Dominion markers cannot be placed within bank healing areas or the Combat Academy in Lumbridge.

There are four stages of markers. They are unlocked by killing various amounts of bosses in the Dominion Tower. After killing the level 112 version of Sunfreet, horns will appear on your marker with particle effects.

Moving too far away from the marker will cause it to time itself out; it will also eventually time out, regardless of proximity, after about 15–25 minutes. When it times out, it will automatically return to your inventory, and a notification of "Your marker was returned to your inventory" will appear in the chatbox. It can be replanted as normal. However, if the player's inventory is full, the marker will be sent to their bank. If a player logs out while their marker is planted in the ground, it will simply disappear and they will have to talk to the Strange face again to get a new one.

When placed near you, the marker offers a decaying visible boost in combat. This boost only activates when the player is hit by a monster, and only reapplies when the player's levels return to their base values. When the marker gives the stat boost you get the message, "You feel proud and empowered by your marker." While deployed, it also provides an invisible prayer bonus regardless of empowerment. [1]

In addition, the dominion marker can be activated in the inventory for a daily 30 minutes combat boost. This boost is smaller in magnitude compared to the decaying boost, but is static, similar to a boost from a God banner.

Stage Requirements Static boosts in: Attack-icon Attack, Strength-icon Strength,
Defence-icon Defence, Magic-icon Magic, Ranged-icon Ranged
Decaying boosts in: Attack-icon Attack, Strength-icon Strength,
Defence-icon Defence, Magic-icon Magic, Ranged-icon Ranged
Prayer bonus
1 100 boss kills in the Dominion Tower. +4 +9 +0
2 200 boss kills in the Dominion Tower. +6 +11 +1
3 300 boss kills in the Dominion Tower. +8 +13 +2
4 Complete all achievements. +10 +15 +6



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