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Dodgy flyer detail

A dodgy flyer an advertisement for the Thieves' Guild that tells the player to meet with Darren Lightfinger in Lumbridge. It is also obtained by pick-pocketing various non-player characters or by talking to men and women.

NPC pickpocketsEdit


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Dodgy flyer.

Darren Lightfinger, Chancellor of the Lumbridge Guild of Thieves, requests your presence at the First Annual Selection of Appointees. If you have ever dreamed of making a name for yourself, and making your fortune at the same time, now is the best opportunity you will ever have! The world-renowned Lumbridge Guild of Thieves is recruiting new members to be shown a new world of profit and derring-do. Commissions, fame and the adulation of your peers and of the opposite sex will be your fate as a successful applicant and your life will never again be the same!

After reading, the player will respond with

It says to apply at the Lumbridge Guildhouse. Wonder where that is...

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