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Divine magic tree detail

The divine magic tree is a magic tree that can be created at level 83 Divination, using 40 brilliant energy and 5 magic logs, or as an uncommon prize from Treasure Hunter. It can then be chopped by anyone with a Woodcutting level of 75 for magic logs. If anyone other than the owner chops it, the owner can randomly be awarded noted magic logs. Divine magic trees last for approximately 25 seconds after a player first interacts with it. Magic logs from divine magic trees count as 2 resources each.

Just like every other divine location, players can only craft one of these per day.

Woodcutting from divine magic trees yields up to 54,375 coins per day with a total level of at least 2500, without using vis wax.


Divine magic tree Divine magic tree
Divination-Make-X GE icon
18 XP--
Divination Divination level83
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Brilliant energy 1Brilliant energy401214,840
Magic logsMagic logs54352,175
Total price7,015


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