This article is about the species. For the NPC, see Dog (NPC).
Sheepdog (yellow) pet

A sheepdog.

Corgi chathead

Dogs are a type of animal that were brought to Gielinor through the World Gate by Guthix during the First Age. They came alongside humans, who came from the same plane as they did. Dogs are commonly kept as pets by humans, either for companionship or work. Players are able to purchase pet dogs from the pet shops in Taverley and Yanille.

Dogs come in a wide variety of breeds, meaning that their appearance can differ greatly between individuals. They are closely related to a number of other creatures, most closely wolves. A number of other creatures such as Hellhounds bear a resemblance to them, but it is unknown if they have any direct relation.

Types of dogEdit




Other dog-like creaturesEdit

Notable dogsEdit

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