For the quest, see The Death of Chivalry.
Doc chathead

Doc is a dwarf who is the starting point for the Invention skill, and serves as the Skill Tutor. He claims to be an assistant to Drorkar, but Drorkar dislikes his refinement and innovation-based style of thinking. He sells the Invention cape to players who have achieved level 99, and the Invention master cape to players who have achieved level 120.

Players wishing to augment their tools on their tool belt should speak with Doc who will remove the tool from the tool belt.

2017 Christmas eventEdit

During the 2017 Christmas event, the Doc helps by creating a power generator which is used to attempt to first bring the clockwork gnome to life by itself and once again along with Aubury and Orla Fairweather's methods.



  • His name might be a reference to the character Doc from the Back to the Future movie franchise. He also shares some physical similarities with the character, too.

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