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Line 166: Line 166:
**1 [[hammer]]
**1 [[hammer]]
**1 [[saw]]
**1 [[saw]]
**1 knife
**1 [[knife]]
**6 [[teak plank]]s
**6 [[teak plank]]s
**10 [[bolt of cloth|bolts of cloth]]
**10 [[bolt of cloth|bolts of cloth]]
Line 183: Line 183:
**1 [[desert robe]]
**1 [[desert robe]]
**1 [[desert top]]
**1 [[desert top]]
**1 [[monkeyspeak amulet]]
**1 [[m'speak amulet]]
To start building, remove the rubble from the four building spots with a spade.
To start building, remove the rubble from the four building spots with a spade.
*Build the stalls in the stall plots and build the tent in the tent plot. For this you will need a hammer, a saw (a crystal saw will not work), a knife and:
*Build the stalls in the stall plots and build the tent in the tent plot. For this you will need a hammer, a saw (a crystal saw will not work), a knife and:
**6 [[teak planks]] and 6 [[bolts of cloth]] for the stalls (2 planks and 2 cloth for each stall).
**6 teak planks and 6 bolts of cloth for the stalls (2 planks and 2 cloth for each stall).
**4 [[bolts of cloth]] and a [[rope]] for the tent.
**4 bolts of cloth and a rope for the tent.
When the stalls are built, they must be stocked with goods.
When the stalls are built, they must be stocked with goods.
*Use the uncut [[gems]] found earlier to make a gem stall.
*Use the uncut gems found earlier to make a gem stall.
*Use 10 [[banana]]s to make a banana stall.
*Use 10 bananas to make a banana stall.
*Lastly, use 3 [[knife|knives]], 3 [[waterskin]]s (4), a pair of [[desert boots]], a [[desert robe]], and a [[desert top]] to make a general store.
*Lastly, use 3 knives, 3 waterskins (4), a pair of desert boots, a desert robe, and a desert top to make a general store.
===Arming the Colony===
===Arming the Colony===

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News from the desert
Do No Evil (#170)
Do no evil quest
Release date 1 December 2010 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Voice acted? Unknown edit
Official difficulty Master
Official length Long
Quest series Sophanem and Menaphos series and Gnome series
Developer(s) Seb D
Age Fifth Age
[view] [talk]

Official description

Having awoken from her sleep, Senliten, the Pharaoh Queen, can sense that something is missing from the desert. That 'something' isn't water, vegetation or a sense of right and wrong: it's monkeys! Generations ago, when Apmeken, the monkey god, roamed the desert, monkeys were as common as a blackjack mugging in the desert; but when she left the desert, the monkeys left too. Can you convince Awowogei to send a colony of simians to the desert? And how will they fare in a climate where even the hardiest of adventurers have perished?


Start point Quest map icon Senliten
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Master Master
Length Very Long
  • 70 Magic-icon Magic (82+ and 94+ make it easier)
Quest Quests:
  • Senliten must be restored to 100%
  • Must have led Leela to Senliten's tomb
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat

Before Starting the Quest

One of the prerequisites to start this quest is to have taken Leela to Senliten in Uzer Mastaba after Missing My Mummy and Dealing with Scabaras. If players haven't taken Leela to the queen yet, they can get all items needed for the quest before talking to Leela in Draynor Village, then start the quest immediately after, saving an extra trip to Uzer. Having led Leela to Senliten, Leela's permanent location becomes Uzer Mastaba.

Starting the Quest

To start, make sure you have a cat or a kitten with you, enough money for at least 4 magic carpet rides, as well as equipment for desert survival. Go to Uzer Mastaba to talk to Senliten and Leela.

Ask the queen if there is anything you can do. After a small rendition of her life story, she directs players to Jex and the Sphinx, both in Sophanem, to learn more about Apmeken. (Players who have already spoken to them about Apmeken, as advised in Jagex weekly updates prior to this quest, do not need to speak to them again.) Head back to Nardah, and take the carpet to Pollnivneach, then take the carpet to Sophanem. Once there, talk to Jex at the wrecked temple in the north-east of the city. Ask him about minor gods, then ask him all the questions about Apmeken. Next, go to the Sphinx with your cat, ask about minor gods, then about Apmeken.

Go back to the Pharaoh Queen. She asks players to return all the desert monkeys to their rightful place.

Three Wise Monkeys

With any type of monkey greegree, a m'speak amulet, and at least 10 coins, head to Ape Atoll and speak to any of the three wise monkeys in the The Temple of Marimbo on Ape Atoll. After some conversation with the monkeys, admit to them that you are really human. They will ask for proof, meaning that you will have to lead the monkey guard away from the three monkeys in order to show them your true form.

File:Where to put Bananas.png
16 banana method.
Do No Evil banana puzzle efficient solution
10 banana method.

Take some green bananas from the crate to the east of the monkeys and lay a trail from the monkey to the crate by dropping bananas on the ground at regular intervals, starting from the northwest to the southwest, southeast, then northeast in the room. There should not be more than 2 spots between bananas, counting a diagonal move as one. For example, if one banana is 3 steps northeast of another, there are only two squares directly between them, so the guard will follow the trail from one to the next. It is recommended to have 10 (or 16 for the less-efficient method) bananas in your inventory when laying the bananas. If the trail ends at any time before the guard is within sight of the crate, he will return to his original position by the monkeys. As such, it is recommended to gain a head start on the trail as depicted in the pictures to the right.

Pay close attention to the location of other monkey guards which may eat bananas that are placed near them. The banana trail must be placed quickly, as the bananas become mouldy and disappear after a short time. In order to gain a head start, lay up to the green circles as shown in the images to the right before placing the banana that will trigger the monkey guard to start following the trail. While the guard is following the beginning of the trail, the remaining bananas must be quickly placed, leading to the crate. Pre-laying the green section of the trail makes it much easier as the bananas do not have to be placed as quickly. However, it is not possible to pre-lay the whole trail before luring the monkey guard as the bananas will start going bad before the trail is complete.

Quick players can lure the monkey guard to the crate without pre-laying parts of the trail, eliminating concerns of the bananas getting mouldy because the guard will always be close behind. If the bananas are dropped quickly enough, the guard will not catch up to the player, though this can be quite difficult to manage.

When laying the trail, keep in mind that the guard cannot see around the corners of the fire pits, and the guard will not pick up bananas that rest on the trap door of the temple.

After successfully luring the guard to the crate, talk to the three wise monkeys again. After you remove your greegree to show them that you really are human, they urge you to quickly put it back on before you are discovered. They will then test your knowledge of Apmeken by asking you a couple of questions about her.

Respond that Apmeken has a baboon head when she is in a comical mood. Next, tell them that the only place the squirrel could sit that the monkey couldn't was "on the monkey's shoulders".

After you have gotten the three wise monkeys to trust you, talk to King Awowogei, who is in the building south of the temple. Convince him to start a colony. Make sure that you do not mention Apmeken to him or you will be imprisoned. He will immediately take up the idea, but insist on building one in Karamja. Persuade him that the desert would be a wiser option by telling him of the deliciousness and popularity of choc-ices. The king will get excited and commission choc-ices in the shape of a monkey (chimp ices).

Note: Before leaving buy a m'amulet mould for 10 coins from Hamab's crafting stall directly west of the temple as it is needed to make the chimp ice.

Chimp Ice

Note: Make sure you are on the Ancient Magicks spellbook before beginning this section. Either Ice Burst, Ice Blitz, or Ice Barrage are required. It's a good idea to bring a tome of frost or a water-providing staff of some sort to help lower the costs. The higher level the spell, the better. It is also helpful to take a dip in the salt-water spring in Oo'glog, as the spring will provide unlimited run energy for a period of time dependent on your Agility level. This may come in handy as you will be doing a lot of running when transporting the chimp ice back to Ape Atoll.

Make your way to Nardah and talk with Rokuh, the owner of the Rok's Chocs Box. Talk to him about making a "special choc-ice" in the shape of a monkey, and he'll tell you that he needs a mould to make one. Give him the m'amulet mould, and he'll agree to make you one for 1,000 coins. You can later buy more for 1,000 coins each from him. He'll eagerly hand over a chimp ice, but he'll warn you that because of its irregular shape, the magic used to keep the treat frozen is seeping out. To keep the chimp ice from melting, you'll have to keep casting ice spells on it. However, Ice Rush has no effect on the chimp ice; higher level ice spells will be required. In order to freeze the treat, left-click on the chimp ice to place it on the ground, then select an ice spell and use it on the treat. After casting one of the ice spells on the chimp ice, it will be returned to your inventory automatically.

The higher level the ice spell, the longer it will stay frozen. Ice Barrage, the most powerful ice spell, will keep the chimp ice from melting for approximately 1 minute. Ice Blitz will keep it frozen for about 45 seconds, and Ice Burst will keep it frozen for about 35 seconds.

You will be warned with a red message in your chatbox (similar to the messages warning you about dragonfire protection) of the status of your chimp ice.

  • 20 seconds before melting, you will receive the message, "Your chimp ice is beginning to melt."
  • 10 seconds before melting, you will receive the message, "Your chimp ice has nearly melted."
  • When your chimp ice melts, you will receive the message, "Your chimp ice has melted."

It is useful to note that the chimp ice will not melt when using a bank, the world map, transportation such as carpets and eagles, and when talking to NPCs.

Transportation Methods

Due to the volatile nature of the magic holding the chimp ice together, you are limited in your methods of transport. In order to get to Ape Atoll, you will have to speak with Daero, Waydar, and Lumdo (three gnomes from the Monkey Madness quest). Daero can be found in the south-east corner on the first floor of the Grand Tree.

Before you take the ice or before you go to the island at least make sure you have anti-poison potions, good armour, energy potions, and food. Also, players should turn off auto-retaliate so that they will not automatically fight back against attacking creatures as this makes it harder to re-freeze the chimp ice.

Spellbook and tablet teleports are prohibited as well as fairy ring, commercial glider, spirit tree, grand tree pod, and jewellery teleports. Below is a list of possible methods of getting to the Gnome Stronghold:

  • The recommended route is to use the eagle transport system to get to Eagle's Peak and then run to the Gnome Stronghold. From Nardah, run almost due North to the desert eagle lair located to the north of Uzer Hunter area and use a rope (one spawns inside the lair) on an eagle to be transported. From there, you only need to run a short ways along the south fence of the stronghold and speak to Daero in the Grand Tree.
  • Another good method is to utilise the carpet rides from Nardah to Shantay Pass. Then run straight north to the Varrock balloon located near the lumberyard and the earth altar (some players use the canoe system up River Lum to Varrock). Fly using the balloon transport system to the Gnome Stronghold. Doing so requires one magic log. (Remember you must keep your weight under 40Kg in order to use the balloon network, so if you intend to use this method make sure that you don't weigh more than this amount before you set off.)
  • An alternative method is to use the Shantay to Port Sarim Jail teleport. Talk to Shantay. Ask him: What is this place? Tell him: I am definitely an outlaw, prepare to die! Say: Deport me to Port Sarim! He will throw you in the Port Sarim Jail, from which you can easily escape by picking the lock. Then run to the balloon just north of the Crafting Guild and fly using the balloon transport system to the Gnome Stronghold. Doing so requires one magic log. (Remember you must keep your weight under 40Kg in order to use the balloon network, so if you intend to use this method make sure that you don't weigh more than this amount before you set off.)

After reaching the Gnome Stronghold, speak to Daero, then Waydar, then Lumdo in order to reach Ape Atoll. There is a 'chocpoint' here, so if your chimp ice melts, you may start again from Lumdo by speaking to him.

A player can only cast spells in human form so anti-poison potions are advised as the player will likely be attacked by snakes and/or scorpions when in human form. Good armour, energy potions, and food are advisable. Also, players should turn off auto-retaliate so that they will not automatically fight back against attacking creatures as this make it harder to re-freeze the chimp ice.

Make sure that you have just recently re-frozen the chimp ice before entering the city so that you have enough time to go past the guards and out of their view in order to avoid being thrown into jail. An easy way to reach the king without being detected by the monkey archers is to run along the north coastline of the island, refreezing the chimp ice as necessary. Just northwest of the temple, refreeze and run south to the grassy place just westwards of Awowogei (where you hid during Monkey Madness). You can also hide upstairs in one of the houses. Make sure you have enough time before the chimp ice melts to reach the king before turning back into a monkey and talking to the guards. He will eat the treat and will immediately be convinced. He loves the chimp ice so much that he gives you a barrel of monkeys and grants you permission to set up the desert colony at last.

The Colony

The location for the new monkey colony.

Now that you have the king's permission to start a new colony, go to the wise monkeys and talk to them. When you ask where they want to go, they tell you to take them "between the camels humps". Add them to the barrel they gave you and head out.

Head to the Kharidian Desert and release the monkeys at the camel hump-like mountain south-west of the Desert Mining Camp as shown on the map to the right (another option for getting there is to take the magic carpet to the Bedabin camp and run directly southeast). The monkeys will now demand that they be given a carpet route to and from their colony, and they advise you to speak to Ali Morrisane. Grab your ring of charos and head north to Al Kharid.

When you talk to Ali Morrisane about a new carpet route, he will refuse, saying that he has tried to start a route that way in the past, but lost all his supplies in a tragic storm. With your ring of charos, urge him to tell you more. He will eventually tell you that he lost 5 metal crates in the desert and was planning on talking to Ava to see if there was some means of recovering them. Ask him for a model of the crate, and he'll give you one. However, if you offer to help him, he'll refuse on the grounds that you might steal the carpets from him.

Head to Draynor Manor with the metal crate and Ava's accumulator; you can use the explorer's ring or talk to Shantay to get to the area quickly. Speak to Ava, and she'll alter your accumulator and upgrade it to Ava's alerter. In addition to an upgraded range bonus and all the perks it gave before, the alerter will warn you when you're near one of the metal crates. Ava hides the metal crate you gave her in the manor and asks you to find it to test the alerter. Grab a spade from the south-eastern room of the house and head near the fountain in the south-west corner of the lot. Make sure you are not wearing metallic armour, or the alerter will not work. The crate should be around the trees and a little north-east of the fountain, you will know the right spot when your alerter says "Bwuk!" four times in a row, dig up the crate and return to Ava to tell her of the good news.

Head back to the desert and search for the crates. They can be found in the area between Bedabin Camp and the Desert Mining Camp, north of the monkey camp. The approximate location of each of the crates is shown to the right, the exact location varies for each player. A level 41 scarab may appear when you try to dig up the metal crates. You will have to defeat it before trying to dig up the crate again.

Dne cratelocations
Crate locations

The crates will contain the following:

Bring the carpets back to the three wise monkeys and talk to them. They will then set up carpet routes with the Shantay Pass and southern Pollnivneach. Also, Iwazaru will hand you a book, Economy building for dummies, detailing how to build the colony. Return to a bank, gather the supplies, and proceed with the next section. The most convenient bank is probably the chest at the Shantay Pass which can be reached through the new carpet route.

Note: If the carpets are lost, talk to Ali Morrisane with a ring of charos(a) on to get another bundle.

Building the Colony

Note: For the next part of the quest, several items are needed and inventory space can be scarce. Here are some tips on carrying everything in one trip.

  • Use a beast of burden to carry most items.
  • Use a gem bag to carry the four gems in only one inventory space.
  • Note the bananas, knives, and waterskins.
  • Wear the desert clothing while carrying it so it doesn't take inventory space.

By both wearing the clothing and noting the bananas, and knives, it is possible to use only 27 inventory spaces for the required items. By banking at the Shantay Pass and using the 28th space for a Shantay pass, one can simply take the magic carpet to the colony without having to deal with beasts of burden, Dungeoneering, or multiple trips (carpets to/from the monkey colony are free).

Items needed

To start building, remove the rubble from the four building spots with a spade.

  • Build the stalls in the stall plots and build the tent in the tent plot. For this you will need a hammer, a saw (a crystal saw will not work), a knife and:
    • 6 teak planks and 6 bolts of cloth for the stalls (2 planks and 2 cloth for each stall).
    • 4 bolts of cloth and a rope for the tent.

When the stalls are built, they must be stocked with goods.

  • Use the uncut gems found earlier to make a gem stall.
  • Use 10 bananas to make a banana stall.
  • Lastly, use 3 knives, 3 waterskins (4), a pair of desert boots, a desert robe, and a desert top to make a general store.

Arming the Colony

After building the colony, the wise monkeys will complain that they aren't adequately protected and send you to steal 6 monkey knives from the king's guards. The wise monkeys tell you that you will need great strength to knock them out and pickpocket them, so you will need a gorilla greegree. Head back to Ape Atoll and find the building with the monkey knife fighters; it is located just east of the building with the Monkey Child. Receiving a monkey knife is fairly common, but you will most likely have to pickpocket the monkeys more than 6 times. It is helpful to note that you can pickpocket the fighters twice per knockout. If you try to pickpocket the fighters before knocking them out, you will be thrown in jail if you fail. Additionally, failing to knock out the monkeys three times in a row, will also result in you being thrown in jail.

After collecting all 6 knives, return to the three wise monkeys and hand the knives over.

Boss Fights

Note: Make sure you have a ghostspeak amulet in addition to your m'speak amulet for this part of the quest.

Note: The three bosses' magic attacks are a combination of magic and ranged. Therefore, only part of the attack can be negated by using prayers. It is recommended to wear armour that will provide a high defence against one attack style and to pray against the other.

After handing over the knives to the three wise monkeys, return to Senliten. After congratulating you on what a great job you've done, she pauses and notes that something is wrong. When you return to the colony, it will be in ruins. Investigate a corpse to make a ghost monkey appear. You won't be able to understand it you need both your m'speak amulet and your ghostspeak amulet to converse with it. Use one of the amulets on the other to combine them to make a cramulet, and then try to talk to the ghost monkey again. (You can additionally combine a camulet and a catspeak amulet with the cramulet. Note however that if you use an enchanted catspeak amulet that it will lose its enchantment.) With your newly combined amulet, speak to the ghost monkey, and he will tell you that three "butchers" kidnapped the three wise monkeys and massacred everyone else in the colony, although he will mention that he somehow managed to stay alive. The ghost monkey will tell you that he knows where they are keeping Iwazaru and direct you to the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon.


Leeuni, the embodiment of Apmeken's stolen voice.

Leeuni is the first boss monster encountered, a creation of Amascut. She is located in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon where the Banshee Mistress was located during Smoking Kills. However, killing a mighty banshee to pass the barrier is not required this time. For this fight, masked earmuffs or a slayer helmet is required.

Leeuni attacks with both Magic and melee attacks, out of which Magic is much more powerful. Using either Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic is highly advised as she is able to hit 300+ damage rather accurately. However, the prayers do not completely negate damage from her Magic attack, they only lessen it.

During the fight, Leeuni can force the player's helmet off, causing the player to take damage from the smoke and lowering the player's stats. Players can avoid this by either keeping their inventory full at all times (although they are instead guaranteed to take 300 damage when she is unable to force off the helmet) or quickly re-equipping their helmet before the smoke can damage them for 100 life points.

Leeuni occasionally teleports around the room, but using Ranged seems to lower its occurrence. She appears to be weak to stab and Ranged attacks.

As Leeuni is capable of hitting high damage fairly frequently and quickly, high healing foods such as rocktails or Saradomin brews are recommended. Saradomin brews have the advantage, however, if players wish to prevent her from removing their helmet as they leave an empty vial in their inventory. If using the Saradomin brew method, remember to bring approximately one super restore potion for every three Saradomin brews in their inventory. Summoning familiars such as beasts of burden, high-level healing familiars such as titans or unicorns, or combat familiars such as spirit kyatts and iron or steel titans may prove to be helpful during the fight. It is also helpful for players to take the cramulet with them to the fight to save an extra bank trip immediately after the fight is over.

If you should die, the grave appears outside of the well. This can easily be reached using a chipped house teleport tablet or a slayer ring.

After defeating Leeuni, talk to Iwazaru then return to the colony. Speak to the ghost monkey again and he says that he's managed to locate Mizaru. Mizaru is being held hostage in the Kalphite Hive in a room adjacent to that of the Kalphite Queen.


Ayuni, the embodiment of Apmeken's stolen sight.
File:Ayuni Safespot.jpg
Ayuni safespot.

Ayuni is the second boss monster encountered and can be accessed through a tunnel in the north wall of the Kalphite Queen's lair. As it is very likely that you will be attacked by the Kalphite Queen or one of the guardians, it is useful to bring an anti-poison for the trip, there is a glitch that causes the unicorn stallion's healing ability to not cure your poison. It's also necessary to bring two ropes to get down the tunnel entrance if you have never visited the Kalphite Queen. The cramulet will also be necessary as Mizaru will explain what is going on after you save him.

Ayuni's most common method of attack is melee, she hits VERY hard, so beware. When she is not within melee range of her opponent she will resort to Ranged attacks, which similar to Leeuni's Magic attack cannot be completely blocked by prayer. Ayuni's weakness is her speed. She can only move at about half the speed of a walk. Therefore, it is advisable to use a hit-and-run technique to defeat her.

Note: For this battle, it is extremely useful to take a dip in the salt water spring in Oo'glog as you will be doing a lot of running. Alternatively, you can use a spirit terrorbird as it can double as both a beast of burden and a replenisher for your run energy using its tireless run scrolls. The explorers ring has also proven useful with run-replenish.

When fighting Ayuni, avoid letting her attack you with melee as her melee attacks are extremely accurate and drain prayer (up to 25 points per hit). The best tactic is to use Protect from Missiles (or Deflect Missiles) and range her from afar, this method requires the least amount of food. Also note that like her sister, she is able to teleport around the room which could put her within melee range, so strong food like sharks or Saradomin brews are recommended. Again, remember to take one super restore per three Saradomin brews. If you're too far from Ayuni she will still hit you while you're frozen

Players may also use Ice Barrage to momentarily freeze Ayuni. However, the spell will not freeze her for as long as it would another player. Once again, a beast of burden, high healing familiar, or combat familiar is recommended for this fight. Additionally, players may use the safespot depicted to the right. However, they will still be hit by Ayuni's Ranged attack which is not completely negated by prayer. Nevertheless, fighting her from this spot will require less effort from the player. Getting Ayuni to this spot, however, may provide to be tricky as Ayuni might teleport around the room frequently.

After the battle, talk to Mizaru, and he will tell you what is going on. After a short history of his life, return to the colony with him. Speak again with the ghost monkey, and he will tell you that he has found the location of the last monkey, somewhere in the ruins of Uzer. Prepare for the final fight and head over to Uzer to rescue the last monkey.


Eruni, the embodiment of Apmeken's stolen hearing.
File:Eruni magic.jpg
Eruni's Magic attack initializing

Eruni is the final boss of the quest. She is located through the portal to the demonic realm where Agrith-Naar was defeated in the Shadow of the Storm quest. Unlike her sisters, Eruni will remain stationary in the centre of the room for the entire fight. Also unlike her sisters, she has no melee attack and uses only magic and ranged.

She spawns 1 demon at the beginning of the fight, 2 when she is at 3/4 health, 3 at 1/2 health, and finally 4 demons at 1/4 health. When the demons are spawned, she becomes invulnerable, and the demons must be slain for her to become vulnerable again. Once Eruni reaches one of the health levels where she spawns demons, her health will not go back up as long as the player stays in the room, so resting or the Lunar spell Dream are viable means of healing, especially when used with a regen bracelet.

Eruni's magic attack is extremely powerful and deadly, so Protect from Magic and Deflect Magic should be used, though her ranged attacks will still cause significant damage. High level melee armour keeps the ranged attacks from hitting as often, but healing is still required. Also, the pillars around the room can be used for cover while healing and while killing the lesser demons Eruni spawns.

With a strong weapon, a magic-blocking prayer, strong melee gear, and using the pillars for cover, this fight should be easier than the other two bosses and need much less food. A single inventory of food may be sufficient, but a full beast of burden is good insurance. Alternatively, a spirit kyatt with ambush scrolls could be used.

After defeating Eruni, speak to Kikazaru who will return you to the monkey colony.

Finishing Up

Once back at the colony, speak to the three wise monkeys, and Apmeken will appear and speak to you. As the three wise monkeys cannot see her, they will think that you have gone insane. After a short chat with Apmeken, the camp will be rebuilt and you can return to Senliten to finally complete the quest. Senliten will thank you for all that you have done, and reward you for your efforts. Quest complete!


Congratulations! You have completed Do No Evil!

Music unlocked

Development team

  • Developer: Seb D
  • Graphics: Alex R, James W
  • Quality Assurance: Thomas H, Hakan S, Adam D
  • QuestHelp: David O
  • Audio: Ian T, Adam B


  • The quest title likely refers to a Chinese saying of "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil, Act no evil" from the Chinese scholar Confucius.
  • However, the source that popularised the pictorial maxim of the Three Wise Monkeys was a much later - 17th Century - Japanese carving. The fourth monkey Shizaru, missing from that carving, may be seen occasionally in humourous netsuke as "Do no evil" depicted with his hand covering his crotch, but more usually with arms folded.
  • On the first day of release in the knowledge base, the reward spoiler was: "Iwazaru tried to mime the rewards, Kikazaru thought we were asking about 'cheeseboards', and Mizaru mistook the reward for a choc ice. Come back tomorrow when we can piece together the truth".
  • When one of the three monkeys exclaims, "By Curious George!" was a reference to the popular children's novel series "Curious George" written by H.A. & Margret Rey.
  • After the quest the Adventurer's Log reads: 'After much monkey business, colony building and general chimpish shenanigans, I returned the monkeys to the desert, uncovered an ancient feud and restored Apmeken.'
  • Trying to use an Ice cooler on the Chimp ice will reveal the message, "Nice try, but the cooler isn't cold enough to keep the chimp ice frozen."
  • The names of the three bosses hint at their origins: "Lee" for lips, "Ay" for eyes, and "Er" for ear.
  • In non-official Arabic language, "Leeuni" "ليوني" means "tenderness" which might refer to the creature's lips, "Ayuni" "عيوني" means "my eyes" which might refer to the creature being able to see, and "Eruni" "قروني" means "my horns" which might refer to the creature's ability to summon demons.
  • After the release of the quest, many players speculated the release of the dragon defender as a reward for the quest. This was, however, not the case.
  • During the part of the quest when the three wise monkeys are shackled by Amascut's creations is the only time they do not cover their respective part of their faces.
  • On the Runescape Trailer for the Quest (on the RS Homepage) there is a man walking with a bow. That man is infact the original graphics for Nomad before his graphical update. This person is also an Elite Dark Ranger.
  • Althought the gem stall is stocked with 1 emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond; if a player trades with the stall owner there will be no ruby and diamond in the stock.
  • There is a glitch where if you have a familiar out during the banana dropping part of the quest, the familiar will disappear. If it was a BoB and you click "Take BoB" you will receive a message saying: "You do not have a pet, familiar or other follower right now." Despite this, you are not able to enter certain familiar-free areas. To fix this just press "Call follower".
  • You can find one Clue scroll (elite) using Ava's Alerter after finishing Do No Evil. This Clue scroll can be found in either Meiyerditch, Iceberg, Isafdar or Lunar Isle.
  • When the Monkey Guard by the three monkeys eats a banana he says "Who loves bananas? I do! I do!" is similar to the way Kel Kimble from Kenan & Kel pronounces his love for orange soda.

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