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The Divine skinweaver's journal is dropped after defeating the Skeletal Horde in Dungeoneering. It is randomly received, just like all other Dungeoneering journals. It is the fourth Miscellaneous journal.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Divine skinweaver's journal.
Each day my shame gets harder to bear, like an ox dragging a mountain to which a pebble is added every day. Of the skinweavers, I alone was chosen to accompany the party that my brethren sent through to the Dark One's realm. My task was to keep them alive. I am all that remains. The failure of my task is as clear as mountain spring. I cannot return to the gorajo. I will not inflict my shame upon my people. I will remain in this world, and do what I can to aid those strong or foolhardy enough to challenge the Dark One. This area is full of unstable passages to other worlds that bring unspeakable beings into this one. I seek to stem the flow of evil, to protect the ones from this world from the fate that befell my brethren. Perhaps they can succeed where I could not, and I can take some semblance of comfort from knowing I helped the ones who may one day avenge my fallen brethren, and lift even a little of this mountain of shame from my shoulders.

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