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Diviner's outfit equipped

A male player wearing the Diviner's outfit.

Diviner's outfit equipped (female)

A female player wearing the Diviner's outfit.

The Diviner's outfit is an experience-boosting outfit inspired by the appearances of Faizan Augour and Orla Fairweather. It is acquired via Treasure Hunter and could be bought for thaler in Stanley Limelight Traders until 30 August 2015.

When one item is worn, it gives a slight Divination experience bonus of 1%. When all of the pieces of the set are worn, a 1% set bonus is added; thus, the full 5-piece set provides a total of 6% bonus.

The set cannot be stored in a player-owned house costume room. It can, however, be freely reclaimed from Diango when destroyed or lost on death.

Bonus experienceEdit

Item XP Boost
Diviner's headwear Diviner's headwear 1%
Diviner's robe Diviner's robe 1%
Diviner's legwear Diviner's legwear 1%
Diviner's handwear Diviner's handwear 1%
Diviner's footwear Diviner's footwear 1%
Sub-total 5%
Set bonus 1%
Full set 6%

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